The Touch That Changes Your Life

When we look at celebrities sometimes we think that they are these "super-beings" with powers that help them to transcend the barriers that others of us have found difficult to scale. However, what you will find is that these people who we admire and aspire to be like are just like us. The difference is, someone inspired them on to greatness. Someone made an impression on them and lucky for them, they were paying attention. You see, everyone has been/will be influenced by someone on their road to greatness either as a youth, during their adulthood or both. It's our job to simply recognize their existence and pay attention. In fact, the touching of our lives by others is part of a devine plan intended to help us make it to the next level.

This "touching" that I'm speaking of is something Denzel Washington knows about all to well.

In his debut as an author, Mr. Washington takes us on a brief history of how his life was shaped by several key players and the impact they made on his life before he became the actor we now affectionately know as Denzel. He uses his story as a lead in to the messages from 73 other leading personalities in sports, politics, business, and the arts.

When I saw this book on a recent trip to SAM's, I figured it would somehow speak to me. While I haven't completed reading it yet, I've already been lead to recall those who have made an impact on my life and what that meant to me. I'm sure it will have you doing the same. In the meantime, feel free to tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and the lesson you walked away with. - A Hand To Guide Me - Denzel Washington

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Girly_Girl said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this book! I love any project that Denzel is involved in.

Rich in the Stl said...

It's got some good contributors in it as well. I love learning from those who have gone ahead of me.

Dawnya said...

Rich I had to scroll so far down on the Lo Zone to find this link. Now I'm here. I didn't not know that Denzel had a book coming out. I'm really excited, I can't wait to pick up a few copies. Thanks for the info.

Rich in the Stl said...

Thanks for dropping by Dawnya. Posts occur M, W, and Fr in The Rich House, so drop on by as much as you like.

Juan G said...

Rich, good looking out didn't know anything about this book. I know the Boys & Girls Club was instrumental in Denzel's life but I am really curious to see what else he and the others have to say.