Who Am I?

I’ve been heralded as one of the greatest Presidents to come out of the Republican party.
Here is my legacy:

I provided amnesty to undocumented immigrants

I grew the size of the Federal Government and the budget, while adding a whole new Cabinet level agency. I added tens of thousands of Government workers to the Federal payroll. In the process, I tripled the deficit.

I bailed out and expanded Social Security by introducing higher taxes.

I raised Corporate taxes by hundreds of Billions of dollars.

I raised taxes on gasoline.

I signed the largest tax increase in the history of the United States.

I supported federal hand gun controls.

I called for a world without nuclear weapons.

Despite how all of this is perceived, I’m still regarded as one of the greatest Presidents to ever live. I am Ronald Reagan.

I’m the President who will always be remembered simply because of the historic precedence of my being elected to office. In HALF a term I have made historic landmarks.

Here is the BEGINNING of my legacy.

I passed the Wall Street Reform Agreement

I passed Health Care Reform

I created a stimulus bill that pumped approximately $100 Billion into our crumbling infrastructure and transport system. The only other President to do anything close was Eisenhower, who by the way our highway system is named for.

I made a historic investment of $60 Billion towards renewable and clean energy.

I made an unheralded huge investment in science and technology by improving the budgets at NASA, The National Science Foundation, and an Experimental Research Agency created but not funded by President Bush.

I expanded State kids health insurance to cover another four million kids

I signed a nuclear arms deal with Russia that reduces both countries arsenals by a third, steps that go toward President Reagan’s vision of a world without nuclear weapons.

I signed into law The Hate Crimes Prevention Act otherwise known as The Matthew Sheppard Act which has languished in Congress for years.

I called for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco for the first time in US History.

I dismantled the Minerals Management Service to keep those who collect money from oil leases from being responsible for regulating the industry. In effect ending the corruption that has been taking place for years.

I fired two war time Generals in a little less than a year.

I stopped the banking industry from being subsidized with government funds through their offering of student loans backed by the government. The savings in making that move are now put toward actual aid to students.

I got rid of weapons programs designed to do nothing more than pad the pockets of Defense companies because the weapons created were not used in either of the two recent wars fought. The weapon was the F-22. This type of move is unprecedented because weapons programs are never cancelled.

This is just the amount of work I have been able to accomplish in half my term. I know some people don’t like me, but work is getting done, work that will make the future bright for all Americans.

Vote on November 2nd and help me to accomplish more for the American people.  I am President Barack Obama.

*Thanks to Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, for pointing out all these fine accomplishments.