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One of my goals this year is to do everything I can to give voice to bloggers who take the craft of writing serious. More specifically, those writers who are a part or who want to be a part of the Bloggers' Delight family.

Well, today at 5pm Eastern, my business associate CAPcity will be in the studio of the Sirius Satellite Show, Blog Bunker - INDIE TALK Channel 110, while Mizrepresent and myself will be dialed into the show for an interview. If you have Sirius Satellite Radio service, listen to the interview. You will also have a chance to call in to the show to win a copy of our Commemorative Edition of
Love and Redemption.

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One Love family. If we all work together, we will reap a mighty harvest.


More Party Pics

I'm sure that we'll put a collage together sooner or later, but here are some more pics that I "jacked" from various friends sites (suite b & saadia) but go and check out their take of the happenings, and more pictures.

Ladies real pretty from city to city (Five Minutes of Funk, Whodini)

The men all pause when I walk into the room (Klymaxx)

The Glamorous Life (Sheila E.)


Weekend Update - Book Release Party

Group Shot! w/a few of my coworkers sprinkled in.

My girls and CapCity

Last night we had a good time. The venue was nice, the crowd appreciative (although they were on CP time), the food banging, the comedy good and memorable. It was definitely a bloggers' delight. In the STL for the first book release party we had CAPcity, Mizrepresent, Sheletha, Lance, Saadia, Sharon, Lea78 (sworn to secrecy about her real name and what she looks like), Suite B, and yours truly. I won't tell y'all about all the goings on that took place. It's one of those "What goes on in the STL, stays in the STL" type of deals. But I assure you. Everyone had a good time.

I'm sure the ladies will have some pictures as well, but my daughters took a few pics, so I'll share those. On the real, if you haven't gotten the book, pick up a copy. We plan to put blog writers on the map, but we need your support. We will be looking for writers/poets for volume 2 soon, but lets blow volume 1 up in the meantime. Got to get that holla bread so we can holla back!

Bloggers' Delight Release Party, take 1

Two Girly Girls!

Miz and Sheletha

Sharon, Miz, Saadia and Sheletha

Delighted Guests
(Author Sharen Casimere in black)

I was so surprised to receive the following in an email this morning.

Mr.& Mrs. Rich Fitzgerald,

Thanks again for finding me on the Internet, and allowing me to take part in your important day. I've done many book signings, but none of them was as fun or wonderful as this day. I will be showing off your book and I hope you and the others be so blessed by God for showing someone you didn't know a great time. If you guys ever need me to help as a speaker or anything, just send an e-mail. Stay blessed.

Thanks again,

Sharen Casimere

If you have a child in the early years of development, I would recommend picking up a copy of her latest book. Also, Sharen Casimere [Educational] and blogger Xavier Pierre Jr. (Alize') [Best Autobiography] are up for awards at Infini Promoters. Go and let your voice be heard.

Comedian "Smoogie" and my co-worker "Nikki"

Mrs. Rich

My boyz CP and DJ
DJ came in from Chicago, stayed for several hours and went back home.
Now that's what you call a friend! Thanks Bruh.

And to all the blog family and guests who came out and supported us -- much obliged!

Washington D.C. is next!


More than just a ride

I was over at Jewel’s place last week reading a post about her new car
and based on her blog photo and the car she drove an image appeared to me as to the type of woman she was. I gathered that she is a well read, intelligent, and forward thinking sister. Yes, I got all of that from her photo and the car she drove. I then hit the comment section and noticed that blogger favorite, Don, drove a Dodge Magnum.
I immediately nodded, agreeing to myself that the car fits the take charge, no holds barred, confident image that he exudes over at “Minus the Bars”. I imagine he’s got a nice set of rims and it tinted out as well, but that’s just what I get, maybe you see something different.

Then I started thinking about some of my other blog pals and decided to see if their car fit the image I had of them.

CapCity drives a 2004 MINI cooper.

Which coincides with her fun, sophisticated, yet simplistic nature. It confirms that when she needs to get in gear she can, but for the most part she is laid back and doesn’t make a fuss. Her car also speaks to the fact that while she quietly tries to blend in, you will undoubtedly notice her when she walks in the room.

Mizrepresent drives a 2003 Lexus ES300.

This car speaks to her classy understated elegance. A luxury car in every sense of the word, but not needing to be America’s Next Top Model. This girl can hold her own, no matter who’s on the highway.

Lance (blogging no blog havin'...) drives a 2003 Lincoln LS,
which goes to show, you never see this guy coming. He can flip the script at the press of the pedal. Just when you think it’s a luxury car, you realize it’s also a sports sedan. Classic pimpin’ right there, make no bones about it.

Sheletha’s beloved “Isabelle” a 2004 Saturn Ion,

reminds you that she’s not little, she’s FUN sized. And considering she took the time to name her car “Isabelle”, you can tell she has some “old-school” influence as well.

So what about me, what does Rich drive? I drive a Silver 2000 CLK320
but I’ll leave it up to you to decide what that means. In the meantime, tell me what you drive and what you think your car says to the world.
Oh, in case you wanted to know, the color of your car says something as well.


Listen and Learn

Do you take the time to hear what you are listening to? I mean really hear the words, letting them resonate with you for clarity, precise meaning and effect. As adults I think there are a lot of times that we miss the messages hidden in the music and it is not until we listen again and again that we actually hear what the writer is saying. Oftentimes I don't truly hear my music until my kids get in the car. What was once a simple lyric becomes a censored message that I would like to have stricken from the transcript. Usually, it's too late, because kids catch it the first time, noted by the giggles that follow their discovery of what just was said.

The same goes for movies. Often we take no note of what is being played out before us until the "unintended" eyes and ears walk in the room. Yet whisking them out only sets up a desire to hear the "forbidden" at a later time.

Over the weekend, I found myself watching clips on You Tube of "The Mack" and "Truck Turner". Truck Turner starred Isaac Hayes and has long held a memory in my mind because I remember seeing it at the drive in as a kid. There is a particular scene that still plays out in my mind some thirty odd years later, that made me never forget that movie. So, I'm watching the clips and hearing the language and checking the themes and I can't believe my parents (more my Daddy's choice if memory serves me correct) allowed me to see this movie. It was obviously not meant for youthful audiences.

That got me to thinking about all the other stuff that seeps in and how it shapes your thinking and causes to you acquiesce to certain mindsets. It makes sense now why some adults take no thought to cuss in front of their kids, some even cuss them out on the regular. I also marvel at the sight of an adult rolling down their car window and throwing out a wad of trash into the middle of the street as if there was an awaiting trash can. I guess they didn't see the "Litter" campaign that I watche numerous times as a kid with the Indian crying at the site of the land being trashed.

You hear people say, "what has gotten into folk for them to act the way they do?" Well, I'll tell you. It's the music, tell-a-vision, and the movies that we watch that has shaped our processes. If it is not offset by something positive then all you get is bad results. If you don't believe me, test it for yourself.

Romans 10:17 (sorry Sojourner, I couldn't resist your trademark)


It's a Celebration...

BLOGGERS! Yeah, I know y'all thought I was going to say that other "B" word, but the joke is on you. Anyway, check this out. Next Saturday FEBRUARY 23, 2008 from 6pm to 9pm we are going to be putting it down at

Lucas Park Grille
1234 Washington Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103

This is the first book release party for

Bloggers' Delight Volume 1: Love and Redemption.

That night we will have on hand authors Diane Dorce' - y'all know her as Mizrepresent, C. Paige - the one and only CAPCity, and Saadia Ali Aschemann - better known around these parts as Girly Girl, and yours truly. We will be on hand to meet and greet as well as share from our work. We will also have along for the ride bloggers Sheletha, Lance (the blogger with no blog), and I heard that Denea might be in town as well. If any of you can make it, especially those of you in the STL, it will be great to finally meet you. There will be food (gourmet appetizers), comedy, readings, a cash bar, and just good old fashioned fun.

If you previously purchased a book during the promotional period, bring your book and you will get in FREE. Everyone else, the cost is $20 (includes a copy of the book) - Couples can gain entry for $30 (includes 1 copy of the book).
Be there or be L7


Support the Child

CapCity made a comment about brothers paying their child support, then asked if I had a take on it. Like I told her, I have paid my share of child support. I have not always been on time, but I never once thought of not paying. It was an ever pressing thought despite my leaving to attend college the same year my oldest daughter was born.

During those early years, I sent as much as I could afford and my parents filled in where they could since they kept her practically every weekend. Once I graduated, my checks to her mother became more frequent, but beefs between my daughter's mother, myself and her then husband kept me from seeing my daughter unless my parents got involved. So I saw her as much as my work schedule would allow and after a couple years home following college, I moved to Atlanta. I continued to send the amount her mother and I agreed was fair, but I eventually got hit with an order of support. Luckily, I kept receipts, because she painted me as a dead beat. She even told the state she couldn't find me and as it turned out was getting checks from me and the State for a number of years. Again, good thing I kept receipts, because it kept me from having to pay the State of Florida thousands in restitution. Long story short, my payments doubled due to the order and the fact that I was single.

Once I got married and had kids from my wife, I still had to pay a disproportionate amount regardless of what my financial situation brought. Nevertheless, I found a way to pay, even if it meant having to make some lump sum payments after a stretch of unemployment and then self employment. During that time, her mother only called if I delayed in paying. I never got copies of report cards or the opportunity to share in celebratory moments. I was just a means to an end. I was angry many times over the course of those years since I never had custodial rights and outside of a weekend here and a weekend there, the most time I got to spend with my daughter for many years was a summer visit in 1994 and a Christmas visit in 2000 (mainly due to my daughter pushing for it). Her mother made no qualms about telling me she could care less if I ever spent time with her. Come to find out, she was still angry with me for getting her pregnant in the first place. I didn't find this out until my daughter was a teenager. Talk about holding grudges.

My daughter is now 23 and our relationship is a lot better because I don't have to deal with her mother. We talk from time to time and despite having four other kids, when I can be a help, I look to lend a hand financially. Now that she is grown, that is not often, but she knows I'll help her if she needs it.

One last interesting point. My 19 yr old, who isn't my daughter biologically, has a dad who only paid child support for about a year since I came on the scene. I've been in her life since she was five, and when he realized he couldn't get with my wife, he faded to black.

So, when CapCity asked for my take on why brothers don't pay their child support. I tried to think of all the things brothers experience and their feelings behind why they might do what they do. Here is what I came up with. As you will see, even I think some of them are poor excuses, and yet some may be solid enough for some men to stand on.


I don’t pay because YOU decided to have our child
It's your body
You only offered me some a$$

The system is no place for a black man to be
I denounce the voice that tries to define
My manhood on the basis of economic
Enslavement to this Fascist society
That’s why I don’t pay

She got me messed up, I ain’t paying her to lay
Up with the next man
I’ll take care of my kids, but I ain’t taking care of her
Give me my kids and I’ll raise them myself
But I ain’t giving her one thin dime

I’ve looked for a job consistently for the last 9 months
I have no pride left
I’ll do whatever
She won’t let me see my kids until I’m able to bring her some
Can’t take the place of me in their life

Oh, so she can struggle, but I can’t
After I pay for rent, lights, and food, ain’t nothing left.
I’m trying to stay out these streets but away from me
My shorty, she keeps

It ain’t mine
I never had her on lock
Baby don’t look like me
Check the dude up the block

Black women get jobs
At the drop of a dime
Brothers like me
Better off having never done time
Child support says I got to pay a grip
Can make enough legit
Back to jail I go
If I return to loading the clip

No ass
No back pocket stash

I feel like a failure.
I can't live with not being able to provide
This system has emasculated me
And I hide from the shame.

Really I can’t say why brothers fail to take care of their kids
The reasons are few to many
Some don't add up to much
The truth is that the excuses don’t matter
The real crime and pain
Occurs when lives are absent
And identity is lost


Satirically Speaking

While watching episodes of The Boondocks (thanks to Sheletha) I was inspired to do a search on Mos Def after his remarkably believable performance as Gangstalicious (Gay Hip Hop Artist) and I ran across this entertaining interview featuring Cornel West, Mos Def and Bill Maher. The clip is strewn together and during the course of the show Mos Def was hilariously dropping knowledge. He was in left field a couple times, but he was mainly on point and Cornel West was his normal genius self. The show aired some time ago, but many of the points are valid even today.

** Some language not intended for young audiences, but if you aren't careful, you might learn something. **

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]


All Eyes on "B"

Hillary didn't win ONE contest this past weekend, so it seems that all eyes are on Barack as he closes the gap and continues to gain delegates. Get ready y'all cause it's going to happen. Start thanking God in advance, you lived to see a black man make it to not only becoming a nominee for President, but elected into the office. Pray now for his safety, because you know haters have been around since the days of Cain and Abel. I know I'm forward thinking, but don't look at it as counting chickens before they hatch, instead look at it as a reaction to faith.

Clinton shuffles team to blunt Obama's momentum

As she struggles to blunt Barack Obama's growing momentum, Democrat Hillary Clinton shuffled the top of her campaign staff on Sunday ahead of this week's U.S. presidential nominating contests, while Republican John McCain's march hit a few bumps in the road.

Clinton replaced her campaign manager after a string of losses Saturday, though aides played down any notion the move was a sign of trouble for the New York senator in her tight state-by-state fight with Obama to be the Democratic nominee for the November 4 election.

Obama, an Illinois senator who would be the first black president, won the Maine contest on Sunday after easy victories in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington state on Saturday, and is rolling confidently into Tuesday's so-called Potomac primaries in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Full Story


The Art of WAR

If you haven’t learned how to win a war yet, then you should look no further than the Republican Party. Mitt Romney decided to surrender his fight for the Republican nomination, not because he thinks John McCain is the better candidate, but because he knows the Party will be more effective if they fight the Democrats rather than themselves.

With Romney out of the race, look for Republicans to cross party lines in the upcoming primaries and vote for the candidate they think they can beat. They aren’t worried about Huckabee doing any damage to McCain. I mean, come on, who would go for a President Huckabee in the first place? What they will be doing is trying to decide who they can beat. My bet is on Hillary. They can stir up fear easily with the thought of a "Clinton" in office. Not to mention, if Barack wins and he gets a strong running mate, they are toast. So, push your folk to get out and vote. The last thing we need is the Republicans deciding who the next candidate of these “United” States will be.

THIS JUST IN ** I Know what I'm talking about!

Time Poll reveals Clinton more beatable than Obama.



Randomness, pt.1

Well, it's February and Tuesday Missourians get to vote. I think you already know who I'm voting for. Not because he's an African American or a brother, but because I think he will do a good job of leading the country.

This past weekend, I took three of my kids (6, 10 and 11) to the rally for Barack Obama. We stood out in the cold for an hour and a half and then stood for another 2 hours indoors waiting on the candidate we hope will be the next President of these United States. They had a remarkable time. We were actually about 30 feet or so from the stage so they got some Mardis Gras beads as well as placards that they have since pinned to their bedroom wall in memory of the night. This is truly a historic time and I'm glad that I could share that bit of history with them. In my 40 years of life, I can't think of a more excited time that I have participated in with regard to politics. I can now relate to the excitement felt by those who believed in the vision of the man, who I share a middle name with -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Randomness, pt.2

Sometimes in life, you happen upon a book that really speaks to you. It is as if the book actually found you and not you, it. As I look back to a chance meeting in June 2007 in the St. Louis Airport, I would have to say that is absolutely the case here. At that time I met the real Chris Gardner, for whom one of my favorite actors, Will Smith, portrayed in the film, Pursuit of HappYness. If you thought the movie was good, you should definitely pick up a copy of the book by the same title. The movie doesn't nearly do his story justice. It really didn't go down the way the movie portrayed it either, but I can see why they put the Hollywood twist on it. To actually give this guy's life any justice on film would require it be done in a mini-series. The obstacles and challenges he overcome were incredible and he has really inspired me to continue reaching for higher heights. After reading his book I have but one regret. I wish I had read the book prior to my meeting Mr. Gardner. The conversation would have gone totally different. Not that it wasn't unforgettable as it was, but I would have had so much more I would have inquired about. Who knows, maybe we're destined to meet again. I sure hope so.

Nevertheless, do yourself a favor and pick up the book. I haven't read a book this honest since reading Richard Pryor's memoir -- Pryor Convictions: and Other Life Sentences