The Art of WAR

If you haven’t learned how to win a war yet, then you should look no further than the Republican Party. Mitt Romney decided to surrender his fight for the Republican nomination, not because he thinks John McCain is the better candidate, but because he knows the Party will be more effective if they fight the Democrats rather than themselves.

With Romney out of the race, look for Republicans to cross party lines in the upcoming primaries and vote for the candidate they think they can beat. They aren’t worried about Huckabee doing any damage to McCain. I mean, come on, who would go for a President Huckabee in the first place? What they will be doing is trying to decide who they can beat. My bet is on Hillary. They can stir up fear easily with the thought of a "Clinton" in office. Not to mention, if Barack wins and he gets a strong running mate, they are toast. So, push your folk to get out and vote. The last thing we need is the Republicans deciding who the next candidate of these “United” States will be.

THIS JUST IN ** I Know what I'm talking about!

Time Poll reveals Clinton more beatable than Obama.


2DaBone said...

That's true bro,

every democrat needs to be studying the art of war. I wish I could distribute a copy to everyone of them. This is intellectual warfare and only the strong survive. It will get very interesting from here on out, but I do believe our time has come. No doubt...

The Master (De)bater said...

American politics as an example of Sun-Tzu's famous strategies? I can see what you mean. Either party will still do that which helps its own rich members. Speaking as a disillusioned nonpartisan, I see the entire race as a transfer of power between two parties who hold their interests--money-stacking, tax-evading, and nation-conning--at the highest priority. My prayer is that Obama turns out to be all that he presents and that he wins the REAL contest, the Presidency. I don't want to deal with the Clinton/Bush trade-off dynasty again.

Hey, have you started reading that Richard Wright book yet?

JustMeWriting said...

Hey you...just wanted to drop by and say heyyyy!

Anonymous said...

"The Art of War" is RIGHT! People are crafty and cunning. The things that want of power makes men do. It never ceases to amaze.

Now here's what needs to happen: Hillary needs to take a page out of Romney's book and do like wise. If she'll bring all the older folk, white women and hispanics to the Obama camp, the Republicans can forget it. The question is, does she want the Democratic Presidency for the people or for the Clintons?

Show me.

Lance said...
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Lance said...

i feel ya rich...

but my polling station here in new york may differ from yours. democrats and bitch-ass republikkkans are registered in two separate binders, set on two different tables. i'm being a DEMOCRAT, went to my table to sign in and voted, in a voting booth for DEMOCRATS ONLY. yeah, johnny reb n nem had their only booth too. so, no crossing over party lines.

mitt romney dropping out is a RNC (republikkkan nat'l committee) ploy for him to step back and give mccain the spotlight. more than likely, romney will shine in the spotlight again as mccain VP choice. why not? the country already knows him and even VP huckabee sounds too much like huckleberry hound..."oh, muh dawlin'....oh, muh dawlin'"...yeah, i know....that went over most of y'all young asses heads but it's all good.

but here's where the disappointment is gonna come. if hil wins or obama wins and one doesn't chooses the other for VP, they both need to have they asses kick for being dumb-fucks. it would be the easiest decision to make since sanaa lathan asked me to marry her.

Sanaa: Lance, will you marry me?
Lance: HELL YEAH!!!!
Sanaa: 'SIKE!!!!....LOL!!!!
Lance: (mumble, grumble, mumble)

Mega Rich said...

@Sojourner, you and I both know she wants it for HER!

@Lance -- I actually think Obama would strengthen a Hillary ticket, but I think it would hurt his to have her, because they don't see things the same way. It's like when Al Gore ran with Liebermann and Liebermann had to switch his positions just to get on the ticket. Nobody bought it and therefore they didn't get a CLEAR victory. The only way to beat Republicans these days is by a landslide. Anything close and they will steal it.

My wife thinks Obama is going to pull John Kerry out of his hat and I say John Edwards, but for sure Hillary needs to put Obama on her ticket. She won't look like she is back pedaling, just forward thinking. He on the other hand will be back pedaling by choosing her.

CapCity said...

Yea, Obama bet NOT choose that HEFFER w/ her Bubble nosed huzbin to ride on his ticket!
This Nation was FOUNDED on the ART of war! Ask the original inhabitants! And Rich regarding a stolen election - it don't necessarily have to be close...they pulled the bait & switch on us for, EVAH!

As much as I support & pray that Obama is our first Black president I have to make sure I remember what we were taught by our elders: For Livin' we were born! No matter WHO in de BIG House we WILL survive & thrive! I have to remind myself of this so my pressure won't go up! LOL!

& LANCE no they DIDN'T have separate booths out where U voted! LOL! Not in da boogie down, BABY!

Mega Rich said...

Yeah, we didn't have separate booths either. We just show our voters registration card and we are allowed to vote on either ticket we want, but we have to chose one, which is why I know Republicans will have the ability to jump ship and pick the candidate they want to run against at the remaining primaries.

jali said...

Teach Brother!

I don't understand why voting standards for a national primary vary by state. One more thing wrong with this system.

Lance said...

@ mega rich: we'll see...if hil gets it, she going to need someone to help carry the south, hopefully that will be obama. (although it's not necessary that they have to "have" the south, mainly it's a republican stronghold these days, mccain somewhat has it on lock.

john edwards, if chosen by either hil or 'bahma may help in winning the south, but hell, he couldn't even win his home state of SC, 'bahma snatched that ticket.

the one thing that's missing that would help the democrats is an independent outsider, like a j. ross perot who when he ran back in '92 got 19% of the vote, that would have "normally" gone republican and allowed the clintons to win and the rest in history.

@ capcity: like i said, that's just how my polling station was set up, but this is a "primary" not a general should be separate always. that allow for clean voting tabs and no crossover votes.

but you know what's gon'll be like in '00 in florida & '04 in ohio...close race, all the "metro" ( areas) with voting booths will have "issues"...tell people to turn away and so forth.

prez bill clinton was on to something when he had put on the table that election day should be a federal holiday to ease the crunch of voting during a work day.

but you know how we do.....

art of war...

there's always been some strategies play out in the electoral process...the one comes to mind is during the civil rights era when democrats senators jesse helms,(nc) strom thurmond (sc) and begin to jump ship to the republicans cause they knew..."a change is gonna come". had jesse n nem, stay on democrats side, they would have been kick'd to the curb a long time the primaries alone.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sun tzu aint never lied...i called u the other day folks on my way to Lattitudes. had to drop out th way though, my grany died thurs nite so i had to handle some thangs. u be god, or should i say bad (with the words of course)