All Eyes on "B"

Hillary didn't win ONE contest this past weekend, so it seems that all eyes are on Barack as he closes the gap and continues to gain delegates. Get ready y'all cause it's going to happen. Start thanking God in advance, you lived to see a black man make it to not only becoming a nominee for President, but elected into the office. Pray now for his safety, because you know haters have been around since the days of Cain and Abel. I know I'm forward thinking, but don't look at it as counting chickens before they hatch, instead look at it as a reaction to faith.

Clinton shuffles team to blunt Obama's momentum

As she struggles to blunt Barack Obama's growing momentum, Democrat Hillary Clinton shuffled the top of her campaign staff on Sunday ahead of this week's U.S. presidential nominating contests, while Republican John McCain's march hit a few bumps in the road.

Clinton replaced her campaign manager after a string of losses Saturday, though aides played down any notion the move was a sign of trouble for the New York senator in her tight state-by-state fight with Obama to be the Democratic nominee for the November 4 election.

Obama, an Illinois senator who would be the first black president, won the Maine contest on Sunday after easy victories in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington state on Saturday, and is rolling confidently into Tuesday's so-called Potomac primaries in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

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Kai C. said...

you got a cool blog! thanks for visiting.

The Master (De)bater said...

I know I'm forward thinking, but don't look at it as counting chickens before they hatch, instead look at it as a reaction to faith.

Exactly how I feel, fam...

By the way, I just checked the interview on Michael Dresser's show (late, I know). Great job, bruh!

Sharon said...

I second that emotion! I feel exactly as you do so I will claim my next president right alongside of you. I got to be a witness to a Nebraska Caucus this weekend in Kearney, Nebraska (where I noticed Bloggers' Delight Volume One was printed as I read it there this weekend -- more on that later); I wrote and will be posting a blog post on that experience over at my spot later tonight.

Shelia said...

Everything is coming up roses!

We just have to make sure that everybody continues to get out there and vote so that the good will can continue and grow larger.

Don said...

I am stunned by the string of shut out victories Obama has walked away with. But I doubt if I'm more stunned than Billary Clinton.

Barack Obama really needed these wins (and delegates), because there is still a chance that Billary will win the battleground states of Texas and Ohio.

Unless his momentum flip the script.

Did you read about how the NAACP is calling for the barred delegates to be seated?

Lance said...

@ rich: don't forget to repost that shelby steele blog if obama wins the presidency.

it will be interesting to hear steele comments from before the initial campaign and after victory the presidential election.

Eb the Celeb said...

Barack the VOTE!