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I hope y'all ready -- I tried to upload a video of me doing my thang, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate, so I had to call it a night. A word to the wise, the rhyme is meant to be delivered fast and the first beat for the rap comes at the 12 second mark. I hope you stay on beat. Don't forget to make yours. For those new at this, I supply the beats and hook, you supply the rhymes. I'll check the comment section and add them throughout the day. Peace.

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The first Freestyle Friday
Eviction Notice

These suckers trying to stop us
We gone give'em what they coming fo'
Watch us walk right through the door
Serve revenge cold you know

It ain't cool to try and stop a brother from making ends
Split the stock
Pile it up
Watch me roll it right on in

I know y'all like my style
And this beat is hot to the touch
Who gone take the mic next
Come and spit it just for us
Cause we don't mess around
Don't hold no grudge, hold that down
And we got just what you like
Here we come, Bloggers Delight

I lead the league, assists and points
Draft some handle, run the point
Give and go, my games the funk
Alley oop, here comes the dunk

Y'all ain't ready for this flow
Just getting started here we go
Don't bring yo' knife to this fight
I'm packing heat
Yeah that's right

These suckers trying to stop us
We gone give'em what they coming fo'
Watch us walk right through the door
Serve revenge cold you know

They don't want, none of this
keep on hating, try to dis
Trying to keep us, out the game
Our success, we got to gain

Now lean wit it, rock wit it
Or crank it like soldier boy
Mega Rich in the house
Yes indeed, the real McCoy
Now I'm gonna pass it off
Represent, now don't come soft
Guaranteed to be a hit
'specially when you flow like this

These suckers trying to stop us
We gone give'em what they coming fo'
Watch us walk right through the door
Serve revenge cold you know


I'm back, back,
back on track
yeah haters tried to sideline me
Must be smoking crack

Fake friends, used as ploys
Jacked me up, stole my joy

Creativity, f’ed up
Now misery fills my cup

but i ain't haven't it
‘cause i, is the ish...

listen close, they make me laugh
and this test u know I’ll pass

swimming up stream, with a butterfly stroke
fighting for position, my lyrics make em choke

passing suckers right and left
ATL is so, so Def

faith's my ammunition see
washed me clean and made me free

got my partners by my side
the trin-i-ty as my guide
ain't no stopping me u see
Going to the T.O.P
Sista Miz – C.E.O,
Sojourner, me – u want some mo?
the brand new HEAD G
Just too good, to get it free!

These suckers trying to stop us
We gone give'em what they coming fo'
Watch us walk right through the door
Serve revenge cold you know


now as i travel thru infinity
in search of justice, life instabilities
got a brother under pressure
will i make it? or will you see
me washed upon the shore
like a corpse
or when you hear me kicking down the door
with a force
i keep my faith in God on this course called survival
every mere mortal needs guidance

my life i can't say been the best at times
but my intentions were pure in a world so unkind
so please listen to my demo sir
Lord knows what i sacrifice to make it work
to come together
bounce back and set the record straight
and keep some food upon my soul's plate


Flip The Script

In the spirit of debate I wonder if you all will allow me to start some stuff. Keep in mind I don’t mean for this to come off as chauvinistic but I’d like to ask one not so simple question:
When did it become all about the woman?

If you go back to God’s original intent, women were created for the purpose of being a companion to man as well as a help in bringing man’s purpose to life.
Genesis 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.

However, somewhere along the way, women got the idea that this life was all about them. I know that is a sweeping, all encompassing statement but a great many women fall into that category. We even have a cliché that attests to this fact, “If momma’s not happy, no one in the house is happy.”

I know that usually works for married couples but what about the single “I don’t need a man” women. They definitely believe it’s all about them. To those women a man has to prove that he has the goods to be with them and not the other way around. Society even has men giving into this thought process.

Depending on a woman’s marital status you will see her willingness to show her hand. But single women are smart in that they play the role until they get you to commit, then that’s when the script gets flipped. When you are single, it’s all about the man. You get all the sex you want, as much space as she can stand, she might complain but not too much, unless the man doesn’t have a thing going on. To further my point, when the two of you are single she doesn’t bother you about kicking it with your boys, staying out late, watching sports, or whatever your thing is. When you marry them, it’s another story. None of your possessions are nice enough regardless of how much style you thought you may have had. She will slowly find a way to remove your stuff to one room or corner of the house. They are always on you to do more around the house. Stuff only they want done, usually, and if you don't do it, they complain about how sorry you are. I thought the woman was created to help the man, and let’s not even talk about the sex. Sex is the weapon used to keep you in line to make sure you keep her happy. If you aren’t married ask around, the woman uses everything in her power to influence the man to keep it about what she wants. How many women do you know who are pressuring their man to buy bigger and better? Bigger house, better car, more furniture.
Or worse you have the woman who emasculates the man and just runs him over and acts like he just has to deal with whatever she dishes out, especially if he knows what’s good for him. You see it on TV and you see it in real life and if their girls have it and they don’t, then your man ain’t working hard enough. That is just crazy to me. It's amazing with all this going on that women wonder why some brothers say they aren't ready for marriage yet. Could this be the one of the reasons? Despite our failed attempts to communicate with women, men do talk to each other and when it comes to relationships, we sometimes have a lot to say.

All this just sort of hit me as I was thinking one day and I was curious as to what many of you thought about it. I know it has some merit. I've experienced it on some level, but I've seen it at play in a lot of relationships, married and single. I know some of you are even tripping that I would even post a topic like this because in your mind, it is all about the woman and how dare I say different, right? I'm definitely going to pay, right? Well, as I said in my opening, I'm not trying to be chauvinistic or a mule for that matter, but I needed a little levity to drive my point home. So, go ahead, bring on the onslaught. But before you comment, push past my attempt to be comical/cynical and find the truth in what I’m saying and answer the question honestly.

Also, keep in mind that this is not saying that a man shouldn't treat his woman nice or treasure her. That's not my point. I believe in that all day long. What I'm dealing with is the mindset that I think prevails in a lot of relationships and in society and that is that ultimately what she wants is most important and her actions show it.

Holla Back Y'all.


The Blessing in the Battle: Commentary by CMack

By now most people who aren’t living under a rock should have heard about the circumstances surrounding the Jena 6 in Jena, Louisiana. If not, here are a couple links out of the many you can find to gather the gist of the information.

Free the Jena 6
Jena 6 in the News

However, I am not writing to discuss the details of the case. I want to tackle this from a different angle. I want to talk about the march itself and the details of how it came about. This particular march at Jena on September 20th took only three weeks to organize and execute. It started when a nationally syndicated talk show host named Michael Baisden took on enlightening his listeners about the Jena 6 case. I remember listening to the radio program and as I took in the information was appalled not only by the injustice itself of how the case was being handled, but also that I had not heard or read anything on the local or national news media outlets. As Baisden spoke to some of the parties involved with trying to help the young men, the first order of business became to bring national attention to the case of Mychal Bell in particular, because he was to be sentenced for attempted murder which in reality was merely a school fight on September 20th. Baisden said in a round about way that it would be nice to do a show from the Jena area. The Louisiana radio host on the other line said he would welcome that with open arms. Well be careful what you ask for. Because the decision was made right there on the spot and on the air that they would do the show locally on Mychal Bell’s sentencing date.

What started off as an idea for the show to simply give the case some needed national exposure ended up being a demonstration of civil rights advocacy not seen in some 30 years! Baisden asked that some of the other major black radio DJs such as Tom Joyner, Doug Banks, Rickey Smiley, and Steve Harvey join forces in getting the word out as well as participating.

Now hear is the beauty of the march. It was a total grassroots effort – not started by the likes of Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not an Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson hater. I love and appreciate those men for understanding that civil rights and equal justice are still an issue that is just as relevant today as it has ever been. There are some subjects, topics, and events that would never see the light of day if those men were not there to bring exposure to them. At the same time because of the way race is looked at in this country and the fact that historically white run media has determined that there are to only be a very small number of black voices who can speak on important minority issues, those men also have to bear the burden of being a lightening rod of controversy – to the point that even many black local leaders and citizens hate to see them come to town. Martin King had the same problem. Because he was the so called “spokesperson” for the black population, not only was he one of the media’s go to people for quotes and commentaries, but many African Americans felt he was an outsider and believed he agitated a situation more than helped it. This thinking while ignorant is understandable considering the hypnotic effect the general mainstream media has on Americans in general and black Americans specifically. Incidentally before Baisden’s show aired the Jena 6 details, Tom Joyner’s show already had featured the Jena 6 story and Sharpton, who had his own radio show, had visited Jena twice. The point is that Sharpton’s visit did not propel the national media attention. Tom Joyner has many more stations than Baisden. But Baisden took the influence he had with the popularity of his show, to touch off a revolution that gathered the nation in terms of information disseminated and the action taken to organize the march.

The results: Without the leading of a mainstream media appointed Negro, a disc jockey’s spoken word spurred national grass roots efforts to the tune of 60,000 marchers into the Alexandria/Jena area according to The Daily Advertiser.

To quote one line in the story, “They came from as near as Alexandria, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Slidell, New Orleans and as far away as Detroit; Anchorage, Alaska; Los Angeles; the Cayman Islands.”

To pull this off you have to understand the thousands of local leaders who arranged and organized buses to bring these 60,000 plus people to Louisiana. When I say leaders, I don’t mean people with positions. I mean people who decided to be leaders by taking action and doing the little tedious things to make it easy for other people to simply ride on a bus and participate in a historical event. Buses and cars converged from all over the country including three buses from my hometown of East St. Louis, Illinois. And here is another gem that should not be overlooked. This entire national effort was planned and implemented in the span of three weeks! To quote Baisden, “That’s right I said it!” three weeks! In this day and age of African Americans having the image of caring only about the bling bling, hip hop and external immediate gratification - they organized and came together for a cause that had to do with six young men and their families. This happened while the likes of CNN and others national news sources initially were drunken with coverage that a Lindsey Lohan or Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton or OJ gets. As September 20th approached, it was as if the local and national media had just become aware of Jena. They knew all along, but the actions of tens of thousands of mostly African Americans put them in a position where they had to cover it.

Once the people ascended upon Jena, ranging from the infant to senior citizen for the peaceful rally, it was reported that men were crying from being overwhelmed by the show of support and unity of people gathering for a just cause. People prayed, danced, sang, gave speeches and did poetry. The media was amazed that there were no arrests and no disturbances. Not only did people rally in Jena, there were also several local rallies in different cities for people who could not make the trip. High schools students wore Jena 6 shirts and demonstrated in their schools all over the country. And even those that didn’t rally at all showed their support by wearing black.

The case of the Jena 6 is far from over. As I write this Mychal Bell’s conviction was overturned by the appellate court but another judge refused to allow him to have bail while we wait to see if he will be retried as a juvenile. There are still the other young men’s cases as well. There is more fighting to do in this case as well as others around the country wherever injustice is manifested. To paraphrase Al Sharpton, there is a Jena in many cities and towns around the country.

Still, I have to say that I have been touched and changed forever by the events that happened on September 20th in Jena, Louisiana. My heart was overwhelmed as I listened to the radio and watched the news coverage about what we had accomplished. A few thoughts came to mind. First, I felt as if I was an elder living in the days when Martin King or Malcolm X spoke. I felt as if I were witnessing history. But again, the names changed not just to Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, or Michael Baisden. The names were the many around the nation who gathered and showed their support in three weeks time. To that degree I am not sure if anything has been pulled off with such magnitude in the same manner. But I felt the historical significance going on around me. I understood the gravity of the moment and knew that I would never be the same. Certainly those who go to participate in Jena will forever be changed. Second, gone are the days where it is said that black folks can’t come together for a common cause. We all witnessed what black people can do when we decide to do it. Keep in mind that Mychal Bell’s conviction was overturned a week before the rally was to be held. Some felt that the rally should be called off at that time. But the momentum only got stronger. It went on as it should have because the immediate issue was the Jena 6, but the people understood that the larger issue is racial injustice and the legacy of White supremacy that has permeated our nation for far too long. When a district attorney, like the one in Jena, feels justified in allowing his racist views to misuse and manipulate the justice system, that has to be exposed and dealt with. I wonder will there be calls for his disbarment like the DA in the Duke Lacrosse case. Third, I find it ironic that the last time this much injustice for African Americans were on the front pages of the nation, it happened to be in the same state of Louisiana in the form of Hurricane Katrina. So in effect, what started with Katrina has continued with Jena and I believe that such events have sparked a new awareness that will not allow the same state of apathy among African Americans. We must be as concerned with the injustice we experience as a people wherever it may be and not only that which effects our immediate homes and communities. Too long we have been disconnected from the overall struggle that still remains. The wake up call seems to have been made and perhaps being answered as well. With the upcoming elections of 2008, hopefully we will take advantage of the power we have as we continue to unify for what is right. I have to say, I have a renewed hope in my people. So even for the grief people like the Jena 6 have had to endure, perhaps in the midst of this struggle there lies a blessing in the battle.


Friday Focus: Things to check out this weekend

Movie Rental: Derailed – I loved it. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I hate to say it, but when I saw Xzibit on the cover, I was thinking, FLOP – I was so wrong.

Music – Kanye’s new album is nice (could have been better if he dug deeper than settling on some of the cuss words he chose for lines), but whatever. What I’m really feeling is Common’s new joint. I know Ced tried to tell me, but now I know first hand. Common is doing the doggone thang. Made me think I was listening to some vintage EPMD on the track with from the Black Eyed Peas, then he slid old D'Angelo in there on me, but some of his samples were what made the joint. The Gill Scott Heron and Nina Simone samples. Words don't do it. So, if you like smooth rhythms and beats, a hint of acid jazz and tight lyrics, then do yourself a favor and pick it up.


The Power of the “P”: Possession or Perception?

I spoke to a couple of ladies offline regarding the "Behold the Power" post from last week and in one case, I suggested that she write her perspective on the whole "power" theory. She obliged me and here it is. Sharkwriter's Synopsis

The Power of the “P”: Possession or Perception?

Spurred by last Monday’s blog, Behold the Power: C Mack’s Crescendo, and undoubtedly endless conversations with the same and opposite sex on the subject, I wonder…Is there true power in pussy? Oh, stop the emphatic head shaking; I’m not finished with my question. Ok, and if so, does that power belong to the possessor or the perceiver? In other words, does this all inclusive, albeit elusive power exist with the owner, the woman/women whom this incredible ability is attributed, or the perceiver, the man or men of whom this power allegedly affects?

Perception is in and of itself a powerful force. By perception alone, without the benefit of real, tangible experience, one can imagine “what it is” and “what it will do” before one can actually say for sure. The American Heritage Dictionary cites the definition as:

per•cep•tion (pər-sěp'shən) Pronunciation Key
1. The process, act, or faculty of perceiving.
2. The effect or product of perceiving.
3. Psychology
a. Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory.
b. The neurological processes by which such recognition and interpretation are effected.
c. Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.
d. The capacity for such insight.
a. Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.
b. The capacity for such insight.

Now, if I understand C-Mack’s piece aptly, then I consider it to be metaphorically enlightening, cultivating a stimulating level of provocative appreciation. Now, while your brain chews through that verbal artillery, let me drop some more science on an already thought contorting subject: if there is true power in pussy, “pussy” being a nicknamed metaphor for femininity, and, if true power is attributed to "pussy” is it really a one woman, life-changing sword that can often be wielded uncontrollably or a collective power, one that exists essentially in female community? In other words, can a single woman bring a man to his proverbial knees solely on the basis of her “pussy”, (there you go shaking your head again!) entangling him in her feminine wiles or is this alleged power better attributed to the crux of femininity as a whole? I’d say the answer to that is yes, emphatically yes. But, we’re just talking, so let’s just continue to talk about it a little bit more.

Now I can definitely get with the notion that we women wield an unusual power over our sexual counterparts. And as a woman, one who is and I’m sure always will be, fascinated with the power often credited to us, to our “pussies” by said counterparts solely on the basis of its flesh crippling, mind-bending force. A force that can allegedly crush empires, defeat armies and clean a Negro’s clock when it comes to common sense. And still, I wonder. Honestly, I think the “pussy’s” true power lies primarily in man’s perception of what it is. You know, what it can do for him, how it makes him feel, and let’s not forget how it looks to him and on him. And, allegedly, all this, too, can happen to a man in seconds simply from a look. But see, therein lies what I would say was the true power-the perception- it’s what he thinks it is in his mind. No, you shake your head? Ok, really? Well, let me ask you this. Have you ever either been that man or having been with a man who’s seen a beautiful woman, who by the sheerest of looks renders a wrench in the gut enough for a verbal eruption of, “Mmm, now that’s wifey right there!” Or something akin to locking her down for a lifetime just ‘cause she look good? See, and still my point – it’s perception. (Now look, I’m not hating on women who do women that have that reaction. And honey, if you’re one of them, just insert a “W & O” where you see ‘man’ and keep steppin’.)

Pussy is indeed powerful. C-Mack I can’t help but agree. After all, I know, I have one and it often drives me nuts! (speaking literally metaphoric, of course) By the way, this wasn’t meant to be a countered response to your blog. No, not at all. I just wanted to foster a deeper discussion into, what I imagine, will remain one of life’s great mysteries; for both the possessor of such God-given ability, a gift of power to be handled carefully, mindfully, consciously and intentionally. And to the perceiver- he who hungers and thirsts after righteous pussy, after that Eleanor-Roosevelt-“king making material”-Hillary-Clinton president producing pussy-watch out for that-Monica-Lewinsky-fat-president-impeaching-Sampson-mighty warrior-Kingdom-killing-pussy-! I mean, pussy must be powerful ‘cause even God called the nation of Israel a harlot!

And biblically speaking I gotta tell ya, C-Mack- brotha, I love the way you think, and while a person could easily do a case study on the sins and crimes committed by our spiritual forefathers, let me gently say this: King David didn’t have Bathsheba’s husband killed so he could have her; no David was a pussy! He had Bathsheba’s husband killed ‘cause he was screwing around with another man’s wife, got ‘ol girl pregnant and didn’t want to face the music! You know how we homo-sapiens are, never wanting to own the consequences of the crimes we deliciously commit. And Sampson, well, let’s just say the brotha suffered from a common mental illness, arrogance. Sampson’s real problem was himself, he simply bought into his own hype! C’mon, he knew what Delilah wanted, but his own ego, the perception of unyielding power got the better of him. That and not believing the truth would do him in. All in all, I’ll say this, while its power is elusive, seductive, intoxicating and damn-near the perfect criminal, know this --like the mind, a good pussy is a terrible thing to waste!

Justice for the Jena 6

I can't believe that in the year 2007 we are still dealing with racial injustice. And I know there is no need for me to preach to the choir. What I do want to do is encourage you to show your support for justice for the Jena Six by wearing black on Thursday September 20th. I will be.

Never heard of the Jena Six? Click Here



Consider this a commercial, the piece I intended for you is still in the works, but it's coming.
So, after these messages, we'll be right back.

The day I started living
was the day I cast my cares on you
stopped worrying about what the people say
none of their religious traditions in view

Fly ride, fly clothes, fly momma, that’s me
Through the speakers of my spirit I bump
Yay, Common, Kirk, Yolanda, Dietrich and BeBe
See I’m free now
No longer need other Christians permission now
To be me now
I just walk upright and He see’s how
Dedicated I am to Him and His people
My relationship is with Him
But I know you see me
Or do you
Maybe you only see who you think I should be

Don’t do this, Don’t do that
Stupid stuff that ain’t got noting to do with the Word
I’m not bowing to man, just to be preferred
Serving Him daily even when I’m not tapping keys
False prophets now found out by the fruit of their casualties.

Freedom to live
A righteous life is devine
When you gone start living
Instead of focusing on how I’m living mine.


The Dumb Negro Award Goes to....

O.J. Simpson

I know you are innocent till proven guilty, but how can this dude be dumb enough to even be caught in the vicinity of this crime. Just plain stupid.

Sometimes you can be your own worse enemy. He's got to know they have been waiting on something like this since his acquittal.


Show some love

I was finally able to talk one of my best friends in the whole wide world into blogging. She's a natural for this venue and should have been pushing me to blog as opposed to the other way around. Anyway, check her out. I hope you come to enjoy her flavor as much as I have for so many years now.
Welcome to the table "Shark Writer".


What's Good

I’m not much of a TV watcher. In fact, if the TV is on at my house it’s because the kids have turned it on and from time to time something might catch my eye, but I don’t watch anything regularly. That is with the exception of movies. As far as those go, I have blockbuster online the movies come to my house like clockwork. I always find time to slide a good movie into my schedule. Since I love them so much, I thought I’d recommend a few that I’ve seen as of late. Keep in mind, I’m no movie critic. I’m not simple either, but I’m not looking for the meaning to life during my cinematic experience, what I am looking for is to be entertained and at times surprised by the turn of events. If that happens, then it’s all good. So, with that said. I recommend:
Perfect Stranger (Suspense Thriller)

Shooter (Action)

What have you seen that's good? Oh, I just received those Guy Richie movies (Snatch and Lock, Stock and 3 Smoking Barrels) everyone was raving about over at Jali's website.


Behold The Power: C. Mack's Crescendo

My man C. Mack decided to grace the pages for me and start the week off right. So get ready because this is grown folks talk, no kids allowed. That's my disclaimer and I'm sticking to it.

Behold The Power
The Power

There are many disadvantages to being a woman in this culture. Historically they have had to fight for their rights to be respected and cherished by the men who rule the world around them. Still today they make less on the dollar than males. They face discrimination and often lack the full respect they deserve in this society. Tradition, religion, and just plain ole ignorance have slowed the progress of the woman's ability to fully shine and blossom in all the ways she can. When she's ultra feminine she can be mistaken for soft thus downplaying her true inner strength. When she speaks her mind she's considered a bitch or a barracuda. If she's really about her business some call her a dike. But God gave the woman the ultimate weapon to assure that she will be listened to and heard at some point in this game of life. And when mastered properly, it's a tool fitting to be called God's Great Equalizer. And what is this great equalizer? Behold the Power of the Pussy!

Now before your proverbial panties (pun intended for both male and females) get into a bunch – check out the facts and observe the status. When we observe the pervasive cultures worldwide, men do rule the world. They have founded cities, started nations, ruled kingdoms and conquered civilizations. They have created inventions that have changed the world many times. They have created organizations and established even the name of the street you live on.

And now what is there to all of man's great innovations and accomplishments? It's vanity and all for nothing unless he has with him the experience that rivals no other. For man wants to – needs to – have the right woman to share his dreams – to help him manifest his visions – and to find that place of comfort that nothing else can give on the planet. No amount of money, no amount of power, can give the man a feeling that he has in the comfort of the pussy that embraces him like he is the king of the world.

Ice-T put it this way….

Power – its starts with P like Pussy
She knows she's got it
She doesn't worry does she?
Spending your cash – leaving you in the trash
While your little head's thinking – they're gone in a dash
They got it – know it – that's why they show it
The power sex – if man could overthrow it he'd be king in a day
No way – we get rich, hard, give it away. Ice T - Power

Now – when I say pussy. I am not talking about merely sex. I am talking about the femininity of a woman - The softness of her voice and the touch of her hands – Because of the pussy she has the ability to approve or disapprove whatever the man is working on. And let me tell you – when your pussy is happy – the whole house is happy. When it's not – let's just say there is no good nights sleep. A man can accomplish great things. And his boys and comrades can applaud with great approval. But if his woman, the one that has the pussy does not approve… it may as well be dead. The right woman has the ability to make a man believe in himself. Her influence can make him a king or a pauper. That is the power of the pussy. You see it's not just a physical thing. It's totally spiritual as well. When a man enters a woman – and he respects the place that she allows him to dwell – he's lost in the realm of fantasy that is his greatest reality. Remember he was born from a pussy. And like Dorothy he wants to go back to where he came from. Instead of coming out of one he wants to enter one. The roles are different. And instead of the pains of birth he gives her (his new momma) the pleasure of the rod. And he does so at great pleasure until he releases himself totally into the places that are so private and intimate that it bonds him to her soul. After that there is nothing left to give. And when she comforts him, lets him know that he is approved and that everything is alright – you could kill him and he would die with a smile on his face.

Check the math and the history – even biblically. David had a man killed to get the one that satisfied him the most. Sampson gave up the source of his strength to a woman he knew was trying to get him killed. And yet what was it about Delilah that caused him to tell her how he could be defeated anyway. It wasn't merely the physical pussy – it was the mental and spiritual pussy. She understood him – studied him – mastered him. See if you relegate the pussy to mere physical characteristics you'll miss the boat. The pussy is the all encompassing aura of a woman, her total womanhood and her ability to communicate to her man as only she can. Once she has him – she's got him. Because only the comfort of her welcoming spirit and body can satisfy his soul.

The worst thing that can happen to a man - is to get caught up in the wrong pussy! Thats a whole nother story!

And so it goes - If he buys a nice car he doesn't really do it for himself. It's for a woman. A nice house is to put the woman in. Someone asked Eleanor Roosevelt what her life would be like had she not married Teddy. She simply said she would still be first lady – because whomever she married would have been the president. In other words – she's saying that her pussy is king making material. And with her influence any man she commits to with will reach his maximum potential. It's automatic.

According to Genesis, God created man in His own image and in His likeness. But ever since, no man can be born except through the womb of a woman. She is the passageway to the earth. And there you have it – God's great equalizer! Man may rule the world. But a woman who understands the power of her pussy – will never lack any good thing.


Freestyle Friday - Eviction Notice

As Little Jon would say, Yaayaahhh -- we gone try this again, but this time I brought you a beat and a hook. The theme for this week is letting that old baggage go. Whatever is holding you down, whatever won't let go, it's time to give it/him/her/them the eviction notice.

Make sure you stay on beat.

Start the track

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

It's not a dis song, just a real song. Some ish just won't go away.

When you got intricate rhymes like these you don't care
If the haters are looking, so what, let em stare

Cooking up these books I wondered for a while
If I was on the losing end
It drove me wild

But winners never quit and cheaters never prosper
the bench is so deep the rookies make 'em holler

So get outta my heart
get outta my mind
I got a note for you
it's eviction time

You got to go, go
I love me_ don't cha know
go, go, fugg yo couch don't you know

oh yes lawd it's eviction time
oh yes lawd it's eviction time

you got to go

You see my girl strait dissed me and left me at the club
kicked me so hard it couldn't been love

So I picked myself up
Brushed off my collar
No way I'm gonna lose
I just play it like a balla

And I don't think they ready
for this ride
I got two sexy mommas
one on each side
one brown
one red
sho us love
coast to coast
thought you'd keep me down
but I'm
chill__in the most

No malice in my heart
but the cut went deep
You was my fam
my dawg!
my nikka!
my peeps!
But I won't play hard
or try to lay blame
that Karma chicks a bitch
and she knows you by name

So get outta my heart
get outta my mind
I got a note for you
it's eviction time

You got to go, go
I love me_ don't cha know
go, go, fugg your couch don't you know

oh yes lawd it's eviction time
oh yes lawd it's eviction time

you got to go


Uh, hem, uh, hem
Let me see step up
and try this here,
Cuz I got more than my throat to cleah.

See? baggage was my middle name,
that was when i had no game.
Problems used to wear me down
then My Looard came to town.

He took my ails and burdens too.
Said, Girl do what u GOT to do!

Now, that weight is off my hands
I can see the promised landz.

So, all u haters and
time drainers
Don't come to me wit yo' complaints, huh.
The One upstairs
keeps me busy with the real and gots no time fo' U ta steal.

He's my bouncer AND my savior
Lawd Ha' Mercy ... let this play y'all!
Owww! Say wha'! Say wha'! Umph!

So get outta my heart
get outta my mind
I got a note for you
it's eviction time

You got to go, go
I love me_ don't cha know
go, go, fugg your couch don't you know

oh yes lawd it's eviction time
oh yes lawd it's eviction time

you got to go


You lurk around my spot
Like you own real estate there
Try to control who comes and goes
Girl get outta herrr
I'll admit you had me sprung
When I came your way
Thought we had something good
I put it on long play

But I found out betta
In the sweet by and by
That you were all the boyz toy
They didn't even have to try

Usin' ME for my cash
Like it's yo' own private stash
Then try to put on blast
You got to go, make that dash!
Cause your ways are like trash
Yo' a** is covered in ash
And the last time I looked I think you gave me a rash

So I'd like to say it's been nice,
But it just has not
You've been usin' my heart
And now you just got caught

So I admit I learned my lesson
All that glitters ain't gold
When my homies tried to tell me
I just couldn't be told

But I see it all now
And you makin' me sick
Step away from me now
Cause you are dismissed...trick!

So get outta my heart
get outta my mind
I got a note for you
it's eviction time

You got to go, go
I love me_ don't cha know
go, go, fugg yo couch don't you know

oh yes lawd it's eviction time
oh yes lawd it's eviction time

you got to go


Back in the Game
but the game got me
I ain't mad at ya
just finished with ya
Glory is on my side
I got mad pride
A queen in the making
moving and shaking
too bad, you missed this ride
Home girl gone, spitting mad rhymes
cutting up the Cupid Slide
No more smiles turned upside down
Just joy, joy, joy all around
Shuffling and Swinging, holding onto the crown
I see you, and you too
trying to step to the queen
but ain't no half-stepping here
You got to be supreme!
Bring your A-game lover and leave the toys,
Miz like men, no time for boys.

So get outta my heart
get outta my mind
I got a note for you
it's eviction time

You got to go, go
I love me_ don't cha know
go, go, fugg yo couch don't you know

oh yes lawd it's eviction time
oh yes lawd it's eviction time

Who's up next
for this Rich House mic
Come on and grab it quick
but you got to spit it right
Speed it up
Slow it down
Just stay on beat
be expeditious about it
don't get cold feet.


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