Just some of the photo's I've taken since I started this blogging journey.

Blog Divas submerge on St. Louis

Me and the boyz - CP and DJ (a lot of my friends just have initials).

C.A. Paige trying her hand at being a DJ

Saadia makes the Men All Pause
Blogger J. Cook of Jali's House
You never go wrong when you find a jewel -  Blogger Jewells
Bloggers and Friends:  Diane Dorce and Sheletha Manual
Author and Blogger, Diane Dorce
The one and only...Mrs. Rich!
Raw Dawg Buffalo
The Girly Girls - Saadia and Melanie
Can't beat a Skool Boi Krush and a Gemini Girl:  Atlanta based Bloggers
Atlanta Blogger Tony Oh and DC/NYC blogger CAP City
Pursuit of Happyness:  Chris Gardner and I in June 2007