Question of the Day

Most people work just to pay the bills, giving little if any energy to working within their calling/passion. So, today, I'd like to ask you a TWO-PART question.

Part 1 - If you knew your job was ending in 90 days and you had to then go to work in the one area that you were required to remain in the rest of your life, what would that be?

Part 2 - what would be the first 3 steps you would take toward preparing for that transition?

I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives, and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God. Ecclesiates 3:12-13

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Good News!

None of us are immune to sin. Despite how good of a person we may be we all have our short comings. It's a good thing God still hears us despite the things we do. He is a loving father.

Check out one of my favorite male singers, Deitrick Haddon. The second song speaks to my topic of the day. Enjoy your weekend, and remember, God still hears a sinners prayer. Have a great weekend family.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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chance encounter 3

Chance Encounters pt 3

Kayla Davenport

It was never my intention to be anything more than a friend, but somewhere along the way temptation slithered it's way into our connection. All it took was one loose comment and there I was contemplating what it would be like to feel myself being touched by those big warm hands of Kyle's. Maybe things were going too good. So good that I let my guard down. That was easy to do with him. kyle had a knack for making me feel at ease. He had a trusting way about himself that allowed me to share my secrets with him. Kyle knew all about my past loves, even the crazy ones. But he never judged me, never made me feel like I was the one to blame. No matter what I shared with him he always made me feel whole. Helped me to be able to laugh at myself. Made me feel like it was ok to be me. Made me feel like he was lucky to have me in his life. Men like that weren't easy to find. But I liked having him around. I even thought I could handle being his friend, but I guess I wasn't prepared for the way his presence pushed buttons I didn't know existed.


"You're going to think I'm a freak. I tell you all of my business."

"No I won't. Stop tripping. It's not like you don't know stuff about me, " Kyle said.

Kyle and I could talk about anything. Even conversations about sex never seemed to get in the way. But friends or not some things were better left unsaid, because saying them planted seeds and it's hard to say what could spring up.

"What had happend was..."

"Come on, spit it out."

"Alright, I broke up with him because he had a small penis."

"Dang! You are a freak."

"See! I told you."

"Girl, I'm just kidding. I'm not tripping off that. Better to break up with him than cheat on him, because you know a man can't take knowing his woman cheated."

"See, you think like me. I was trying to spare his feelings. Trying to do him a favor. Because I would have definitely cheated on him. I mean he was a nice guy and all, but I like my man to have some weight on him."

"Dang! I'm glad I don't have that problem. If anything I used to have to make sure the sisters weren't trying to get with me just to get some of this Dexter Saint Jacque. You know how y'all like to run your mouths."

Hmph, he got it like that.

"It sounds like you are the one running your mouth. Typical man, always trying to brag about what you got."

"Whatever, I'm not bragging, I'm just speaking the truth. Just be lucky we're friends or you'd be finding out just how addictive I really am."

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever, you don't want none of this."


the next day

"What you doing?" Kyle asked.

"Trying to keep from calling Roderick."

"The guilty pleasure strikes again." We both chuckled at that comment. I had been with Roderick for the last couple of months and it was strictly a sex thang. I needed to get over him, but that was easier said than done.

"I know! I mean it's not like we have that much in common but boy does he know how to scratch my itch."

"Well, you know how to get over that right?" Kyle queried.

"No, how's that?"

"You find a suitable replacement in someone you have more in common with. No use in wasting good sex on someone who you don't really enjoy being around, " he responded.

Maybe it was at that moment. Or maybe the moment had occured some time ago, but for some reason I wanted that someone to be Kyle. I wanted him to ruffle my feathers. Wanted him to shake my tail and see what came loose. He was the perfect guy for it too. He had become one of my best buddies and I didn't have to worry about him getting too clingy. Now if I could just get over his being married.

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This cat....

Needs sleep.

Chance Encounters will not be available at it's regularly scheduled time. Instead, look for it tomorrow.

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Good People

When I started this whole blogging thing, it was out of sheer love of the fellowship that existed between myself and other bloggers. Since that time I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few people, some of which have come to be offline friends. Those friendships have created a desire to meet some of these people which speaks to the power of the internet.

Since I was married when this whole internet thing took off, I've never been much for chat rooms and I've certainly never dated anyone online, but I must say blogging is an absolute thrill. The interaction that takes place in this cyber world lead me to journey nearly 300 miles to the city of Chicago this past weekend, where I broke bread, laughed and talked for several days with my girls Cap City and Mizrepresent.

These two sisters were true to form as I felt like I've known them for many years. After meeting them in person, I'm sure this is just the first of many fun times together. Not only did I enjoy their company, but so did my family. They are now officially adopted into La Familia Rich. But I must warn you, don't leave your young daughters for lengthy periods with these two or they will come back talking about wanting "Big Girl Candy". Hmm, sounds fishy to me.

Can't wait to kick it with you two ladies again. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Hey, Lance, Sheletha, Girly Girl and Juan, I haven't forgotten about y'all. Once I make this grip, I'm going on a world tour, well at least far enough to kick it with y'all.

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Is it that good??

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chance encounters 2

Since QPQL (male, female) occurs on Mondays, and Life, Love, Dancing occurs on Tuesdays, then you can look for Chance Encounters on Wednesdays - that allows us to spread the love while generating some new ideas.

So without further ado.

chance encounters, take 2

I was as nervous as a trick coming up short with the day's earnings. My heart was beating so fast I couldn't enjoy the music that was supposed to be relaxing me. Not a good sign. It was a sure indication that I was lying to myself. I was intentionally going to do dirt and nothing I told myself made me feel better.

Ok, if she doesn't make a move, you stay cool.....That won't work. She's already expecting me to get some. I shouldn't have ever started flirting with her. I knew this would happen. I was tripping from jump. Now, if I don't go through with it, I'll look like a punk.....Wait....Maybe she'll respect that I'm trying to do the right thing....Nahh, she don't care about that, she just wants to kick it. She could care less about my living with Sheila.....she's been cool with that from jump....Slow down...this is an easy basket; a free throw. Get it together can do this.

I needed to call her. She asked me to ring once I got close. I recalled the directions I had memorized in my head. I'm visual like that; I followed the drive as she spouted the directions. Take I-70 South as if you are headed to Soulard, take the 7th street exit, make a left, go one block to Park and make a right. Drive until you reach Dolman. I recalled her saying something about not going past the China-man. If I did I'd gone too far. She wasn't sure if the sign was there or not, there was a lot of construction taking place in the neighborhood so it could be easy to miss. But once I got to Dolman, I was to make a left, go one block to Carroll, make another left and it would be the second building on the left, 1619, unit A.

The light had finally changed, I made the left onto 7th. I was close. Her number was programmed. I took extra care to embed her number inconspicuously with the initials KD. If Sheila happened to run across it, she'd think it was one of my boys I played ball with, she'd never expect it to be, Kayla Davenport.

"What's up, it's me...Kyle. I should be there in a minute. I'm sitting at the light at Tucker and Park."

"Great, the door is unlocked. Just knock twice and come on in, you'll find me. See you in a minute."


Kayla lived in a nice neighborhood -- Lafayette Square. It was far from the cheap seats, but not exactly front row. Sheila and I had driven through the neighborhood a time or two when we were looking for a place of our own. The price tags were out of our reach, but it was nice to ride by and dream about what would be one day. I loved the Victorian Style homes that lined the streets. Towering, slender buildings with tall fancy doors. Most of the houses had been decorated as painted ladies giving them quite the flair fantastic. Tonight, the way the full moon and the landscape lights were shining, it gave the buildings the look of majesty.

Our neighborhood wasn't that special. Sheila and I lived in North County; Dellwood to be exact. Just your average brick ranch starter homes with one car garages. There was no charm to speak of and at this moment our house seemed to be a million miles away.

As I pulled to a stop in front of her condo I glanced around before getting out. An obvious response considering I didn't want to be found out. Stop tripping. Just get on in there, no one is watching you. It's cool. Knock twice and come on in. I'll find her she says.

As I cracked the door open slowly, I looked for signs of life. "Hellooo, " I spoke into the dimly lit jazz filled room. As I stepped slowly into her place closing the door behind me, I noticed there was an easel with a folder perched on it. I read my name then opened it to reveal its contents. Take the stairs down, first door to the left. Bring the glasses on the counter.

I liked her place. Although the recessed lighting was dimmed, I was still able to make out the details. Ten foot ceilings, loft style condo, stainless steel appliances, nice furnishings and exposed brick along the entire right wall. Very nice. Definitely, my kind of place.

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chance encounters

Just a bit of an experiment. I hope you find it enjoyable.

Chance Encounters

She looks like a Veronica; a heart ache waiting to happen. At least that's what I convinced myself of when I threw her business card out the window as I turned the corner that breezy night. Blow away. Blow away far from me.

I just made her acquaintance and I was already having difficulty managing the memory of our seventy eight minute encounter. Not that she was super model fine or anything, but I was sure that we could have had some good times together. We had a vibe that was immediately rhythmic; like musical notes strung together against a nice bass line, the kind you enjoy in a dimly lit club, the kind that you couldn't help but bob your head to. Her confidence was all the sexy she needed. I liked that. It didn't matter if she wasn't the finest lady in attendance, she sold me on who she was. Had me pulling her into my conscious like a slow drag on a cigarette. With every sentence I took another puff. I didn't want to exhale. I wanted to hold on to the feeling as long as possible...inhale, hold, now breathe.

She was digging me too. I knew it. Her eyes betrayed her innocence one too many times. Caught her checking me out. All of me. She even took the time to notice and comment on things. Things I was too distracted to remember about my evenings preparation, like color combinations and clean scented cologne. But that wasn't what did it. It was her presentation. She was so smooth. I wanted her to choose me. I was no longer in the drivers seat. Game had been shifted. No wonder she was in sales, had me ready to buy whatever she was offering. And it didn't hurt that she seemed well versed in man. Even taught me a thing or two about cigars. As it turned out, my complimentary stogy was a Dominican, grown from Cuban seeds. Not nearly as good as a Cuban and it smelled noticeably louder. She even recommended that if I wanted a real cigar I should try an Argentina brand.

It was little stuff like that. Stuff that let me know that she was smart and fun. She seemed carefree, the type of girl who didn't make a fuss. Didn't provide a lot of drama. You know, Fun Girl. Always a good time to be had. As I continued to swallow her beguiling words sans the chewing I heard my conscious tell me no. What do you mean no? If I've ever seen a 'go' in my life, this one was it. She was the perfect woman to keep in ones pocket. "Marriage is something I've never wanted," she stated so matter of fact. Those words caught me by surprise. Pushed me on my heels despite the fact that I was sitting. Oh, it's like that, I thought. I wondered if she was a freak. The kind of girl that would invite me over knowing full well what she had in store. She didn't look the part, but those are the best kind, the unassuming ones.

"So what about love? Do you ever fall in love?" I questioned.
"Sure, I've fallen in love many times."
"So what happened. You didn't love them enough to want to marry them."
"Like I said, that's not what I want."
"What about them? What about what they want?"
"I tell them up front that I'm not interested in marriage, but I guess at some point I become a challenge. Like they are going to show me something about myself that I don't already know."

I chuckled. She reminded me of myself. That's what I told women. "I only want to have fun, nothing serious." But my warnings fell on deaf ears, just like her words had done on the men in her past. Talking to her became clairvoyant. I realized that I was looking in the mirror. I never knew my image could be so chilling. I was even slightly annoyed by the callousness of it all. Too bad it wasn't enough to sway the attraction I felt for her. She was vanity personified. She had me overcome with the possibility of dating me. Now wouldn't that be interesting.

So there I sat behind the drivers seat of my ride trying to convince myself that I could handle just being friends. Who was I fooling. Just seeing her name typed in black ink was causing me uneasiness. Kayla Davenport. Each time I read it I was placed back into that space with her. Seated at our outdoor table, activity all around us as we laughed and talked about the other patrons of the speak easy. I was seated just to her left. The perfect location for taking in her good side. No way I could fall for this girl. She was a heart ache waiting to happen. I looked at the card again, my buzz made me pull it in a little closer. Her cell number. It was there too. Not this girl , I heard myself say. Just toss the number. That's just what I'll do. I was sure of it. As I turned the corner, I tossed it. Made sure my speed was high enough to make it blow away. Blow away far from me. I turn up the music to try and drown the thoughts pressing against my conscious. I reach for my cell, press the numbers.

"Hello," she said. I dialed it right, I thought as my heartbeat regained it's normal pace. I can just be her friend, I'm sure of it.

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It's the remix

Yesterday Sojourner did this joint on LOVE and I mentioned that it sounded like it should be a piece done on Def Poetry Jam. Well, I found one that was along the same lines as his,
but I must say....Sojourner, I liked yours better.
Keep doing you son.

Since it's Friday, y'all can catch a performance of "This Type Love"

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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Giving Power to Words - Repost.

I originally posted this after the Michael Richards comments, but thought it was worth the reprint with all this burying the N-word stuff.

I mean what's that all about. Proclamations, Burials, Laws (with no penalties) - and for what - to stop the use of the N-word.

Nigga Please.

I know that sounds insensitive but think about it. For all their posturing, they could use all that energy and really do something to impact the black community. Hearing folks say the N-word is not holding us back. Falling for dumb -ish like this is.

Anyway, in my opinion, words are only effective when you give power to them. I guess that power flips like a switch when the words come out of white mouths. But why? Do you resemble the words? If not. let it go.

Check out this Dave Chappelle stand up routine from back in the day, and you will catch my drift.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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Past Due Additions

I'm bad about adding new links, but now that I've got a little free time, take some time to show some love to these folks.

Knewday - I know y'all hip to her already, but I had to show her some love for blowing up the spot the way she does.

La Bella Noire's Ramblings - I just ran up on this spot, but I really liked her flow.

Trying to Live Life Right - You can just never get enough of good living.

Y'all check them out, you want be dissapointed.

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Rich House Rules, Take 2

Sometimes the how’s and when’s of money can be overwhelming, especially if your present j.o.b (just over broke) doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. If that’s the case, then here is some wisdom that I adhere to when times seem to be a bit uncomfortable for my taste. It has helped me stay on task and make it to the next level.

To avoid thoughts of lack, focus on creating that leads to income/wealth building. Depleting some of your resources is inevitable, but if you maintain a regenerative viewpoint you will allow the creative process to work in your favor.

Realize that you have been given the power to create wealth.
(Deut 8:18)

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The stuff people do to make a name for themselves

I was perusing the blogs of some of my visitors and ran up on a post about an old dude in Atlanta. You will have to check out the post by Atlasien for yourself. I don't have words.

The Godfather of Balls

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Back In Stride

If you ever get the chance to go to Cabos San Lucas, Mexico - don't pass it up. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we've decided to go back next year. We also met a lot of couples who do the same. I guess that speaks to the quality of vacation you receive there. It was hands down a much better time than any of the cruises I've been on.

The environment was a desert paradise (rains only in September) perched between The Sea of Cortez and The Pacific Ocean. The locals are super friendly. There's lot's of activities for the entire family and from what I've been told the nightlife was nice (sorry, I'm an old head, I was in the jacuzzi during the late hours). There was also some good eating to be had in some of the local restaurants (I definitely recommend La Golondrina).

No menus at the table, you have to stand at the board and remember your order.

The lobsters were almost as big as your face.

Seafood Combo plate

I have to thank the Tucker family (Phil, Irma, PJ, and Tiffany) from the California Bay Area for inviting us out for a wonderful time of conversation, laughs and great food. They vacation in Cabos every year and we hope to join them again.

The only downside was the daily offering to go to timeshare presentations - However, I was within inches of buying one - but the upside was that we made $600 cash US by taking them up on a couple tour offers. I knew I wasn't going to buy this year, but I didn't feel too bad, because I plan to buy next year when I return. The best two resorts, in my opinion are Pueblo Bonita Sunset (where we lodged this year) or Hacienda Encantada (currently under construction), in case you end up going and decide to buy.

You also have to expect costly cab rides. If you don't take advantage of the resort shuttles or car rental options, then you could easily spend $24/day or more on taxi's, and the ride to the airport was $70 (both ways), so plan your daily commutes wisely. The only other hassle was traveling pan handlers, they were constantly trying to sell you something - mostly if you were on the beach or near the marina. But it still wasn't enough of a hassle to make for a bad vacation.

So, basically, we had an absolutely marvelous time. By far, one of my best vacations.

Anyway, here are some pics.

Poolside with Chelle (wifey)

Peacocks at Pueblo Bonito Rose (sister resort)

View of Pacific Ocean from our resort - Pueblo Bonito Sunset

Beach Life

Sailing with friends 1

Sailing with friends 2

The Cabos Arch (tide was way to high to walk under it)

view of our resort from lobby - shot 1

view of our resort from lobby - shot 2

more resort pics, from the timeshare site (but they are true to form)

It's a fun time to be had by all.

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Y'all know what it is.

Ok, Ced and Cap got it started, but I had to drop one for my boys, The Tribe Called Quest. There aren't any voices in hip hop that can compare to Phyfe Dog and QTip. These Cats are still COLD. Nothing that's out now, beats early 90's hip hop. If Kanye and Jay got out the game, I'd stop listening all together.

So tell me, who's your favorite hip hop artist?

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

Check it ya'll

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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Pursuit of Happyness

Well, my vacation was golden! I had an absolutely wonderful time. I should have known it was going to be great when I happened upon....

Chris Gardner (The movie Pursuit of Happyness was based on his life)

He was such a warm, inviting and down to earth brother who was happy to speak into my life. We talked briefly...I wish the flight would have been further delayed...then we had to board the plane for Dallas.

He left me with two things:

Perfect the product
Season the Bread

While conversing, he shared a story with us (me and my boy Kirk - he and his wife traveled with us) about when he went to Q's (Quincy Jones) crib. He said that Q did something he's never seen anyone else do as he was preparing dinner for his guests, he seasoned the bread before toasting it. He was so fascinated by Q's meal preparation techniques that it left an impression on me the way he detailed the account. He also spoke of perfecting the product - my friend Kirk has some seasonings that he would like to bring to market and he wanted some advice. Anyway, as I replayed my short time with Mr. Gardner back through my mind, I knew there had to be a reason for meeting him. I mean what are the odds that I'd meet him, in St. Louis of all places, so I knew God must have been trying to tell me something. I knew then that "perfect the product" and "season the bread" were metaphors for where I was in my life now - seeing as how I'm on my own pursuit of happyness. So, needless to say, meeting him was quite inspirational.

He also advised me to pick up his book, I wasn't surprised by that because any good business man would give pub to his work, so I'm going to grab it real soon. He mentioned that the movie was only one year in his life and that the book goes into greater detail and also offers as he put it "the money piece". So, if you are like me, on a pursuit of happyness, go get yourself a copy of Chris Gardner's book of the same title as the movie. Maybe there will be something waiting to spur you forward as well. Oh, he even had a rubicks cube with him, he was working the puzzle without even looking at it.

Mr. Gardner, if you are out there, thanks for your time. It was much obliged.

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