chance encounters 2

Since QPQL (male, female) occurs on Mondays, and Life, Love, Dancing occurs on Tuesdays, then you can look for Chance Encounters on Wednesdays - that allows us to spread the love while generating some new ideas.

So without further ado.

chance encounters, take 2

I was as nervous as a trick coming up short with the day's earnings. My heart was beating so fast I couldn't enjoy the music that was supposed to be relaxing me. Not a good sign. It was a sure indication that I was lying to myself. I was intentionally going to do dirt and nothing I told myself made me feel better.

Ok, if she doesn't make a move, you stay cool.....That won't work. She's already expecting me to get some. I shouldn't have ever started flirting with her. I knew this would happen. I was tripping from jump. Now, if I don't go through with it, I'll look like a punk.....Wait....Maybe she'll respect that I'm trying to do the right thing....Nahh, she don't care about that, she just wants to kick it. She could care less about my living with Sheila.....she's been cool with that from jump....Slow down...this is an easy basket; a free throw. Get it together can do this.

I needed to call her. She asked me to ring once I got close. I recalled the directions I had memorized in my head. I'm visual like that; I followed the drive as she spouted the directions. Take I-70 South as if you are headed to Soulard, take the 7th street exit, make a left, go one block to Park and make a right. Drive until you reach Dolman. I recalled her saying something about not going past the China-man. If I did I'd gone too far. She wasn't sure if the sign was there or not, there was a lot of construction taking place in the neighborhood so it could be easy to miss. But once I got to Dolman, I was to make a left, go one block to Carroll, make another left and it would be the second building on the left, 1619, unit A.

The light had finally changed, I made the left onto 7th. I was close. Her number was programmed. I took extra care to embed her number inconspicuously with the initials KD. If Sheila happened to run across it, she'd think it was one of my boys I played ball with, she'd never expect it to be, Kayla Davenport.

"What's up, it's me...Kyle. I should be there in a minute. I'm sitting at the light at Tucker and Park."

"Great, the door is unlocked. Just knock twice and come on in, you'll find me. See you in a minute."


Kayla lived in a nice neighborhood -- Lafayette Square. It was far from the cheap seats, but not exactly front row. Sheila and I had driven through the neighborhood a time or two when we were looking for a place of our own. The price tags were out of our reach, but it was nice to ride by and dream about what would be one day. I loved the Victorian Style homes that lined the streets. Towering, slender buildings with tall fancy doors. Most of the houses had been decorated as painted ladies giving them quite the flair fantastic. Tonight, the way the full moon and the landscape lights were shining, it gave the buildings the look of majesty.

Our neighborhood wasn't that special. Sheila and I lived in North County; Dellwood to be exact. Just your average brick ranch starter homes with one car garages. There was no charm to speak of and at this moment our house seemed to be a million miles away.

As I pulled to a stop in front of her condo I glanced around before getting out. An obvious response considering I didn't want to be found out. Stop tripping. Just get on in there, no one is watching you. It's cool. Knock twice and come on in. I'll find her she says.

As I cracked the door open slowly, I looked for signs of life. "Hellooo, " I spoke into the dimly lit jazz filled room. As I stepped slowly into her place closing the door behind me, I noticed there was an easel with a folder perched on it. I read my name then opened it to reveal its contents. Take the stairs down, first door to the left. Bring the glasses on the counter.

I liked her place. Although the recessed lighting was dimmed, I was still able to make out the details. Ten foot ceilings, loft style condo, stainless steel appliances, nice furnishings and exposed brick along the entire right wall. Very nice. Definitely, my kind of place.

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Sheletha said...

First! Take that!

Ticia said...

Oh yeah...please tell me more.. LOL--- I love this type of stuff!!

I will be in Vegas for a week, I leave today... have fun in the Chi-town.. I know there is a lot to do :)

denea marcel said...

Also, I love the description, "flair fantastic."
Think I'll name a painting that. ;-)

MsJayy said...

Nice! Definitely pulls the reader in & wanting more cause you shut it down just as it gets to the "goodest" part. :O)

CapCity said...

Ooooooh, I'mma TELL! LOL! I'm loving this! Like his name, too;-). Oddly, I like your sport's references even though I don't like sports (the front row/cheap seats, an easy basket...) gives it a masculine appeal, i think!

since u started out w/ She looked like a Veronica - i thought that was her name, but i guess Veronica is Kyle's idea of a heart-breaking name>? or is that a reference to something/one else? I caught on, but just lettin' u know:-)

Ohhhh, the week's getting GOOOD with all these "soaps" ON! LOL! Who's got Thurs? Fri? anyone...that way we'll have something to read each day. LOL!

Lance said...

you got nice flow kid... i'm feelin' it. i'm not trying to "guess what happens next" but going with the flow. the next time you post, i'll be sippin' on some e&j cask & cream on the rocks.

just going with the flow... ;-)

Mega Rich said...

This is for you all, because I had no intention of going past the first post. But now that I've committed, I'm having fun with it. Hopefully, it will be enjoyable for everyone who comes by.

Anonymous said...

Okay...okay... I'm in. I see it. If it's got you lookin for the next thing, it's on and I admit, I wonder what's waiting for him.

JustMeWriting said... these soap opera's are

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

man u make it sound like u about to fight for the IBF title lol , especially with the nerves - but u da man dont forget

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Man, you stopped too soon! I wanted to know what he saw AFTER he made it past the door! Nicely done, playboy!

By the way: that's a lot of detail, man! Don't relive the past in your novel, man! LOL! People get caught that way!

Mega Rich said...

Man, this is FICTION, but I'm glad it's believable.

Blu Jewel said...

okay, i see what you're working with. I'll stay tuned for more.