Ain't no party like a Florida Gator party

Cause a Florida Gator party don't stop!
I thought I'd have a little early fun since DC sent me a couple text messages. He's probably praying extra hard in hopes of a win Monday night. However, I think I should warn him, I've been on a bit of a streak here lately.

Florida Gators - 2006 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions
Florida Gators - 2006 BCS Champions
St. Louis Cardinals - 2006 World Series Champions

I guess it also wouldn't hurt that the odds makers have Florida by five for Monday's game.


DC, you are surrounded. It's me, Lo, and California Dove against little old you.

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You know how we do on Friday. Spring is here and I'm feeling pretty good. Good enough for some "Classic" Hip-Hop. Enjoy.

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I'm Back

This past week I was away touring a few of the HBCU's in the beautiful state of Virginia. Our group comprised of 39 (28 high school students, 8 adults, 3 kids) had a great time. We visited Hampton University, Norfolk State University and Virginia State University. I was really impressed with the level of excellence that Hampton strives for with their students. The currriculum seems to be top notch. The other two schools were great but Hampton stood out in my opinion.

So, if you have a student who is looking at college in the coming years, check out some of the HBCU's, they can provide a nurturing environment as well as quality education for your kids. After having attended one of the largest schools in the state of Florida, the University of Florida (Go Gators - that was for DC), I can definitely see the benefit of attending an HBCU.

One last thing, I learned while I was there, that one of my favorite artists was a Hampton Graduate; John Biggers. Check out some of his work.

You can also check him out online: John Biggers - Since he passed in 2001 their isn't an official site, but this one provides a partial gallery of his work and some background information.


Getting out the game

Full Story: Bernie Mac plans to retire from standup

Bernie Mac says he plans to bring down the curtain on his standup comedy act after 30 years.

Mac told David Letterman on CBS' "Late Show" that he'll retire after he finishes shooting the comedy film "The Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Mac" this fall.

"And I'm going to put it in theaters and it's going to be 30 years for me, and I'm going to call it," the 49-year-old comedian said on Monday night's show.

"I'm going to still do my producing, my films, but I want to enjoy my life a little bit," Mac told Letterman. "I missed a lot of things, you know. I was a street performer for two years. I went into clubs in 1977."

"It's a great way to make a living but it also, it takes a toll, doesn't it? It's tough," Letterman said.

"Oh, man, you miss out on so much, you know, and you live in all these hotels — I was on the road 47 weeks out of the year," said Mac, who starred with D.L Hughley and Cedric the Entertainer in 2000's "The Original Kings of Comedy."

Said Letterman: "So, one last film record of your work."

Mac replied: "That's right. ... Comedy has been so good to me. And that's all I ever wanted, watching you guys. I had great mentors — Jackie Gleason, Flip (Wilson), Redd Foxx,
Richard Pryor,
Bill Cosby, Buddy Hackett. I had so many people to watch, that today you don't have that anymore."

His new film, "Pride," will be in theaters Friday.

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Parenting Style

(Rich and Chelle Summer 05')

While having dinner it occured to me that my wife and I are nothing like our parents were. We have fun with our kids. We act silly at times and entertain a lot more of their conversations than our parents ever considered doing with us. In short, our parents were serious the majority of the time.

This got me to wondering if parenting style is a generational thing or do most people parent much like their parents did with them? Since I don't know the answer, maybe you can tell me.

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Back on Top

Am I the only guy who likes Gospel and Hip Hop? I doubt it. Therefore...

Biggie has found his way back to the top of the charts with his posthumous release of
The Notorius BIG greatest hits. This album has all the classics, plus two never released titles.

Here's a live performance from ATL, back in the day.
(some lyrics not suitable for young ears)

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Love vs. Money

Why is it that most of us when
we have the choice, we choose
money over love? You know
how it goes. You get to know
someone that is real nice.
They seem to have every
thing you want in a mate,
but there is just one problem.
You work with them.

So, why is it that in
a society where so
many people seem to
be looking for love,
that we allow money
to trump love?


Killing two birds

Today, I'm deferring to a work I created with the intent of
Dual Posting

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Friday Inspirations

As you know, I'm liable to do anything on Friday, I don't stick to any one thing.

However, in all that I do, I try to maintain balance. We have fun with adult topics, we tell jokes, but I'm also about just keeping it real in general. With that in mind. This morning I'm feeling pretty grateful for being one of the Kings kids.

As I was preparing a post for the sister site, The Lo Zone, I ended up seeing this clip and thought I'd share it. So, lets swing to this groove. God has seen fit to place all of us in each other's path for some reason or another. It's not my job to figure out why, it's just my job to give you what's in me, without compromise.

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I've been watching. I've been waiting and I finally hit the
100 posts mark!!!

Even if you aren't excited, I am.

I'm a geek at heart, what can I say, I can't help but keep track.

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Oral Fixations

Y'all got me on this poetry kick. In the meantime, if you don't like it, blame Shai for asking me to go into this bag in the first place.

Oral Fixation #1

Sucking wind

Probing members

Intertwined in a lasting embrace




Makes your love come down

Push, pull, grind


Glance into lovers eyes

Touch and Go

The taste lingers

Beckoning for more.

Oral Fixation #2

Some say the kiss is overrated

Essential in my mind

Gets it hot

Wets the spot

Stiffens and tingles

Readies lovers

Players avoid

Captured emotions.

Y'all will have to ask Saadia what style this is, cause I'm just a country boy who knows how to type.


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Other tongues

Do you speak "Christian"?

You know what I'm talking about. Saying "Blessed and Highly Favored" everytime someone asks how you are doing. Do you use words that "regular" people don't like "sow a seed into my life", "she's not a good steward". Who said anything about flying anyway?

I love the Lord, believe me I do. If I make it to the pulpit one day, I'll be a third generation Preacher, but I dislike being around people who end or begin every sentence with "Praise the Lord".

Stop irritating me!

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I Appreciate U

I felt so grateful for all the love that is shared at The Rich House that I prepared a little something for all of you to show my appreciation for your contribution.

Mad Love to all of you who make The Rich House such a jumping spot. I love all of your blogs.

In no particular order:

The Lo Zone, I am inspired, Neurotica and Nonsense, Saadia’s World, Write for Life, Raw Dawg Buffalo, Drawn 2 Words, Sista Big Bones Perspective, CAP City, Kalamazoo Vixen, The Cortney Gee Experience

And to those who just comment and provide inspiration for other topics, I love you too.

Again, in no particular order:

Lance, California Dove, Derty Red, Juan G, C-Mac, and to all the untold eyes that view this blog on the regular.

Title: In Love With The Word
Subtitle: Power of the Blog

Like a CAP the words go forth with a boom
You can hear it all through your CITY

And even if you are a VIXEN longing to hear I do,
Does it make you miss KALAMAZOO?

The power of the word is so RICH you can here it IN THE STL, not to mention even DC.

The lyrics of love, sex and lies that are spit on the LO suddenly leave you in a ZONE.
You can’t help but walk away and say to yourself…
I AM Inspired.

I mean the lines make you feel connected like a boy falling for his first GIRLY GIRL.
Can you hear SHAI singing, If I ever fall in love?

“And if I ever (ever fall) in love so true”

I’m DRAWN 2 the WORDS of the song when I think of you.

It makes me want to testify about the goodness of the ALL-MI-T

And some wonder why I love you cause they judge the exterior
But you’re my Sista Big Bones and I could WRITE about you FOR LIFE

I’m so grateful that you C my heart and not the MAC in me. I’ve given up being a GEE and now get to EXPERIENCE what true love is all about.

I’m your knight in shining armour, your Sir LANCE(a lot)
You’re my DOVE
My peace in the midst of a storm
I will never JUAN(der) from your love.


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C-Mac: What's That Line?

"I don't care who makes the laws, as long as I write the songs."
Bob Dylan

During both my younger and early/mid adult years, I was always very aware that I did not have "game." That is, cool talk for being able to say something really fly to a woman to gain her attention. Instead I was just a straight shooter. No impressive lines spit. As a result, first base wasn't even a question most of the time. I guess I was just too square.

But - I could always write poetry and the love I have for music allows me to recognize a clever lyric when I see one. I may not have been able to use them, but in my mind I could recite them poetically in my mind as I admired the creativity within the songwriter.
Some songs have lyrics that will standout forever in my view. There are lyrics that come to mind now, such as:

Did you know that true love asks for nothing
Her acceptance is the way we pay
Stevie Wonder/”As”

That’s the way it goes on love’s train
You don't need no,...You don't need no ticket to ride!
Con-Funk-Shun/”Love’s Train”

If you were mine…. If you were mine.
I wouldn’t want to go… to heaven
Sade/ “Cherish The Day”

What lyrics made the impression on you that you will always remember?