Oral Fixations

Y'all got me on this poetry kick. In the meantime, if you don't like it, blame Shai for asking me to go into this bag in the first place.

Oral Fixation #1

Sucking wind

Probing members

Intertwined in a lasting embrace




Makes your love come down

Push, pull, grind


Glance into lovers eyes

Touch and Go

The taste lingers

Beckoning for more.

Oral Fixation #2

Some say the kiss is overrated

Essential in my mind

Gets it hot

Wets the spot

Stiffens and tingles

Readies lovers

Players avoid

Captured emotions.

Y'all will have to ask Saadia what style this is, cause I'm just a country boy who knows how to type.


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California Dove said...

This is HOME. I like this poem. Hell I was imagining kissing while I was reading it.
(sidebar): I had this guy once tell me, that I dont open my mouth big enough. Can you believe that? Well if I could tell him today, too bad you never found out how big my mouth does open.

Sheletha said...

laughing w/CD - the ones that go away will never know!!!

Go Rich, Go Rich, Go Rich!!!!

dc_speaks said...

damn...dude! U pulling out all the stops i see! LOL@country boy

dertyred said...

Dang, I think I have to leave my desk for a minute, or two, or three....

Lance said...

oh shit, i thought on that oral fixation #1, you were eatin' a hot dog...LOL

my bad, just fuggin' wif ya, nice work, bruh-dawg!

*** see that kenya (sanaa lathan's character in that fugg'd up moobie "sumpthin' nu")...bruthas still got mad luv and skillz *** (;-P

Lance said...

aiiight dertyred, be sure to read that sign when you come back from the restroom..."all employees are required to wash their hands before returning to work"...hee-hee (;-P

CapCity said...

i noticed none of my single triplet-sistahs commented...i was going to pass up, too:-). Nice work, Rich...will leave it at that;-).

lance - i don't know that line = refused to see that movie(raised brow & smirk:-)

Man With Balls said...

Yeah, real playa's don't kiss, it's too intimate. Got to let them know it's not about love. We just fuggin.

Mizrepresent said...

This was hot! Too hot! I liked it, but it's the kind of stuff that leads to "Oooops"! (lol) Hey cap, kiki, maybe thats why. Great job!