Love vs. Money

Why is it that most of us when
we have the choice, we choose
money over love? You know
how it goes. You get to know
someone that is real nice.
They seem to have every
thing you want in a mate,
but there is just one problem.
You work with them.

So, why is it that in
a society where so
many people seem to
be looking for love,
that we allow money
to trump love?


CapCity said...

Not sure about anyone else - but I do NOT admire the homeless lovers I've seen...

Girly_Girl said...

We allow money to trump love because invariably, money DOES trump love.

c-mac said...

for many of us..

the love of security is more important than the love of the lover.

Shai said...

No romance without finance. Love don't pay the bills. Love is not enough to maintain a stable union.

I can understand if a person is determined and working on improving their lives and a snag comes. I am not for a person who causes their own snag in life and does not change things. If a person is not taking care of business, love is not as important.

Lance said...

"No romance without finance." - Shai

i'on kno' 'bout that one shai...i kno' some cats back home in NC and in miami that got mad game. no work and play all damn the ladies' expense.

and they know about it too!

dc_speaks said... you done did it now!

Let me go back into the text of your blog and bring something out..

I also remember in the rules(can't remember what number it was rich)..referencing someone that works with you. You can bring that out in your comment after this one..

I think that outside influences help people make the decision(in the work environment)to choose money over love because people have the sexual harassment trend going on strong. Or peer pressure alone may do it! Or wondering if he/she dated someone else there!

who wants to live with that kind of potential trouble or...seeing the ex with another woman/man after the break up...

the issues really aren't about just choosing money over love in the first is in fact more about expecting the break up before you even hook up and dealing with the consequences of the actions prematurely..

i feel obligated to get back to the subject matter of the post...
Rich said "You know how it goes. You get to know someone that is real nice, They seem to have everything you want in a mate, but there is just one problem. You work with them."

He didnt say a poor a$$ ni99a...he said when everything is good, not when someone is whack..let's keep it real.

We have all heard..."looking for love in all the wrong places"...I think that we are programmed to think the workplace is one of them.

I personally would have no problem dating someone I work with...I believe in space, just because you work with someone...doesn't mean that you can't have that time and space apart.

Im getting down off of my soap box now!

thanks for this topic, brah!

dc_speaks said...


CapCity said...

Whoops, I totally overlooked the "at work" part - I used to teach in private schools - romance was not an option at work (primarily, nonBlack women & fathers - most married). LOL!

Shai said...

OK, I got lost in the love money part and missed the work part.

Too much drama when you date someone you work with. If you lose your job, you lose your livelihood. If you lose your lover, you will get over it.

Rich in the Stl said...

What about if it's not on the job, but just in the same business circles. You are colleagues.

Mizrepresent said...

ummm, interesting, i met my ex at i wouldn't date anyone i work with closely, bc, should things go awry, that can and will affect the work's funny how people won't date someone they work with, but there are a hell of alot of affairs taking place...makes you go hmmmm!

Shai said...

Rich, it can be sticky. It is sticky when you are in close quarters with the person. I once was in a relationship with a guy who lived in my hood. When we broke up it was awkward and ugly for me with us having the same friends. Hanging out together was not fun so sometimes they hung with me or with him. Then you have no privacy when you do date again. He threw names of females in my face while we were with friends(this was on rare groupings). He flipped when I had some suitors I started dating. LOL. I was just too much.

dc_speaks said...

@Rich...colleagues are still fair game!

CapCity said...

MEN ...FOR DC ....after QUITE a FEW drinks AND a viewing of the DAYUM film Soulmates (at church)...afterwhich one of my exes (who I met AT church)tried to aCK lik e he didn't see me...lemme got to bed b4 i ack ugly....c y'sll in the mornin'...

IYMS said...

Both pursuits (money and love) are investments. However, the money pursuit seems more of a sure thing if you look at the return. The love factor is so unpreditable right now. People have so many other options.

Lance said...

lol @ capcity

Shai said...

Iyms, that is so true, love is so un predictable and folks have so many options.

CapCity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CapCity said...

sobered up now;-) guess it was best that I 'came here' rather than making those dreaded drunken-phone calls - guess that could added to MwB's list:-)


...according to the film SoulMate & statistics - MENfolk have so many options...depending on the work place a relationship can be tricky. In my newest wkplace (home:-) - a relationship would be QUITE nice. LOL!

Lance said...

hey capcity, you should head over the lo zone and git yo' phone

California Dove said...

ya'll know I'm cool with sex in the workplace. Its just another place to get your flirt on...this was before marriage (smile)

...and I would pick the MONEY if I were to marry again. Love dont pay the bills, baby

KIKI said... boils down to the same If you choose love (in the work place or in the streets) it's with someone you feel secure with; if for some reason you fall short you can feel confident that that person is going to have your back. If you choose money, its because you dont trust that the person you're with will back you up and there's more security in that paycheck.

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neer said...

Sorry guys but i must say its state of our mind .. money doesnt bring happiness in life and if it does to some of you then dont wrry the day you look inside yourself , you will definately know that it was temporary addiction for it you lost relations which were meant forever ....