Ain't no party like a Florida Gator party

Cause a Florida Gator party don't stop!
I thought I'd have a little early fun since DC sent me a couple text messages. He's probably praying extra hard in hopes of a win Monday night. However, I think I should warn him, I've been on a bit of a streak here lately.

Florida Gators - 2006 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions
Florida Gators - 2006 BCS Champions
St. Louis Cardinals - 2006 World Series Champions

I guess it also wouldn't hurt that the odds makers have Florida by five for Monday's game.


DC, you are surrounded. It's me, Lo, and California Dove against little old you.

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dc_speaks said...

I am not alone dude! I guess ou didn't see the droves of fans down in ATL like I did this weekend.

Puh lease, son!

I'll be sure to text you again tonight too!

Rich in the Stl said...

Since Lo has been spanking you all morning. I'll withhold comment. I sure hope your boys come through for you. If not, you may as well close your blog down for the rest of the week, because you want be able to keep up with all the smack I will be sending your way.