Y'all know what it is.

Ok, Ced and Cap got it started, but I had to drop one for my boys, The Tribe Called Quest. There aren't any voices in hip hop that can compare to Phyfe Dog and QTip. These Cats are still COLD. Nothing that's out now, beats early 90's hip hop. If Kanye and Jay got out the game, I'd stop listening all together.

So tell me, who's your favorite hip hop artist?

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Check it ya'll

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CapCity said...

Loved Tribe! And, um...where's my "baby", MILK? Ohhhh, I used to love that joint: Milk is chillin'...! LOL! I miss the music of the late 80's & early 90's. Fashion was terrible, but the music was LIKE THAT!!! well, fashion ain't much betta, now - WHEN will pants hangin' off da azzes go OUT of STYLE??? Grrrr.... my apologies for the digression, Rich;-).

CapCity said...
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JustMeWriting said...

yes...they were on point to..."Bonita , Bonita, Bonita", I loves that song.

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Man, I'm glad I stopped by your spot this morning! I'm with Cap, though: Where's the Audio Two?