Magic Cities

The magic of a city exists in the soil, the structures
and within the spirit of the people
that dwell therein
R. Sander Fitzgeral 2007

There is nothing like the feeling that comes over you when you enter a city that holds the power of place. It can immediately transform.

Two cities do that for me. Atlanta and Chicago.
It's something about those streets, the way the buildings
look down upon you, greeting you with open arms.
Cities like those make you feel like you are a part of them,
make you want to belong to them, make you miss them,
make you want to get back to them. I hear them calling my spirit.
Can't wait to feel at home again. Can't wait to get back to a city
that speaks my language, can't wait to get back to feeling like me.

What city speaks to you and why?

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Girly_Girl said...

Chicago...ALWAYS!!! It's small town AND big city.

`NEFTY said...

I loves me my CT...I guess because I'm from there. Also Philadelphia.

Sheletha said...

I have to agree with Chicago!!!

dc_speaks said...

I'd have to say Raleigh, NC. The southern feel is phenomenal, weather is always great and the people are so darn friendly that it's almost overwhelming.

Great post topic.

Shai said...
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Lo said...

New York. It is my soul mate on so many levels. The air is rich with energy and always brings out the vibrant in me. A slice of pizza, a stroll through Times Square, lunch at Jean Georges, shopping in the Village, dipping into the corner bodega for a pineapple pop, Central Park, fried fish on 125th Street, greasy poori on Indian Row, the way I feel when I'm anywhere on Flatbush (or Atlantic, Nostrand, etc.) in CROOKLYN...'s all about The Apple, baby!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Like you I love Atlanta (the place i will never leave) and Chi-town, the place i love to visit.

Rich in the Stl said...

I would love to move back to the ATL, but wifey doesn't feel the same as moi.

But, we do agree on Chicago. Guess I need to look for some real estate.

JustMeWriting said...
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JustMeWriting said...

Chicago...even before I went, I longed to go you said Rich, 'I hear it calling my spirit' Being a lover of the Black Movement, I was always in love with the history of Chicago...from the riots of the sixties to the corners where black panthers members stood handing out their 10-point system. Chicago is so much of everything to me...

CapCity said...

DC = my heart & soul (also a small "town" of major importance). Best city to grow up Black & Proud:-). NYC was the city that surprisingly called me here to live. Have always loved visiting & NOW i L.O.V.E. living here = the vibrancy is amazing!

Dawnya said...' sho'. Montgomery, just makes me feel welcomed.