Question of the Day

Most people work just to pay the bills, giving little if any energy to working within their calling/passion. So, today, I'd like to ask you a TWO-PART question.

Part 1 - If you knew your job was ending in 90 days and you had to then go to work in the one area that you were required to remain in the rest of your life, what would that be?

Part 2 - what would be the first 3 steps you would take toward preparing for that transition?

I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives, and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God. Ecclesiates 3:12-13

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CapCity said...

I WISH u had asked this question and posted this scripture last year when I actually WENT thru this! LOL! Now, I've got to go back into the wk force & "try" again:-). To answer your question the NEXT time I face this:

1. Writing, Motivational Speaking, Biz Owner, Model, Wife & Mother;-)

2. Pray on it, Trust it will come into fruition then PLAN/Work towards it!

Mega Rich said...

I managed to get away from "Massa" a couple of times. All told, I was self emloyed nearly three years. But I was working just to survive, not really working in my purpose. Rather, I was working at something I was capable of doing, which paid the bills, but I couldn't enjoy the experience because I was seemingly working around the clock.

My next time out is for keeps.

CapCity said...

Amen to THAT, Bro Rich & it's hilariously appropriate that your word of the day is:

punctilious \puhnk-TIL-ee-uhs\, adjective:
Strictly attentive to the details of form in action or conduct; precise; exact in the smallest particulars.

Our next Step Out On Faith will require us to be Puntilious;-)

CapCity said...

whoops - that's punCtilious...gotta watch those details;-)

Mizrepresent said...

1. write, publish of course

2. Believe that i am worthy, the rest is already set in motion, the wheels of creativity are churning, and i've got the motivation, the backing, the drive to pursue and achieve. Once i discarded FEAR, it was all in the works for me and mine. I do everyday, and channel all my energies into fulfilling that which is mines to have.

Opinionated Diva said...

Ummmm...I'd like to become a professional blogger. I'd prepare by blogging non-stop! :D

Anonymous said...

Part 1- I would work as a missionary or teacher. I am a teacher already, and I really like my job despite the pay. I had to follow my heart. Many people look down on me for "just being" a teacher.
Part 2-I would serve more to prepare for the missionary field.

Shai said...

I have not thought that deeply. I know I don't want to work my entire life. I want to have my money work for me.

Mega Rich said...

Good point Shai, but even when your money is working, you want to do something, don't you?

bloghog24/7 - just being a teacher is a blessing. Teachers shape the lives of our kids, sometimes more than parents themselves. HOLD YO HEAD UP HIGH!!

Opinionated Diva - a lot of companies are looking at that as being a position. I think the key would be finding a company that represents something of interest to you. Also, a lot of politicians are looking for bloggers. New opportunities abound.

Anonymous said...

Thank you beloved. It is not often I hear appreciation for my job. I just wrote a blog about the gift of love. Make a comment when you can. Take care.