Good News!

None of us are immune to sin. Despite how good of a person we may be we all have our short comings. It's a good thing God still hears us despite the things we do. He is a loving father.

Check out one of my favorite male singers, Deitrick Haddon. The second song speaks to my topic of the day. Enjoy your weekend, and remember, God still hears a sinners prayer. Have a great weekend family.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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CapCity said...

Danggggg...u got me over here praise dancing! God KNOWs I needed to hear this...don't ask why this week was kinda rough...but i'm still here!

And I LOVE a Husky-Voiced Man! Whew! Thanx, Bro Rich!

Blu Jewel said...

Love this song.

thanks for posting some encouragement and inspiration