chance encounter 3

Chance Encounters pt 3

Kayla Davenport

It was never my intention to be anything more than a friend, but somewhere along the way temptation slithered it's way into our connection. All it took was one loose comment and there I was contemplating what it would be like to feel myself being touched by those big warm hands of Kyle's. Maybe things were going too good. So good that I let my guard down. That was easy to do with him. kyle had a knack for making me feel at ease. He had a trusting way about himself that allowed me to share my secrets with him. Kyle knew all about my past loves, even the crazy ones. But he never judged me, never made me feel like I was the one to blame. No matter what I shared with him he always made me feel whole. Helped me to be able to laugh at myself. Made me feel like it was ok to be me. Made me feel like he was lucky to have me in his life. Men like that weren't easy to find. But I liked having him around. I even thought I could handle being his friend, but I guess I wasn't prepared for the way his presence pushed buttons I didn't know existed.


"You're going to think I'm a freak. I tell you all of my business."

"No I won't. Stop tripping. It's not like you don't know stuff about me, " Kyle said.

Kyle and I could talk about anything. Even conversations about sex never seemed to get in the way. But friends or not some things were better left unsaid, because saying them planted seeds and it's hard to say what could spring up.

"What had happend was..."

"Come on, spit it out."

"Alright, I broke up with him because he had a small penis."

"Dang! You are a freak."

"See! I told you."

"Girl, I'm just kidding. I'm not tripping off that. Better to break up with him than cheat on him, because you know a man can't take knowing his woman cheated."

"See, you think like me. I was trying to spare his feelings. Trying to do him a favor. Because I would have definitely cheated on him. I mean he was a nice guy and all, but I like my man to have some weight on him."

"Dang! I'm glad I don't have that problem. If anything I used to have to make sure the sisters weren't trying to get with me just to get some of this Dexter Saint Jacque. You know how y'all like to run your mouths."

Hmph, he got it like that.

"It sounds like you are the one running your mouth. Typical man, always trying to brag about what you got."

"Whatever, I'm not bragging, I'm just speaking the truth. Just be lucky we're friends or you'd be finding out just how addictive I really am."

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever, you don't want none of this."


the next day

"What you doing?" Kyle asked.

"Trying to keep from calling Roderick."

"The guilty pleasure strikes again." We both chuckled at that comment. I had been with Roderick for the last couple of months and it was strictly a sex thang. I needed to get over him, but that was easier said than done.

"I know! I mean it's not like we have that much in common but boy does he know how to scratch my itch."

"Well, you know how to get over that right?" Kyle queried.

"No, how's that?"

"You find a suitable replacement in someone you have more in common with. No use in wasting good sex on someone who you don't really enjoy being around, " he responded.

Maybe it was at that moment. Or maybe the moment had occured some time ago, but for some reason I wanted that someone to be Kyle. I wanted him to ruffle my feathers. Wanted him to shake my tail and see what came loose. He was the perfect guy for it too. He had become one of my best buddies and I didn't have to worry about him getting too clingy. Now if I could just get over his being married.

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CapCity said...

great conversational flow! ;-), i'm wondering how this "chance" encounter occurred in the first place?? ...and what happened when he got to her place in the last post??...u got my mental wheels a spinning!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...filling in the background huh? Aiight aiight...

Mega Rich said...

This piece is more challenging than I imagined. I should have written it from a third person perspective, but it's becoming a good learning tool.

@cap - yeah, you know my feelings on dialogue.

@sojourner - I figured a little substance was in order.

Shai said...

Ok, I see some weaving up in here. LOL. Good installment. Now I am ready for the next.

tjeanise said...

WOW- About a year and a half ago I had a similiar situation -or could have had one but I let it go..He was fine as hell, deep voice, intelligent, worked at my school, always bought me lunch and even a few surprises here and there...then I met his wife. GAME OVER!

Mizrepresent said...

I like it!

Ticia said...

I have been waiting for this......
I am still in love....

Have a good weekend!

Ticia said...

@ tjeanise

Damn..I choked on that last line!!!!!!!!!

Blu Jewel said...

okay, so i'm feeling this story.

you write well from a female's perspective which isn't always easy.

i'll keep checking for me.

if you haven't already...check out my other blog