Behold The Power: C. Mack's Crescendo

My man C. Mack decided to grace the pages for me and start the week off right. So get ready because this is grown folks talk, no kids allowed. That's my disclaimer and I'm sticking to it.

Behold The Power
The Power

There are many disadvantages to being a woman in this culture. Historically they have had to fight for their rights to be respected and cherished by the men who rule the world around them. Still today they make less on the dollar than males. They face discrimination and often lack the full respect they deserve in this society. Tradition, religion, and just plain ole ignorance have slowed the progress of the woman's ability to fully shine and blossom in all the ways she can. When she's ultra feminine she can be mistaken for soft thus downplaying her true inner strength. When she speaks her mind she's considered a bitch or a barracuda. If she's really about her business some call her a dike. But God gave the woman the ultimate weapon to assure that she will be listened to and heard at some point in this game of life. And when mastered properly, it's a tool fitting to be called God's Great Equalizer. And what is this great equalizer? Behold the Power of the Pussy!

Now before your proverbial panties (pun intended for both male and females) get into a bunch – check out the facts and observe the status. When we observe the pervasive cultures worldwide, men do rule the world. They have founded cities, started nations, ruled kingdoms and conquered civilizations. They have created inventions that have changed the world many times. They have created organizations and established even the name of the street you live on.

And now what is there to all of man's great innovations and accomplishments? It's vanity and all for nothing unless he has with him the experience that rivals no other. For man wants to – needs to – have the right woman to share his dreams – to help him manifest his visions – and to find that place of comfort that nothing else can give on the planet. No amount of money, no amount of power, can give the man a feeling that he has in the comfort of the pussy that embraces him like he is the king of the world.

Ice-T put it this way….

Power – its starts with P like Pussy
She knows she's got it
She doesn't worry does she?
Spending your cash – leaving you in the trash
While your little head's thinking – they're gone in a dash
They got it – know it – that's why they show it
The power sex – if man could overthrow it he'd be king in a day
No way – we get rich, hard, give it away. Ice T - Power

Now – when I say pussy. I am not talking about merely sex. I am talking about the femininity of a woman - The softness of her voice and the touch of her hands – Because of the pussy she has the ability to approve or disapprove whatever the man is working on. And let me tell you – when your pussy is happy – the whole house is happy. When it's not – let's just say there is no good nights sleep. A man can accomplish great things. And his boys and comrades can applaud with great approval. But if his woman, the one that has the pussy does not approve… it may as well be dead. The right woman has the ability to make a man believe in himself. Her influence can make him a king or a pauper. That is the power of the pussy. You see it's not just a physical thing. It's totally spiritual as well. When a man enters a woman – and he respects the place that she allows him to dwell – he's lost in the realm of fantasy that is his greatest reality. Remember he was born from a pussy. And like Dorothy he wants to go back to where he came from. Instead of coming out of one he wants to enter one. The roles are different. And instead of the pains of birth he gives her (his new momma) the pleasure of the rod. And he does so at great pleasure until he releases himself totally into the places that are so private and intimate that it bonds him to her soul. After that there is nothing left to give. And when she comforts him, lets him know that he is approved and that everything is alright – you could kill him and he would die with a smile on his face.

Check the math and the history – even biblically. David had a man killed to get the one that satisfied him the most. Sampson gave up the source of his strength to a woman he knew was trying to get him killed. And yet what was it about Delilah that caused him to tell her how he could be defeated anyway. It wasn't merely the physical pussy – it was the mental and spiritual pussy. She understood him – studied him – mastered him. See if you relegate the pussy to mere physical characteristics you'll miss the boat. The pussy is the all encompassing aura of a woman, her total womanhood and her ability to communicate to her man as only she can. Once she has him – she's got him. Because only the comfort of her welcoming spirit and body can satisfy his soul.

The worst thing that can happen to a man - is to get caught up in the wrong pussy! Thats a whole nother story!

And so it goes - If he buys a nice car he doesn't really do it for himself. It's for a woman. A nice house is to put the woman in. Someone asked Eleanor Roosevelt what her life would be like had she not married Teddy. She simply said she would still be first lady – because whomever she married would have been the president. In other words – she's saying that her pussy is king making material. And with her influence any man she commits to with will reach his maximum potential. It's automatic.

According to Genesis, God created man in His own image and in His likeness. But ever since, no man can be born except through the womb of a woman. She is the passageway to the earth. And there you have it – God's great equalizer! Man may rule the world. But a woman who understands the power of her pussy – will never lack any good thing.


Salesdiva said...

Being married to the most awesome entrepreneur for the last 20 years, I can relate to your post. But he didn't get there ALONE. We are having the time of our lives and what God put together, let NO man try to rend asunder. Enjoy your blog. I'll tune in.

MsJayy said...

Well spoken truth. If only more of us - male & female - understood & operated from this truth, maybe we wouldn't end up simply getting screwed.

Girly_Girl said...

Great post. You know I'm feeling this BIG TIME!!!

GurlNexxDoor said...

Wow, Loved this post, was kinna concerned how you could tie it all together, but you did.

CapCity said...

hmmmm, guess, i'm not convinced - specially since i believe the power has declined & been tainted - with all this punanny flying around uninhibited!

Besides, the "real" power seems to be in the MIND of the Man. I've watched many a brother drool over a woman because of HIS idea of that woman - it had NOTHING to do with the actual woman who lived in that body. As Brother Manchild states in a post on a similar topic: Eve was literally Adam's dream bought to life...but what was Adam for Eve? U know I'm loving this discussion!

Mega Rich said...

His idea of her goes into the whole psychology of the punani being the great equalizer. It's the power she holds over him, even if it's in his mind. How the relationship plays out or how far the man goes is all on how she strokes him.

It can go a variety of ways.

Some women give up their power and they just get screwed. He uses her power against her. What a shame.

Some women waste their power by keeping the man's mind embroiled in drama. Nobody is happy unless they are fighting about something. Neither of them going anywhere, but oh the passion. What a waste.

Some woman have the power and the man is crazy about them, but the power is too much for even the woman to handle, so they over power the man and emasculate him. He's beaten before he has a chance to thrive. Shake my head.

The smart woman wields her power masterfully. Using it to, as Beyonce say's, upgrade him. There is nothing that man wouldn't do for that woman's love. She loves him so tough he wants to conquer the world for her. Now that's some good stuff right there.

In my mind, C-Mack is not only praising the woman but also giving other men and women the opportunity to reflect on where they are in the equation.

But that's my two cents.

CapCity said...

Hmm, see where we are in the equation, huh, Rich? I'd like to have this power over a man who actually interests ME, TOO! Tired of being "adored" by men who I'm not feeling....what does Brother C.Mack say about choosing who u wield this power over? Sadly, Eve didn't get a choice...(have u been to manchild's spot, yet?;-)

Andrew The Asshole said...

I believe in the power of the penis. If the weapon is sooo powerful and they used it properly we would have a female president long before hilary.

Women give away pussy and if it was a stock the price would have fallen into a recession. There is plenty of women around and what one want do another one will. The supply is far greater than the demand.

But maybe the point of the article was to get women to comment, if so he accomplished that.

Andrew The Asshole said...

I heard a really funny joke the other day regarding Why MEN are smarter than Women.

Men have two heads to think with and women have 4 lips they talk with

Andrew The Asshole said...

I will agree that women can inspire a man to greatness or be his distruction. The Rockstar didn't pick up his guitar because he liked to play he picked it up because he wanted some girl that wouldn't give him the time of day.

denea marcel said...

related in a bastardly (and i do mean BASTARDLY) way:
i'm sure you have all seen alexyss k. tylor by now...

anyway, this is a very interesting dialogue. keep the comments coming. i'm having a great time reading!

denea marcel said...
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c-mac said...

Thanks for the feedback - please allow me to set the record straight from an author's point of view. Most of you feel me. Richard in particular has the right idea and so does salesdiva as well. My method here was to be just as artistic as factual. So I didn't want to say too much - I wanted to throw it out there and let you all decide where you wanted to take it as well. That is where the fun is. I just want the fireworks to start and hear what folks like you have to say - cause your views are valuable. Even for me the language was risque. But because I consider writing an art form - and because I know in my heart how much I love and respect women, I felt most of you would get it. But for the record let me say what I am not saying.

I am not saying that a woman's value and worth are between her legs. I am in no way challenging the great intellect, ability, or fortitude of the woman and am not comparing it to a man's. I have no male superior complexes to say the least. I am not speaking in terms of the dog who does not respect the woman, nor the woman who does not understand the value of her body and who does not properly discriminate with whom she shares it.

I am speaking in terms of the potential and possibiities of the aura of a woman and giving respect to her influence. I am speaking of when things are done the right way and all parties are respected and valued as they should be.

I am also speaking of my own motivations - understanding not only where they lie, but also that any good thing can be misused and therefore its purpose misunderstood. But if I said all of that - then my post would be too long. In this case. Less is more and I am supposing upon the great genius of the Rich Blog readers whom I know for the most part will get it.

Much Love~

CapCity said...

c-mac - for the record i love these kinds of discussions (i think i said that earlier)...i rarely see things the way others expect me to. i did NOT think specifically that u meant that our power lay directly between our thighs...but, when i went to see the Vagina Monologues performed I learned that a great deal of who I am IS because of WHAT I carry in my panties. It was a Eureka moment for me. Do I know how to wield this power? hmm, still studying it & learning what it all means. thanx for this thought provoking post of introspection:-).

much love back atcha;-)...

Anonymous said...

Wow. This represents some powerful truths about humanity. Though I wouldn't have put it this way (and I understand exactly why Mack did), I can't disagree with any of it. My main source backs it up. He mentioned Samson, the strongest man and David,the man closest to God's heart, but don't forget about Adam, the first man and Solomon, the wisest man. All these brothers fell victim, not so much to the power of the women, but their weakness FOR women...which basically translates to power being used BY women.

One may say that this power has been diluted, but I disagree. Hilly has a strong shot at President because of the way she handled her man. I believe Mr. Bynum is having some issues as well?

Very thought provoking.

c-mac said...

Mos Def Capacity! I am sorry I missed the Vagina Monologues when it came to town. Is it on DVD?

The way you wield the power in my opinion is just by first understanding and respecting your gifts. To value them first is to allow others to do the same. And then to understand it is as you say a mind thing. Again - the premise it to see the power that a woman has with the right man. You can try to get the Kingdom - or just motivate him to get it for you and then hand it over to you. To me - that's sweet on God's part. Genius! Cause He set it up so that we actually like giving it to you. I mean come ON! LOL!

I've always said that for the most part - if the right woman loves, respects, honors, and values me and my opinions, dreams, and visions... if she understand that I do not want to compete with her but want to partner with her, if she pays enough attention to me to love me beyond my faults, failures and fears, and can push the right buttons in the meantime - if she understands her power of influence with me and yet respects it enough to know it's not a game or a pissing contest - She respects and understands that our abilities are not necessarily the same as our roles - I am telling you that is a helluva start. See a woman can be greater than the man - and still not overshadow him. And she won't overshadow him cause to de-ball him would be to undercut her own blessings. Thats why I say its not about ability. Its about understanding one another and embracing a no ego stance to build greatness!

These ideas are very much natural and psychological in my opinion. And fun! And definitely fun to talk about. Keep it comin!

So where can I see the V-Monologues?

CapCity said...

click on the link i set up for ya, c-mac = the words are a link in my previous comment;-).

u bring up another interesting point about competing with one's mate. i felt i had a similar relationship with a brother i was digging & i didn't know how to undo his need to compete w/ me so i let it go...but DAYUM he was foine. lol!

c-mac said...

LOL indeed!

MysTery said...

Wow. I'm not sure I would label my femininity the 'pussy'. But good post.

Mizrepresent said...

WEll, i loved it! And actually, it made me feel pretty darn good!

jali said...

I resolve to use my substantial power only for the good.

Shai said...
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Blah Blah Blah said...

I agree on a majority of what is said but... I mean, did we not already know this? Eh, for those who didn't... glad you wrote this piece for them... for those of us who can relate almost every-damn-thing into a sexual dialogue...this was merely confirmation.

Thank you.

Diva said...

I love the post!!!. When I learned I had the power, it was on and poppin'. LOL. But women we need to use the power for good and not evil.