The Power of the “P”: Possession or Perception?

I spoke to a couple of ladies offline regarding the "Behold the Power" post from last week and in one case, I suggested that she write her perspective on the whole "power" theory. She obliged me and here it is. Sharkwriter's Synopsis

The Power of the “P”: Possession or Perception?

Spurred by last Monday’s blog, Behold the Power: C Mack’s Crescendo, and undoubtedly endless conversations with the same and opposite sex on the subject, I wonder…Is there true power in pussy? Oh, stop the emphatic head shaking; I’m not finished with my question. Ok, and if so, does that power belong to the possessor or the perceiver? In other words, does this all inclusive, albeit elusive power exist with the owner, the woman/women whom this incredible ability is attributed, or the perceiver, the man or men of whom this power allegedly affects?

Perception is in and of itself a powerful force. By perception alone, without the benefit of real, tangible experience, one can imagine “what it is” and “what it will do” before one can actually say for sure. The American Heritage Dictionary cites the definition as:

per•cep•tion (pər-sěp'shən) Pronunciation Key
1. The process, act, or faculty of perceiving.
2. The effect or product of perceiving.
3. Psychology
a. Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory.
b. The neurological processes by which such recognition and interpretation are effected.
c. Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.
d. The capacity for such insight.
a. Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.
b. The capacity for such insight.

Now, if I understand C-Mack’s piece aptly, then I consider it to be metaphorically enlightening, cultivating a stimulating level of provocative appreciation. Now, while your brain chews through that verbal artillery, let me drop some more science on an already thought contorting subject: if there is true power in pussy, “pussy” being a nicknamed metaphor for femininity, and, if true power is attributed to "pussy” is it really a one woman, life-changing sword that can often be wielded uncontrollably or a collective power, one that exists essentially in female community? In other words, can a single woman bring a man to his proverbial knees solely on the basis of her “pussy”, (there you go shaking your head again!) entangling him in her feminine wiles or is this alleged power better attributed to the crux of femininity as a whole? I’d say the answer to that is yes, emphatically yes. But, we’re just talking, so let’s just continue to talk about it a little bit more.

Now I can definitely get with the notion that we women wield an unusual power over our sexual counterparts. And as a woman, one who is and I’m sure always will be, fascinated with the power often credited to us, to our “pussies” by said counterparts solely on the basis of its flesh crippling, mind-bending force. A force that can allegedly crush empires, defeat armies and clean a Negro’s clock when it comes to common sense. And still, I wonder. Honestly, I think the “pussy’s” true power lies primarily in man’s perception of what it is. You know, what it can do for him, how it makes him feel, and let’s not forget how it looks to him and on him. And, allegedly, all this, too, can happen to a man in seconds simply from a look. But see, therein lies what I would say was the true power-the perception- it’s what he thinks it is in his mind. No, you shake your head? Ok, really? Well, let me ask you this. Have you ever either been that man or having been with a man who’s seen a beautiful woman, who by the sheerest of looks renders a wrench in the gut enough for a verbal eruption of, “Mmm, now that’s wifey right there!” Or something akin to locking her down for a lifetime just ‘cause she look good? See, and still my point – it’s perception. (Now look, I’m not hating on women who do women that have that reaction. And honey, if you’re one of them, just insert a “W & O” where you see ‘man’ and keep steppin’.)

Pussy is indeed powerful. C-Mack I can’t help but agree. After all, I know, I have one and it often drives me nuts! (speaking literally metaphoric, of course) By the way, this wasn’t meant to be a countered response to your blog. No, not at all. I just wanted to foster a deeper discussion into, what I imagine, will remain one of life’s great mysteries; for both the possessor of such God-given ability, a gift of power to be handled carefully, mindfully, consciously and intentionally. And to the perceiver- he who hungers and thirsts after righteous pussy, after that Eleanor-Roosevelt-“king making material”-Hillary-Clinton president producing pussy-watch out for that-Monica-Lewinsky-fat-president-impeaching-Sampson-mighty warrior-Kingdom-killing-pussy-! I mean, pussy must be powerful ‘cause even God called the nation of Israel a harlot!

And biblically speaking I gotta tell ya, C-Mack- brotha, I love the way you think, and while a person could easily do a case study on the sins and crimes committed by our spiritual forefathers, let me gently say this: King David didn’t have Bathsheba’s husband killed so he could have her; no David was a pussy! He had Bathsheba’s husband killed ‘cause he was screwing around with another man’s wife, got ‘ol girl pregnant and didn’t want to face the music! You know how we homo-sapiens are, never wanting to own the consequences of the crimes we deliciously commit. And Sampson, well, let’s just say the brotha suffered from a common mental illness, arrogance. Sampson’s real problem was himself, he simply bought into his own hype! C’mon, he knew what Delilah wanted, but his own ego, the perception of unyielding power got the better of him. That and not believing the truth would do him in. All in all, I’ll say this, while its power is elusive, seductive, intoxicating and damn-near the perfect criminal, know this --like the mind, a good pussy is a terrible thing to waste!


Anonymous said...

Is there someplace it can be donated like other organs in the event that it is not being used by its present "owner"?

Don said...

Well, throughout history, P has always been the downfall of some of history's greatness men. So it definitely has power. He-Man type power. But that mental stimulation which coems with it (some women)also has power.

cmac said...

I don't read Rich's blog daily so I had to catch up - but YO - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DOPE!

We have some great writers that share this blog. Your words in this piece are insightful, challenging, rhythmic and arranged beautifully. I feeel ya 100%. Isn't it nice to spark conversation!

Anonymous said...

Excellent continuation of the conversation. Great to have the female perspective and I love love love, the last line.