More Party Pics

I'm sure that we'll put a collage together sooner or later, but here are some more pics that I "jacked" from various friends sites (suite b & saadia) but go and check out their take of the happenings, and more pictures.

Ladies real pretty from city to city (Five Minutes of Funk, Whodini)

The men all pause when I walk into the room (Klymaxx)

The Glamorous Life (Sheila E.)


Girly_Girl said...

You are too funny.

Rich said...

yep, that would be me.

Don said...

Definitely some cool pictures. I read about it over @ suite b and lea's blog. Everybody speaks of having a great time.

Props, Rich.

The Master (De)bater said...

Rich, you're a nut! LOL! Stop adding to my playlist with picture comments!

All that beauty in one room...I'm not mad at you ladies!

Suite B said...

I'm going to need you to send me a check for stealing my pics...please make payable to Suite Ballentine, LLC.

James Tubman said...

that picture of the elevator is too fierce

i hope that you all had a good time

Sharon said...

All I gots to say is them sistas is some


Dayum this weekend was a goodtime; mos def a birthday to be included in the HALL OF FAME BIRTHDAY ARCHIVES!!!