Cuss Words: The Attraction

Lately, it seems like my language has been slipping. When I was younger I would cuss a lot, it was like some crazy rite of passage. Now that I'm older, I don't cuss that often, unless I'm extremely mad and other words just won't do, but I rarely get that angry. Nevertheless, lately I'm finding that it's getting easier and easier to let little words slip through. Maybe it's my frustations that are bringing them forward, maybe it's some of the music I listen to, maybe it's just me. I don't know, but I kept thinking about it and I wrote this little piece about it. Feel free to share your thoughts on the piece and/or the subject in general.


Cussing is the shit that lets motherfuckers know what the hell it is you are trying to say.
But why is it that cussing makes me feel like I’m no longer in the mix, but I’m out

Mommi says good Christians don’t talk like that
Could be shawty is right

But does keeping it real make me a different kind of cat?

Every now and then I like to release a word or two as part of my verbal flow,
It offends some
That’s what their faces show

It’s not the standard vernacular of Kings, I heard at the church
Could it be that denouncing it is a way to control me into being more like them?

The words make me feel empowered
But the stares make me feel small
Does he have to talk like that?

Some think it’s trifling

I tried to stop, but I guess the demon got lonely, so he came back
I want to be free to cuss but I feel so bound
Do I need to have hands laid on me and let the Spirit take control?

The more I cuss, the more I want to cuss

It’s like liquor and sex, you can only have what’s been allotted to you or you end up out of control
I feel intoxicated enough to dance on the table
But I guess I’ll sit here and fit in.

Some would say, that’s fucked up.

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Sheletha said...

My Aunt Joyce taught me how to cuss. When I was little I used to hear her tell a story sprinkled with so many cuss words that made it funny and so damn cool. I was only seven when I tried for the first time on the school playground. That power I had to captivate my audience was unreal, so from then it was on.

I got the chance to tell my aunt joyce how her language influenced me before she passed away earlier this year. She just smiled and said "Shhiiiit, that wuddn't me!"

I've been trying to let up now that Im grown and the power isn't like it was before. Some say Im sweet and kind but don't cross me cause a muthafucka will come out at any given moment.

Girly_Girl said...

Swearing, cussing, cursing...

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I am all about using colorful language.

Nothing is as satisfying as saying "FUCK!" when the situation calls for it. I mean, saying something like, 'darn' or 'shoot' is hardly gratifying.

There is a time and a place for using obscenities, though. I wouldn't curse if I was talking to my son's teacher, for instance. There are definitely times where I hold my language in check.

Rich in the Stl said...

So maybe for me it's more of the church thing that's pulling on me.

Can you be a good christian and cuss too??

Sheletha said...

My Aunt Joyce was an there you go. hee hee

Sheletha said...

Okay heres some real talk.

If you truly believe that God can do all things but fail, then you can believe on him to hold your tounge. Remember you are going to be tested immediatly after you make a delaration to let God control your tounge. You might be walking barefoot through your living room and somehow the edge of the coffee table will catch your pinky toe. Everything in you will want to scream "FUCK" but when you don't you know you passed the first pop quiz. There will be more, trust me on this. Hold on to your faith, Rich. You can do all things.

Girly_Girl said...

I know people are going to disagree with me here, but, OF COURSE you can be a good Christian and still swear!!! I mean, if you worship God, help those who are less fortunate, continue to be a good father and husband...who cares if you say 'motherfucker' once in a while?

Get ready for the haters...

Sheletha said...

Didn't we talk about filtering your comments before you post them???

LOL...Haters AKA anonymous

Aleisha said...

Me personally, I don't use that language and I think there is nothing more disgusting than a lady with a nasty for being a Christian: Christian or not if you put it in, it will come out.

Anonymous said...

girly girl
what do you know about being a good christian anyWAY? Aint choo a muslim or budhist or something

Girly_Girl said...

Yes, Anonymous, you're right--I am a Muslim. I don't claim to know everything about Christianity, but with any monotheistic religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) the belief in one God seems to be the most important aspect of the faith.

As far as swearing and religion, though, I stand by my earlier post. I am not a bad person or a bad Muslim if I drop the F bomb every so often.

c-mac said...

I tend to agree with girly_girl. to me cussin is a part of language. where i choose to cuss however is the key. in other words, all things are permissible but not all things expedient. if i want to get a message across to someone who i know would be offended, the i am likely NOT to do it. Like Rich said, sometimes you just have to let it out. Cussing and what is a cuss word is also very subjective also to culture. i know God doesn't give a hoot about our culture. there are so many - and they are human issues not godly or spiritual ones. I heard a preacher from India say how when he was back home he it was common for the kids in his family to say " i need to take a shit". his father is a fire and brimstone preacher mind you. and he said it too. fast forward, he comes to america and some other preacher picks him up from the airport - and he says "i'll be ready in just a few minutes.. i need to take a shit first." needless to say the other preacher was like "damn!" in his mind probably but was taken aback. so was god frowning on the man? i really doubt it. again - who is the audience? speak the language that gets the message across.. i can do the kings english to the queen's taste or i can get down with it. i can speak to more people as a result. and you'd be surprised that every now and then i throw a cuss word in to a Christian and though they are surprised, they seem to feel i am that much more credible in that moment cause i kept it real and said what they thought. with that said.. some people are just potty mouth and every other word is f-bomb this or MF that. to me that is just a lack of language skills and not only unfortunate, also unattractive. a woman cussing at the right time can be a turn on.. in the right context. (i won't incert example but think about it) but a woman that cusses like it's goin out of style... NC as Rudy used to say on Fat Albert.. NO CLASS. that is my take.

R. Sander said...

aleisha said...if you put it in, it will come out.

I guess that follows the thinking that because I listen to hip hop every now and then it has a bad affect on me. At least as far as the language goes. Got to watch that Jay Z. That new Kingdom Come is the shit!

Anonymous -- a lot of people become Muslim, because of comments and bad treatment from Good Christians.

Rich in the Stl said...

Hey Saadia,

Ladies is pimps too, gone brush your shoulders off. Don't worry about the haters. Even haters love you, they just aren't in touch enough with their feelings to show you some love.

Lance said...

(:-X <==== lance (y'all kno' me)

(my mama is reading this there you go!

Girly_Girl said...

"I can do the Kings English to the Queen's taste or I can get down with it. I can speak to more people as a result."~C-Mac

I couldn't have said it better, C-Mac.

There are some situations that warrant a different type of conversation.

California Dove said...

This is a real topic! I too struggle with the same shit (stuff). Trying to hold my tongue. Its my work environment that causes me the most stress ever. I work for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and we are subjected to the most uneducated and rudest people in the city. The feel as if they are entitled to everything because they are HIV Positive or full blown AIDS. And I as the administrator suppose to give you for the free?Please.

Dawnya said... really need to stop hating on Girly_girl..get over yourself and just admit that she is the bomb.

Rich... I have often wondered if I I was a bad christian, because I had to cuss somebody out seconds after leaving church or any other time in my everyday life. However, I know that my relationship with the Lord is solid. He knows and loves me for who He created me to be.

Often times what needs to be said can not be said with out letting every cuss word I have ever learned pass my lips. For example, everytime my mother's husband answers her phone I call him everything but a child of God. I can't stand that bastard. And everytime my sister in law calls our house, I can't even begin to have a conversation with her without lsipping in a few cuss words. She makes me ill.

I think cussing is theraputic (did i spell that right)sometimes.