Power Play

Maybe this new invention will help make my dream home more affordable over the long run.

Down in Bernard Malin's basement is a softly thrumming metal box that turns natural gas into hot water and generates $600 to $800 worth of electricity a year - a bonus byproduct of heating his home.

"It's like printing money," says Mr. Malin, the first person in Massachusetts - perhaps in the nation - to own a residential "micro combined-heat-and-power" system, also known as micro-CHP.

But he's not likely to be the last.

Since Malin changed his home heating system to micro-CHP in February, 18 other families in the Boston area also have adopted the technology, which squeezes about 90 percent of the useful energy from the fuel. That's triple the efficiency of power delivered over the grid.

Europe and Japan are already ahead of us on this technology, and of course some of the greedy American utility companies see this as a threat. Let's just hope they do what's best for the environment and eventually the price will drop and these will be more accessible. At $13k to $20K only the well to do will be able to afford these right now.

Yahoo news article: The future of home energy
Microchp Technology

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Anonymous said...

your dream home.really nice. a man and his dream....mmmmm