Special Edition: For The Cool In You

This goes out to two people. One's a friend I haven't seen in years but it seems like we see each other quite often. I love me some you! The other is someone who I've had the pleasure of knowing only from a distance, but who has managed to make quite a positive impression on me. Both of you should know who you are from the selection below. Enjoy the grooves!

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Juan G said...

I was listening to the California Dreaming CD yesterday on my way home from work, he's one of my favorites.

But on the real, man, I am rarely at a loss for words so this is one of those times where all I can say is thank you. You have no idea.

There is something urging me to put this period of my life to paper and this post has given me a title: A Song for Juan.

Thanks again, man.

Rich in the Stl said...

Man, you are like family now. That's how we do!

Funny you should title your writing project "A Song for Juan", I started to title this "A Song for J. Gaddis".

God is still working brother, he's still working.

Lo said...

Wow. Rich, you are truly something. A genuinely good and kind soul. I love me some YOU!!

Juan, you are The Man in too many ways to count. You've always made me feel so special, even during times when I wondered what you could possibly think was so great about me.

Throwing Wes Montgomery, one of my all-time favorite musicians, in the mix makes this the perfect post.

Rich, you sure know how to make a person feel good.

Sheletha said...

Awwww Y'all so sweet...I think I just got a cavity.

Anonymous said...

was that for your dove?