Let them speak now or forever hold their peace!

A Chinese man, backed by a dozen knife-wielding accomplices, ambushed his ex-girlfriend's wedding convoy and kidnapped the bride, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The men blocked the convoy at a crossroads in rural Shaanxi province in northwestern China on Sunday, the Beijing News said.

"They smashed the windows of the wedding cars with knives and steel pipes, dragged the bride out and put her into one of their cars before fleeing," it quoted a witness as saying.

The father of the 22-year-old nurse said he was certain his daughter's former boyfriend had staged the kidnap.

"He was being treated at a hospital when my daughter was interning there and they had been in a relationship," the father was quoted as saying.

Fifteen police officers had made little progress in finding the ex-boyfriend and the bride by Monday night, the daily said.

The groom had gone on without his bride to complete the remaining wedding rituals, which according to local custom cannot be stopped once started, the newspaper said.

He had fallen ill afterwards and been admitted to hospital, it added.

Ancient Chinese literature is littered with tales of heroic kidnappings of brides by devoted lovers rebelling against family-arranged marriages, but this real-life version, in which a woman was slightly injured, has apparently shocked some.

"It's the first time I've ever seen a bride kidnapping in daylight," the witness was quoted as saying.

She must have had that CA-POW-YOW! That's all I'm saying.

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denea marcel said...

She must have had that CA-POW-YOW! That's all I'm saying.


Not that I know much about Chinese wedding rituals, but these sure sound different than what I saw in one of my favorite movies, The Lover... ;-)

But really he could have just played Vesta's 'Congratulations' and been done with it.

Lance said...


i haven't heard that name in awhile. i wonder what she's up to now. she could teach these youngins a thing or two about sangin'....her. chaka khan, teena marie. patti labelle. gladys knight.

so sad, today's "real" singers have to take the backseat to corporate america musical "bitches and hoes". how anyone can listen to beyonce and say she can sing is beyond me. nice voice, eh? "sang"...are you serious?

oh, about the chinese wedding kidnap...all he had to do is wait a couple of months, then he coulda got her for free. i'm sure ol' boy would have gotten tired of her by then.

Rich said...

awww, that's cold. Sounds like someone is anti-marriage.

Hey Denea, thanks for stopping by. Off the subject, what did you do in Tyler Perry's flick?

Y'all should check out her site, she has some nice artwork there too.

Girly_Girl said...

Denea--you always make me laugh!!