Skinny Cooks

I saw this book in Walmart the other day and decided to open it and was surprised that it was a very good cookbook. It also had some comedy sprinkled around which made it worth the read, because it's hard to get happy about a cookbook, if you know what I mean. But, this one is good. Go check it out.

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Lance said...

i'll check it out...

if only she coulda bent over just a little bit

calm down ladies, relax...ain't nuffin' like big ole hunk of titty in my freshly baked jiffy con'braid!

(;-P~~ <==yum-yum!!!!

ain't that right fellas?!!!!

Sheletha said...

you crazy lance

Girly_Girl said...

I'm a skinny cook...

I kind of feel sad when I see this book. :-(

Lance said...

'm a skinny cook...

I kind of feel sad when I see this book. :-(... girly_girl.

no need to feel sad sweetie, just eat mo' poke, you'll be aiiight. bacon, poke chops, ham sammiches, sausage, ooooohwee! nuthin' spell luvn' like a fried poke chop sammich, fresh out the grease!

on two pieces of white bread, add hot sauce!!! WHAAAAAAT?!!!!

that's good eatin' my peoples!

Dawnya said...

Lance you are insane!! Don't feel bad Girly_girl...even though you are a skinny cook we will still eat your food.

Borders finally has my book in so I plan on getting it this weekend. The only thing is due to Sheletha and I eating healthier we are gonna have to change the ingredients a little.

Lance said...

c'mon dawnya...i kno' you feel me wif dat poke chop sammich..c'mon, nah. you too sheletha.

say it wif me...DAAAAAAAMN GOOOOOD!!!

nette said...

Lets give the skinny girls some props because we know how to burn too.

Lance said...

"Lets give the skinny girls some props because we know how to burn too." - Nette

that's the problem. there are just some things hot sauce and ketchup can't save!!!!

(;-P <=== yuck!)

just kiddin' nette... and quit callin' me an asshole. yeah, i got esp too!!

(uiicyk) <====look, even the feds agree!..yiiick!

Lance said...

yo rich...where you is?...i'm fittin' to get beat down up in here!!!!

Rich in the Stl said...

My bad dawg, didn't mean to leave you haggin', but you seem to be handlin' yo biz.

Some skinny girls can cook, but ain't nothing like eating the cooking of a woman who looks like she lives to appreciate food.

They don't call them old school cooks BIG Mama for nothing. How many Big Mama's you know that are skinny. hmmm??

word verification even got my back