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Dear Rich House Reader,

I need to know what I should do about my sex life. I have been married for four years now and my husband and I don't have a great sex life. He wants to have sex a lot, but I don't. I don't feel romantically attracted to my husband. We have sex every now and again, but not as often as we should. We have no children, so that is not the problem. I guess if he were more romantic that would help, but he's not. What should I do? Help!

Seeking Romance in St. Louis

What advice do you have OR what would you do in their shoes?

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Lance said...'s kind of a "two-way street" in your questioning, cause it takes "two to tango"...get my drift? we've heard "your" side of the story, but how does "he" feels? he may think it's all good and sexxin' you is the best thing since direct deposit!

i've learned over the years that regardless of the spouse/significant other relationships..."IT'S NOT WHAT YOU "THINK" THEY NEED, BUT WHAT THEY WANT". in other words, listen to them. understand their body language, communication, etc. and try to give them what THEY need. it's improves the communication between you two and help in maintaining a longer lasting relationship.

not to make it sounds like it's on you...the other guy/gal is going to have to "recognize" and to be "humbled & submissive" enough to do the same for you. then it's a give/take response to each other's wants and needs. that's where the romance (whatever turns you on) can foster and grow.

well, that's how i would do it. and even before then, i would try to establish a long-term relationship so that i can "know" her desires, wants and needs.

it's always good to be the king...
but it's can be equally good to be the servant.

Dawnya said...

Open communication is the key here. I say tell your husband that you want him to be more romantic. Tell him that if he could romance you more that you may be more interested in sex.

California Dove said...

Three Answers:
A: Sex is about what you put into it. If you want your mate to be "more romantic" show him/her romance and read the signals.
B: She is comparing her marriage to her girlfriend's 'pick of the week'
C: She is cheating and is looking for a window.

Lance said...

hey cali d...

good could be "c".

maybe she trying to get "us" to find & "open" that window for her...

if she comes to miami in june, w/o hubby...she's gonna wild out!!!