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New territory for you all to cover.

I had a six-month interracial relationship that ended on very hostile terms. At the time of the breakup, he directed very derogatory words to me (including racial slurs). Several months went by before we even spoke to each other. As of late, we have maintained a somewhat civil and platonic friendship, but he wants what we once had. I tell him that I can never get past that and forgive him for all the bad things that he said to me and about me. He thinks that I should let bygones be bygones and move forward. Should I forgive and forget and try to start an intimate relationship with him again? Please help me with this dilemma.


What advice do you have OR what would you do in their shoes?

Standard comments are also welcome.

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Sheletha said...

No way.

c-mac said...

i agree with sheletha!


it's one thing to get into it - people say things - but of all the things he coud have chosen to say -he chose to go there.

naw.. just tell him like the ole folks used to say...

"your eyes may shine
your teeth may grit
but this brown sugar
you will not get"

SERIOUSLY! That was the PG version. just think about what i could have interchanged with brown sugar.

speaking of which - historically brown sugar (and i am assuming you have brown sugar) has always been good enough for racist pricks when they want that exotic and forbidden lovin... but respect and honor have not been on the menu. don't let him go jim crow on your body.

holla - and apologies to girl girl who is a good poet!

Lance said...

and now...the "R" rated version...fuck that "X" rated version!

my people.
my people.

ain't got nuthin' against interracial relationships and marriages (much luv to girly girl)...but when the shit hits the fan, it's on!!!!

"he directed very derogatory words to me (including racial slurs)."
- nevada

as soon as the words "NIGGA BITCH" flew outta his mouf, a bullet shoulda flew into his ass. game over, fuck the dumb shit!

no mo' beggin.
no mo' wonderin' if he'll come back.

now, that you know "the rest of the story"...why would you want him back, dick that guuuuuud? you're gonna fuck sooner or later and if he's in the mix? duuuuh!!! (;-P

Lance said...

much love to dawnya too...she got hangin' on to the WHITE man

always looking for "something new"...
...and when you do find it, it's the same ole bullshit!

bullshit is "colored"-blind!

Girly_Girl said...


If he said it once, he'll say it again.

C-Mac and you guys, too!

Lance said...

you heard girly_girl nevada...nuff said!!!!

much love to you, g_g..
...but if dave fugg up

(crackin' knuckles)

well, you'll figga out the rest!

c-mac said...

ya'll crazy! that's all I'm gonna say.