Day Five - Prosperity Game

You always wanted a thousand dollar day. Well, here goes. How would you spend it.

Remember, if you don't want to sign into the actual game, you can just play here. Tell us how you'd spend your money. Don't worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself.

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Rich in the Stl said...

After the weekend I had, I need a break. I'd spend my entire $1000 on two nights in the Beverly Hills Hotel How I'm getting there is beyond me, but I'm booking the rooms. I guess I can pay for the airfare tomorrow.

Shai said...

Summary of Today's Visit
Spending Buy the outfits I have seen in JCPenney, MetroLife and a couple of other catalogs for the Spring/Summer.
Desire Level 9/10
Resistance 6/10
Your Comments I feel always feel great about getting new outfits.

Sheletha said...

okay with a grand I can finally spend the money on some shoes!!!!!
charles david, gucci, and jimmy choo!!!!!

desire level 10/10
resistance 1/10

Comments: Im geeked as hale!!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Purchase Coach leather purse $500
Purchase 3 trees for my back yard $500
Desire Level 7/10
Resistance 5/10
Your Comments Though i want the Coach purse, i do feel a little bit hesistant about spending so much on it, now the trees are different, i want them bad, and would spend the money to have them.

Shai said...

Miz, I have never bought a Coach purse. Nice looking. I cannot see paying so much for one. I am not a purse person.

Sheletha said...

oh shai....if you buy one then you don't ever have to buy one again...its guaranteed for life...anything that happens to it...they either fix or replace...its a wonderful thing

CapCity said...

$900 toward rent. $45 - cute pair of comfy shoes I saw in the Village. $33 - gas for car. Including tip: $15 - get car washed, $7 get brows threaded before they grow back in fully.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 5/10
Your Comments: I'm not sure if I'm being clear & concise about my level of desire & resistance. I strongly desire the life I want. Purchasing things doesn't really excite me, so, I'm not sure if I'm learning what is intended from these exercises.

I am thankful for all of my blessings.