Day 16 - Prosperity Game

$16K for 16 Days.

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Rich in the Stl said...

Visit Date Tue 08 May 2007
Spending The remainder of our furnishings. Since we have a Direct Buy
membership spending $31K should more than cover it.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 1/10
Your Comments I was actually hoping for more money, but since it wasn't as big of a jump as I would have liked, I just decided to buy the rest of the furniture.

CapCity said...

oh, u getting greedy, now? LOL! i'll be back gotta do a bit o' research:-)

CapCity said...

P.S. like the new "mega rich" moniker;-)

Shai said...

Yeah, I was wondering who Mega Rich was on my comments. LOL. Go head Rich. Speak it into existence. Be mega rich on all levels from financial to spiritual.

Shai said...

Spending Buy myself some ruby/diamond/gold jewelry: tennis bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings. Ruby is my birthstone and I always wanted a real nice, not cheap set in my b-stone.

Book trips to NY, ATL, and AL(see my great-grandma's land, I was last there in 1976/7 when it was a farm).

Buy books for a literacy program I give books to, give to the woman's shelter in my area(domestic violence is on the rise and woman need refuge)

Desire Level 9/10
Resistance 3/10

Your Comments I love jewelry but I always get the low end stuff. I keep jewelry for years. My first gold ring I have had for almost 20yrs. \r\n\r\nI want to travel to places I have never been and visit AL to go back to fam history. My grandma grew up on the land I once spent part of the summer when I was lil.\r\n\r\nI love to give and helping out a literacy program and abused women/children is what makes me happy.

CapCity said...

Spending: $4,000.00: 1 wk accomodations @ AC Bally's for mom, 2 sibs, 1 nephew & me. $4,000.00 for us to blow that week. $4,000.00 NYC weekend of live jazz & sightseeing w/ Daddy & his lady. $4,000.00 1 wk Jamaican retreat getaway for me & 1 sib (who doesn't gamble)!
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 4/10
Your Comments: I'd love to travel with my family members, but they're so persnickety and relationships so "tricky" that the resistance to this is higher because it involves other people and their issues. I think it would be fun, but who knows! lol! It'll be interesting to see what this is like when it's possible for me to carry it like this! I think they'd get along better if the finances were carried by someone "else" (such as me:-).