Rich House Rules, Take 1

Stop focusing on the problem. Create a Solution.

How many times have you looked at your situation and expressed verbally the obvious?

I don’t have anyone to love.
I’m broke
I’m unemployed
I’m tired
Etc, Etc, Etc.

A lot of us speak this way a great deal of the time, which is why the issue remains. In order to get the results we want we have to modify our approach a bit. I no longer think in terms of lack. What I have purposed to do is to modify my thinking because what I noticed is that there is proof all around me that I can have whatever it is I desire. So if the proof exists, I must me asking myself all the wrong questions and expressing all the wrong things.

There is a popular scripture that says you have not because you ask not. This is so true. Often times we prefer to complain than to simply ask for what we need/want. Or we’ve been asking and our situation hasn’t gotten any better. Maybe, the issue lies in asking the right questions. Instead of asking why am I always broke, what’s wrong with me, why won’t anyone hire me, begin to take the emphasis off the negative and place it on the positive. Begin to ask how you can create a better reality for yourself. Focus on the unlimited ability of God as opposed to the image of lack you see.

As you begin to make minor adjustments in the way you think, speak and operate, you will find that the windows of heaven have been open and that you just haven’t been accepting the gifts that have been raining down around, in and through you.

So, get out of your rut and begin to have creative days! You create your existence through your dominant thoughts, words and actions.

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Shai said...

Good post. I feel your blog is about to go in a new direction.

Mega Rich said...

Yep. Sometimes we do what's fun, but eventually we have to settle into what truly works for us.

I like to keep it interesting.

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Thanks for a great reminder, Rich. I am learning that I need to maintain a certain level of discipline where it comes to listening to this particular wisdom, sometimes. Confident man does not always equal God-fearing or God-trusting man, and I've learned to be honest about that truth so that I can ask for forgiveness and help in trusting the God who made me. Great post, Rich.

CapCity said...

Thanx for the 'nudge', Big Bro Rich! I'm feeling that more & more what's FUN to me, now IS the "settling into who I truly am." And I trust - those 'minor' adjustments are MAJOR!

KIKI said...

Amen, Rich, Amen! I'm an optimist so I like to look at my glass as half full. I know that I have to get out there & get what I want and the only one keeping me from the things I want/need in life is me; that no-one is going to give me anything, eventhough I often confuse empowerment with entitlement.

Great Post!

Mega Rich said...

You all bring up some very interesting points.

@ced - i love that confident man vs. God trusting man.

@kiki - empowerment vs. entitlement - I might have to pass the mic and let you expound on that.

Mizrepresent said...

Excellent post Rich! Believe, Receive, Achieve! My motto!

Sojourner G said...

...and you receive not because you consume it upon your own lusts.

Ask the right questions.
Do the right thing.
Don't waste what you receive.

And for God's sake (for the sake of God's cause) be a blessing to someone else.

Powerful thought starter my brotha!