Who Am I?

I’m still that lanky kid with the easy smile looking for the light in everyone he meets

Still the guy who wants everyone to get along and be happy although I always knew there would one joker who would mess it up for everybody

I’m the guy who hangs with everyone and no one, never really fitting in for long, but not really needing to either, because I like me

Still the guy striving to fulfill his name in every sense of the word

The guy who wants another chance to get it right and who hates to lose even when I feel like I’m running out of gas

The guy that just doesn’t understand why some people consistently go left when they know to go right

The guy who’s ever changing yet unchanging, ever pushing the envelope while examining myself to see how I can do it better

Compassionate and Critical

Rarely Unforgiving

Willing to acknowledge my mistakes

Righteous yet not without sin

A King and a servant

Mega Rich, Rich in the STL, R. Fitzgerald, Rich, but “Jerry” to my momma

No matter the day of the week, I'm still me.

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Sheletha said...

Spoiler of the Tax Free Weekend.

Mega Rich said...

That's an inside joke -- LOL - now I have to tell it.

It's kind of like Petey Green says. America keeps us hustling backwards.

Sheletha was commenting to how she was looking forward to tax free weekend (no taxes for back to school on clothes, computers, etc.) so I commented, "I wonder how much saving $6 per $100 is going to cost me."

Hustling backwards. Give you the perception that you are getting something just to get you to come up off your grip.

Blu Jewel said...

well spoken!

you sound like you're completely in tuned with who you are. That's a great accomplishment.

Mizrepresent said...

I know you! lol! Very nice!

CapCity said...

:-)...all this is evident upon meeting u, too. u exude this comfort w/self & the life u have, Bro Rich.

Regarding society's backward hustle - my goal is to get to the point that dude who wrote don't sweat the small stuff states - make so much money that u won't worry about your tax bracket nor the taxes u need to pay!

CapCity said...

ps - tax free wkends in nyc really make a difference - with our 8.75% tax....but again - don't buy it if u don't need it just to "save" $9 for every $100 spent...

Sheletha said...

I think I would have at least bought some shoes this weekend anyway.

Sheletha said...

I did buy some shoes!!!!

MysTery said...

Nice piece!