Hold Me Accountable

You know, I have a lot of stuff I want to do in this life, but sometimes getting around to it all can be quite challenging. So, since you all come by and kick it with me on the regular. I thought I'd let you get in my business and hold me accountable on a few things.

One thing I've noticed about myself is that I don't like to disappoint. Maybe it's the little boy in me that likes acceptance, maybe I'm just better at getting things down when people are counting on me to do it, whatever it is, I've realized that when I create the right environment for myself, I'm more productive.

So here's the deal -- I was thinking about doing the 101 in 1001 , but decided I needed to put a bit more pressure on myself by shortening the period. I know the people at "101" think the 1001 days is realistic, but I know what works for me. So, I'm going to do a 365 Day Challenge and trim the list down to my top 40, that is, if I can come up with 40 things. We'll see. So in no particular order, here's my list -- I'll update periodically, because I probably can't think of 40 things for this year tonight.

1. Stop drinking soda - period - my bladder is out of control and I know drinking all that soda can't be helping -- but I like the taste and the caffeine.

2. Commit to a five day workout plan by my birthday in December - no matter what comes up in my schedule, commit to five days. The daily minimum is 1 mile (walked or ran), 36 situps (3 sets of 12), and 36 push-ups (3 sets of 12) -- this way, equipment doesn't come in to play. I can do this workout anywhere.

3. Finish the complete first draft to "Chance Encounters" by December 16th.

4. Finish the complete first draft to "Closure" by January 31st.

5. Visit my cousins in California by Summer 2008. Possibly tie that in with a visit to Cabos San Lucas Mexico (Oh yeah, I'm going back!)

6. Take my wife Christmas shopping in Chicago this year.

7. Visit my relatives in Florida in April 2008 (My Granny's birthday month).

8. Call Grandma Ruby (my late Grandfather's second wife) over Thanksgiving and for her birthday on December 17th.

9. Help my wife complete the rehab of our house by Spring, so we can either rent or sell this property and move on to the house we have been waiting to purchase.

10. Do everything in my power to have 5000 sold for Bloggers' Delight (Have you ordered your copy yet?).

11. Devote serious attention to my novel by March 1st 2008

12. Attend Book Club Convention in Atlanta, August 2008

13. Complete "Seminar" by January 1st.

14. Put invitations in the mail for PowerCell by January 1st.

15. Take my wife out at least once a month without the kids.

16. Do something with the kids away from home at least once a month.

17. Start studying Spanish using Rosetta Stone beginning no later than April 1st 2008.

18. Create a 4 yr. scholarship for a minority student who wishes to attend college.

19. Read at least one book a month (I know I could read more, but I'm serious about this list).
Must read John Edgar Wideman, James Patterson, re-read Black Boy (Richard Wright), James Baldwin, Langston Hughes (complete The Best of Simple).

20. Keep the irons sharp - take a writing class to continually improve in the craft.

21. Seriously consider membership with 100 Black Men St. Louis Chapter.

22. Support GOOD musicians by purchasing their albums. Bootleg is for busters! You'd want people to buy your work, wouldn't you?

23 - 40. ?

So, tell me, what would be on your list? Maybe you'll trigger my mind to remember something else I want to do.


Mizrepresent said...

I like this here i go...

1.Finish another novel before the end of the year...using Stephen King's theory of writin 5-10 pages a day.

2. Draw back from the internet bc it is impeding my writing.

3. Spend more time with my children, bc they are complaining now that i spend way too much time online.

4. Promote Bloggers Delight.

5. Publish at least 2 more books before the end of this year...and i am seriously working on it.

6. Get my yard in shape for next year...complete with trees and bushes and a new patio for my backyard.

7. Enjoy life to the fullest...go hang out in Miani, kick it in Las Vegas.

8. Actively and aggressively sell more books, mines, theirs, ours.

9. Find a love of mine on...who understands and appreciates me for who i am.

10. Love me.

Don said...

Drink plenty of water and get much sleep.

Shai said...

Bladder problems? I hope you get regular and thorough physicals.

As for your list good job starting, just give yourself some wiggle room. And work it our in phases. I usually breaks things down into the areas of: spiritual, physical, recreational, financial and mental and then have about 5 for so things listed under each.

Shai said...

My list is:

1. Finish my first poetry book and publish it independently.

2. Travel.-I asked to be added on a mailing list of my co-worker who runs a travel group, I have been with them places before.

3. MOVE!

4. Bible Study individually and with a group.

5. Get my child in college.

6. Do my first poetry reading in public.

7. Walk.-I missed doing that in the warm months. Plus my knee needs movement it acts up when I am idle too long.

8. Have my first spa treatment.

9. Socialize more.

10. Study the craft of novel writing.

Those are 10. I actually have been working on my 2008 goals. I don't do resolutions, I don't keep them. Funny I keep alot of my goals. This year I did a nice amount of them.

CapCity said...

u make me want to restart this on my blog...don's right - hydration & rest are IMPORTANT to our minds, bodies & souls. dehydration is the #1 trigger for fatigue & sodas don't hydrate...

i want to keep my list/life simple, too:
*make daily lists/stay focussed.
*post my goals where i will see them often.
*allow The Creator to work thru me - sometimes His list is different than mine...

shelia said...

Everything on your list sounds realistic. The main thing I want to accomplish is to balance my work life with my family life more. I have others, but I need to trim it down. Your post has inspired me to make sure whatever is on the list WILL be done...not "may" be done.

Girly_Girl said...

There are so many things I need to do in my life--putting them in some sort of list is an excellent idea. I hope you reach every one of your goals, Rich.

Anonymous said...

Man I commend you on making a list. Sometimes I think my life is livin' me!

First thing on my list is to make a list. Thanks for the prod.

MysTery said...

That's funny cause I just posted something like this on my page.

Proud of you. Get those things done!!

Femigog said...

Oh man what have you done? Now I got to have a list of my own! I am gonna work out a reasonable time table for the items but a few on the list include...
1. Attend a reputable writers conference.
2. Finish Finish Finish my three book series of the Sovereign Chronicles.
3. Develop ideas for subsequent novels in the series.
4. Decide on a city in which to live permanently.
5. Become more aggressive in saving for a home.
6. Draw up a new contract with my writing partner and creative collaborator for my Science Fiction Series.
7. Go back to meditating daily and restricting meat from my diet again. I never felt better about myself and my health as when I was a vegetarian and an avid yoga and meditation practicer.
more to come, thanks for the inspiration!

The Master (De)bater said...

1. Follow the need for prayer and listening to God that's tapping my heart.

2. It's nearly a cliche-- I am going to finish that unwritten manuscript.

3. Visit Louisiana soon. I need air I can breathe and people who look you in the eye in conversation.

4. Drive to the Bay Area again soon.

5. Prepare for the in-laws yearly trek to Laughlin (so I can hop on someone's jet-ski!)

6. Meet Cornell West. Someone I know HAS to have his phone number!

7. Stop ignoring the need and learn Spanish.

8. Since the physical therapist permits it now, return to my machine workout at a gym and work in some yoga. I have a true respect for the benefits of yoga now that I know that I don't have to become Pretzel Boy to practice it!

9. Defeat the "San Diego Screwface" one smile at a time.

10. Chill with the authors of my favorite blogs at least once a year (guess that means I need to meet a few of them, huh?).

Suite B said...

#1 on my list is to stay focused and to make my buisness full time before I get married.

#2 become more active in local groups...

#3 try to get a gig with a local news station by the summer (good think I don't talk like I type/write*)

#4 Purchase my "project house" by May '08

Muze said...

this is such an awesome idea. i am seriously going to set mine out in writing today. i have been so unmotivated and this is just the ticket!

Bam said...

Ok I am late...

But WOW, I admire you for this list, I should do this myself actually. By the way, have you gotten your trip plans together for visiting Florida?? It is April :)


The Quiet Storm said...

I know this is an old post, but I called my Grandmother "Granny" as well and she lived in Florida. I must work on my list:

- Finish draft on my first book
- Return to my hometown to visit at least three times a year
- Mend relationships with my family
- Appreciate what I have while I still have it
- Travel outside of the US this year
- Travel to the opposite coast
- Take more pictures, things change so quickly