Stronger than Pride

Sometimes we look at people and we view their life through unforgiving eyes. We get overconfident and say things like "that could never happen to me". We go to church or read the word or just build up this pride about ourselves like we are untouchable and that we are above some of the people around us. We take confidence in our wealth, our homes, our jobs, our existence and we can get caught up in this whole class outlook on life. But Pride is a dangerous thing. Pride, the word says, comes before a fall. So, I would admonish you to take a close look at yourself and see if you have the proper outlook, an outlook of love. Below, I put together a simple poem on how Pride can play out in a life. It deals with a common theme – sexual relationships – something most people can relate to. I remember thinking that women who got involved with married men were stupid until a woman I respected became the “other” woman. I used to have this perception that men who cheated were just weak until someone I admired admitted to falling to temptation. This awareness made me realize that I was too full of pride and that because of the word, if I wasn’t careful, I was a prime candidate for a fall of my own. Then my thoughts took another direction. What is the proper response for someone who has fallen? When people fall, do we shun them and encourage them to find solace in more dark behavior or do we love them and forgive them drawing them back to the light? Is there someone in your life you need to open your arms to and show some love? As I think about this, I’m reminded of a popular acronym from a few years back -- WWJD. I know what he would do, but what about you?

Stronger than Pride

They fell
I won’t fall
I’m stronger than those cats

Bound in chains
Tricked the same
Check out my new threads
The shackles of shame

Woke up in sin
Bowed the knee
Brush it off
Repent, take three…

Here comes the evil laugh
How could I be so stupid
Will this feeling ever pass

Never trust a fond look and a smile
Those who fall
Stretch further than a mile
So, in your ear, Let me put this bug
In the spirit of Rick James
“Sex is a helluva drug”

No one is strong on his own
That’s the thinking that leads you wrong

Throw it out the window
Lay it to the side
Is it Sade’ or the Savior singing

“I do really, really love you___ Love is Stronger than Pride.”


Shelia said...

Its easy to cast judgment when you haven't face a certain situation. I try not to do that because unless you're going through it or have gone through, a person can only speculate on how they would deal with an issue. One word I try not to use is NEVER, because God has a way of making you eat that word.

Its best to encourage and not beat a person down when they are falling. Who knows, it could be you falling the next time around. Goes back to that saying to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Ticia said...

Man that was awesome...

It was some thing I would *swear* I would never do.... and I have done them. What a scary reality to know that you judged someone and now you face the same issues they did.

In life when I see people going through, I encourage them. I don't talk about, nor do I gossip about it. I don't do that, b/c the same people I was talking about and their situations, the same thing came on me. Now, I am careful. I truly know what life and death is in the power of the tongue means. I try to but as much positiveness in the atmosphere.

So, today I listen, never judge, thank God that it wasn't me. Pray for the person and encourage them.

But I always know, that it could have been me. Its all HIS grace and mercy.

Shai said...

When I was laid-off, I got so much unsolicited advice like I was not handling it correctly. I had one friend say he would have had a job in X amount time. I was like Yeah I could any old job for the sake of getting one. God had bigger things in store and gave me my old job back. I learned some lessons while laid-off that wouldn't have still working.

The Master (De)bater said...

Rich, you're in my head again. You'll understand when I finish my next blog post.

Mr.Slish said...

Sometimes your own pride will cause you to slip and fall. Once I didn't express how I felt about a situation. So instead I retaliated by doing something unlawful..

Diva2de said...

It's so easy to place judgement on someone else, but we all have to remember that no one is perfect(except the man above) and we all fall short sometime.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most its very easy to judge another...we do it too much often times...we fall short-thats being human

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Good Post, Sex is a Helluva Drug ;-)

jali said...

Great post! (again)
I love to come here to hear what I need. Thank you.

KreativeMix said...

Fabulous Post!!!!

cmac said...

to quote al pacino in the devil's advocate... "vanity... my favorite sin!"