The Best of Riley Regina King

When Aaron McGruder created the comic strip Boondocks, I became an instant fan. I enjoyed the strip because he had remarkable insight into social and political issues and he delivered his views with swift wit.

He had to, he only had a few frames to do it in. Not any more. Now that his comic strip has been given seasonal rotation during Adult Swim, he is able to delve deeper and deeper into the social and political fabric of this country. The amazing part about that is that he decided to get a phenomenal woman to back him up. That's not a chauvinist statement. In fact, it's a compliment with regard to the great talent that is possessed by Regina King.

If you are sometimes a little slow, like myself, it may have taken you a minute to notice that she delivers the voice of both of the kids, Riley and Huey, in the comedic series, The Boondocks. What she does with those kids is incredible. I have to admit that at first I was a bit put off by the fact that Riley cussed. I was ready to go on my activist rant about how we need more positive images, yada, yada, yada, but the comic is for adults. Adults who should be able to easily see through the satire and get the real message. This is where Regina King comes in.

I have always been a fan of her work. From her days of downing a "forty" in the movie "Boyz in the Hood" to her work alongside such greats as Will Smith (State of the Union) or Jamie Foxx (Ray), Regina King has always delivered characters that where real and heart felt. Her work in Boondocks is no different. I think it was brilliant to use her voice for those kids, because she is able to deliver a knockout punch, again and again. Jokes that may have been mildly funny take on a whole new light when you realize a woman is making the point. Again, that is not a chauvinist statement, but I guess you need to see what I mean. So for your viewing pleasure, I give you the Best of Riley Regina King. Enjoy.

****This comedy is not suitable for public speakers or children, and I must warn you that it may induce guffaws.

Best of Riley, Part 1

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Best of Riley, Part 2

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sheletha said...

oh i cant get started on this...I will be here all day. riley is soo bad

Lovebabz said...

I really enjoyed your post on this. Well said! I too am a fan of Regina King, but now, I have whole new appreciation for her ie this boondocks thing.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dont trip rich, im super duper slow to, but it has its benefits, no HBP and we enjoy life ad listen exceptionally well

shelia said...

I've gotten behind on the episodes.

LadyShay said...

She did the voice of an ant in Ant Bully, but I didn't know she was a part of the Boondocks. She is a great woman in today's world.

CapCity said...

I, too am a Regina King fan!

Tony Oh said...

What's up Rich,

The mighty boon docks. You ought to try staying with RAWDAWGB for a couple of days, boy you'll get the real thang. Regina is the bomb though. You see how she tightened up her game recently? I mean she was always tight, but now she's incredible. Holla back.

Tony Oh

Sheletha said...

annnnnd she is the voice of Kotex...

"have a happpy period."

tmi? okay.

MysTery said...

'Don't do it grandad! Don't feed her...the cheddar biscuits...'


-Q. said...

I love advocates for Aaron's Cartoon (the strip speaks for itsself as u well put it).I got to say though that cartoon is for MATURE adults. I've seen so many people Knowlegable and doormat dumb either succomb to the superficial ignorance to the show and stike it down as well as some embody the things they see on the program and champion that type of life. MATURE adults(and it seems to be a much smaller nmber to me the more and more i talk about the show) really catch the conscious undertone that Aaron is trying to get acoss. Yes its funny, but very alarming at the same time. Your one of the first to voice an opinion that ive read that the cartoon DOES dig deeper(which i also think) socially and politically. I think this and literature like this advocating this brilliant young man open's eyes to his delivery. GREAT POST!

And I didnt know Regina played Both. After 227 I kinda knew she was on her way lol -Q.