Back on Track Tuesdays

This day will now be dedicated to promoting getting back on track. Right off the bat I need to deal with some spiritual issues. So let's dive in.

A word to the wise. If you aren't down for Jesus, keep your comments to yourself and keep it moving. You can sling hate on your own blog.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for putting up with me while I took your grace for granted. Thank you for covering me in my sin even when I didn't deserve it. Thank you for forgiving me so that I'm reminded to forgive those who I have an offense with. Thank you for allowing me another day to get it right. Thank you for not removing your hand from my life while I disregarded your voice. You are truly worthy to be praised. You are the one true and mighty God. Your love is everlasting. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds. Your righteousness is like the great mountains. Your judgments are a great deep. Lord I love you, and I thank you for choosing me before the foundation of the earth and I thank you for accepting me as your own. This day I will sing praises to your holy name for you are a good God. Lord, I send up these praises and thanksgiving in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

I'm amped. I've been desiring a closer walk with the Lord and this past Sunday, I heeded the voice of the Lord and went to church (hadn't been in about 2 months). Just as luck would have it, the message was a blessing to me. So, I'm on a journey to build a closer relationship. I'm not proclaiming I'll be perfect. I'm just saying I'm going to make a concerted effort to read my word and pray as regularly as possible. I'm sure I'll miss it from time to time, so I'm letting all the haters who sit on the sideline know right off the top, you can keep your comments to yourself and when you think about pointing the finger, do me a favor and kick rocks.

Now that thats out of the way -- the topic for today:

Let's face it. There are many days that we just decide to "take a day off". I've surely taken my share, but here we are mid year and I still have quite a few goals that I would like to accomplish. Since I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I'm going to call on his help. So, let it be written, let it be said, I'm going for mine and with God on my side I'm certain I will successfully complete all my goals. As of late, I've been working on my novel (haven't touched it in a year) and I'm taking a novel writing workshop so I'm learning a thing or three. Needless to say, I'm trying to get my writing back on track. So far this year, I have only completed one short story and started a second. I need to do better.

So what about you. What area of your life is off track and needs a push in the right direction?

** Last thing, I'm still updating bloggers by region -- did Chicago last night, if I missed anybody, throw the link out.

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Sharon said...

In case you didn't know my brother let me tell you again, you and this blog are so very necessary in my world it ain't even funny; even if I don't get here as frequently as I used to or stay as long when I show up. I have so many things, goals, thoughts, etc. that I have neglected and need to pay more attention to that I could not possibly list them all. Just today I was telling a friend that I feel "aimless and somewhat shiftless" right now and I didn't know how to change that. I still don't, but this post has at least put it upon my heart to circle back to these things, goals, thoughts, etc. and I'm sure I'll find a great place to start looking for my future direction ;)

Many thanks!

Dreamy said...

well Rich i am happy that you posted this because i am feeling like you were feeling about needing to go back to church and reading the word.

like you i know that i am blessed and God has a hand on my heart but i seriously need to start hearing the world again.

the devil has been coming at me hard, trying to cause chaos and I aint having it. he knows that i am happy and he is trying to destroy that, but i aint gonna let.Its time for me to get right, all the way right.

thanks for this post because i have been going to bed with a very heavy heart lately.

Dreamy said...

sorry for the typos, but you know where i am coming from

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I believe in God and Jesus to the fullest.
I have entered a place of worship in five years.
I haven't read my Bible and as I posted a few weeks ago I am unworthy to pray.
I know I need God that is why I am the way I am.
I just don't feel that right now I am worhty of his grace and mercy and forgiveness.
And I am worried that once I know what I am suppose to do when I fall down to pray, I will disappoint him because I may not follow or do it his way.

I know what I'm thinking just not enough room to get it out. Unless you want me to write a new post here in the comments section.

Pajnstl said...

i grew up in church, grandfather was a preacher, since we moved here following Katrina. Church has not been something we press to attend. I am Thankful that i have a solid relationship with God. It's been the post-katrina that I've realized JUST how much God cares for and keeps me.
Thanks for posting this!

The Jaded NYer said...

*keeps quiet about Jesus*

I feel you on the goals still dangling out there waiting to be accomplished. Mine included getting out of debt, which I gave myself a whole year for, and so far I took a few steps in the right direction but I could be doing more. A LOT more.

I also wanted to get motivated to finish my thesis... I keep looking for outside motivation when, really, *I'm* the one who needs to sh*t or get off the pot.

Finally, I wanted to get serious about my freelance work and leave the 9-5, but in these days of financial uncertainty I plum just chickened out. Gotta feed the babies, you know?

Rich said...

@sharon -- that's why it's been on my mind for a few weeks to start "Back on Track Tuesday's". I've been out of sorts for some time now.

@dreamy -- as God takes steps toward you, you just reciprocate in kind.

@TUQ-Sharon -- if you weren't worthy he wouldn't put it on your mind to come to Him. He's waiting on you with open arms. Fall on into that embrace.

@pajnstl -- wow, i didn't know you were affected by Hurricane Katrina. I'm sure that has been quite an interesting experience all within itself.

@jaded -- I surely know how you feel. I'm "supposed" to be doing financial seminars to help folks get out and stay out of debt, but I'm playing around, but guess what -- I'm going to get back on track. You need to embrace the freelance opportunities. Get enough clients until you have no choice but to let the ball and chain job go.

Lovebabz said...

"A word to the wise. If you aren't down for Jesus, keep your comments to yourself and keep it moving. You can sling hate on your own blog"

I loved your disclaimer. I think folks forget that.


Opinionated Diva said...

The ONE thing, I wish I could get a handle on, is making healthier eating choices and working out CONSISTENTLY.

I'm not even trying to get skinny...I'm really doing this for overall health, but the chocolate be callin me mayne....and my couch usually wins over the gym too (nearly every time).

It's an every day struggle!

CapCity said...

e'very day i'm hustlin' ... to stay on top of what i GOTTA DO! this new gig will force me to restructure my time & BE DISCIPLINED. lookin' forward to it, too!

i went to church sunday for the first time in a coupla months, too. it was a LONNGGG service: 11am to a li'l after 2pm - but i was glad to be up in da HOUSE (& really glad i ate bkfast first;-).

Rich said...

@Cap - Lol @ glad u ate breakfast first.

@Op D - tell me about that gym thing. I woke up at 5am feeling great, had the thought to go to the gym and laid back down. Next thing you know it's 7am.

Rich said...

Hey Babz - did u notice i found another Connecticut blogger.!

12kyle said...

Mannnn, are you tappin my phone? I'm 2 steps ahead of you. You were dead on with this post.

A New Man said...

Rich, thanks for being that iron that sharpens iron with this post. Peace and blessings, man.

sista gp said...

First, that blessed message was not luck.
Second, thanks for the reminder of staying in the Word. I love the NIV Audio Bible, I can listen all day while i work.
Third, I am developing a game plan and timeline to do my own thing. It may take a few years, but every task has a starting point.