Money Mondays

All positive ventures bring profit.
Double D (Rich's Brother)

First order of business is some well deserved kudos for
Diane Dorce' aka Mizrepresent.

When I tell you Miz "represented", I kid you not. The Atlanta book party was niiice. For now you will have to enjoy photos, taken by the uber-talented Tony Oh! but as soon as I get back to the STL, I will share the video footage from the party as well as my time hanging out with the Raw Dawg Buffalo on game night over drinks and all around good vibes.
Folk is the realest, wait till you see the video.

Someone might be wondering, now what does this have to do with Money Mondays? I'm glad you asked. Most of the time when we think in terms of profit we think in terms of gettin' paid monetarily. Well, while celebrating the Bloggers' Delight Book event, I was reminded that profit comes in the form of people as well. In that case, this past weekend I was paid handsomely. First of all, I felt like I have been knowing a lot of the bloggers that attended the event for quite some time and for those that I haven't known, they presented a very warm reception. Don't take the term "blog fam" loosely, there are some really great people behind these blogs. It has been my great pleasure to get to know some of them more intimately.

Weekend in pictures

When I pulled into the parking lot of the Sky Lofts for my arrival at
The Grounds Coffee House, I was immediately greeted by the
beautiful smile and presence of

Jali of Jali's House.

My long time friend April C - Literary Felonies was in the house.
She ripped it with the reading of her excerpt. She definitely got the crowd HOT!

I have to admit, I always enjoy the company of my girl CapCity.
She's cool as a fan. Thanks for the Go-Go music.

I think I found me another road dog. Jewells is too funny, but you have to pay close attention to fully enjoy and understand this diamond of a woman.

What I love most about blogging: The fella's hold it down.

Blog Deep
Raw Dawg, Rich, and 12 Kyle

Raw and Rich - Blog Fathers

Ain't no crush like a Skool Boi Crush
and when you have a
Gemini Girl
by your side, life is twice the fun.

I'm going to break for now. Tony Oh! dropped 39 photos on me and it's been a long weekend. I will share more with you as the week progresses. But before I go. I wanna give a shout out to Anissa, Jewell's girl. She hung like she was blog fam. She was real good people to meet. Hope you enjoy the book and thanks for coming out.

and Kyle's partner - Boogie

About the host:
Rich Fitzgerald is the author of the short story "One to Remember" featured in Love and Redemption (Bloggers' Delight Vol. 1), a collection of short stories by authors who blog. To read excerpts or to order a copy of the title, visit i-Lit. The book is also available on Amazon.


CapCity said...

OOOOOHHH! See? I wanna git ON T-Oh for not posting at his spot - but I'm feeling too GOOD to bust anyone's chops...despite my MAJOR delays back to NYC - will post about that later;-).

We look as GOOD as we FELT! God is SO GREAT! I had a BLIZZZAST!! Miz iz DA TRUFF & Represented like a MUG! LOL!

Lovebabz said...

WOW These photos are the best to date! You all look beautiful and you geniunely look connected to each other. It looked like a family reunion! There were a few folks missing...(smile) But I know I will meet-up with you all soon!

Tony OH said...

What y'all really know about the Dirty South?

Capturing Beauty in Motion!

What up Rich?

Anonymous said...

I was hiding something serious in that first pic. Too many heads was up in there=)

Man, it was great meeting you, Rich and your wife. She's just as pretty as she wants to be. Your words were so sweet...a diamond of a Now you're going to have folks paying really close attention. Can't have everybody knowing my secret looks (smile).

I'm glad you didn't say anything about Strip and the mishap with our waiter;)

Oh and Anissa had a wonderful time. Her and your wife and your story really connected. She hasn't put the book down yet!

GeckoGirl said...

It's such a small world. I actually know one of the folks in your pics. I'm not saying which one in the hopes of maintaining my anonymity :-)

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

HEY RICH! It was so fun to be in the company of such talented writers!!! Thanks to MIZ for inviting me! and wow! RICH did you have to post such goofy pictures of ME! WOW!!!..I'm gonna get TONY OH...!! *wink*

Rich said...

What's up FAM. Still in the ATL. I'm over at Raw Dawg's pet store (it looks nice). He's in a good spot.

I'm about to hit the road and get back to the STL, so I will have some video for you tomorrow some time.

It was absolutely great kicking it with all of you.

12kyle said...

@ Rich
Man, it was great meeting you, bruh. You are truly good peeps. I knew that prior to meeting you but I'm glad we got a a chance to kick it!

Enjoy ya stay in the ATL!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I had a ball folk good look

Ticia said...

Hey Rich - this looks like fun-

BTW - I have a friend in STL looking for a job - got any connects - hit me up on my blog - any connects would be great -

Mizrepresent said...

I had a great time and enjoyed everyone! Lovebabz we said you were one of the missing links :), but soon lady, soon!

The Pew View said...

Hey baby. I needs your prayer so be sure to read the latest blog. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

p.s. Again I say why wasn't me and Mabel invited to the party. We loves to make hog head cheese for parties.

MysTery said...

Glad it went well! Wish I could have been there of course! lol

Nice pix!

Darius T. Williams said...

Omg...the pics look like so much fun. Damn I wish I couldve been there.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Looks like all of you had a good time. Common interests can always bring people together in a great way. Sorry I missed that one, hopefully will catch one of the book signings soon.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the very hot ATL!

Suite B said...

I swear when I see pics from events like this, it makes me hate that I've been put on a budget and now my travel has been restricted until after the wedding.

Make sure you give me a heads up when you do another event in St. Louis.

sista gp said...

You all inspire us wanna-be published authors.
Congrats on a successful event.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll look like ya'll had a great time!! Damn I wish I lived closer...!

Queen of My Castle said...

*Folding arms and pouting*

I saw NO mentions of Houston on the book signing tour.

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Wish I could have been there. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet Miz.

Mizrepresent said...

Queen, thanks lady, i would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to meet you too! Who knows a Houston event may be in our future! You know we are trying, lol!

Sheletha said...

ohhh Big Brother Al-Mi-T your legs sure are purrty....