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I decided to dig into the wealth of posts that I have and pull out some classics from times gone by and let some of those new to The Rich House get a feel for where we have evolved. -- Original Post done November 30, 2006

Lately, it seems like my language has been slipping. When I was younger I would cuss a lot, it was like some crazy rite of passage. Now that I'm older, I don't cuss that often, unless I'm extremely mad and other words just won't do, but I rarely get that angry. Nevertheless, lately I'm finding that it's getting easier and easier to let little words slip through. Maybe it's my frustations that are bringing them forward, maybe it's some of the music I listen to, maybe it's just me. I don't know, but I kept thinking about it and I wrote this little piece about it. Feel free to share your thoughts on the piece and/or the subject in general.


Cussing is the shit that lets motherfuckers know what the hell it is you are trying to say.
But why is it that cussing makes me feel like I’m no longer in the mix, but out?

Mommi says good Christians don’t talk like that
Could be shawty is right

But does keeping it real make me a different kind of cat?

Every now and then I like to release a word or two as part of my verbal flow,
It offends some
That’s what their faces show

It’s not the standard vernacular of Kings, that's what I heard'em say
Could it be that denouncing it, controls me into moving their way?

The words make me feel empowered
But the stares make me feel small

Does he have to talk like that?
Is it really any business of y'all?

I tried to stop, but I guess the demon got lonely, so he came back
I want to be free to cuss but somehow I feel like I'm not acting right

Do I need to have hands laid on me and let the Spirit take control?
The more I cuss, the more I want to cuss
It’s like liquor and sex, you can only have what’s been allotted
or you end up on a roll

I'm intoxicated enough to dance on the table
But I guess I’ll sit here and just drink from this cup.

I wonder who amongst you out there
feels this position is f'cked up.

Do you cuss? Why or why not? You tell me.

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Dreamy said...

ohhh Rich yes i cuss, try not to tough

matter of fact i stopped cussing for 2 yrs

and then when i started working for State Police and listening to the guys, I started cussing again

lately i have been refraining from using alot of cuss words on my blog and in life. ohhh but sometimes its hard

it true what you say that cussing lets a person know what in the hell you are trying to say

The Jaded NYer said...

I cuss. a lot. and I like it... I try not to in front of the babies, and I never do it in front of my elders, but otherwise... I let them words fly right out my mouth when the moment calls for it!

A New Man said...

Prolific--I respect the amount of posts you've contributed to this thinking-person's plaything called "web logs" since I'm a "baby blogger" in comparison. I did spit more venom than a cobra in the past. In fact, I was a little TOO good at cussing for my age in my brat-tastic days, and Navy time just helped to grow the habit like the national debt. My grandfather's words against it rose from the grave and haunted me enough to make me stop a few months before faith stepped into the picture. I didn't care much about other people's take on it, but his words seemed to stick enough to convict me. I'm better for it, honestly.

sista gp said...

I was never like a sailor, but I did let a few fly out a time or two. Got worse when met hubby: he was really "outspoken". I basically stopped when I became a mother, although I've relapsed a few times. Feel like if I can refrain in front of kids then I can refrain all the time.

12kyle said...

@ Rich
"Cussin' wasn't nuffin till a black man rapped." Treach from Naughty By Nature

I cuss. Not as much as I used to. But I cuss. Never in front of the kids, tho.

"Cussing is the shit that lets motherfuckers know what the hell it is you are trying to say. CLassic!!!

Have a good weekend, bruh

Mizrepresent said...

I cuss more in my books than anywhere, family cookouts are filled with cussing...that's just how we do, lol!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I was taught that people use curse words when they are too stupid to replace them with intelligent words.

Which is why I am so damn dumb.

Let me stop.

I use to not cuss at all.
I believe in the whole cussing is not done by Christians.
I meet this guy who swore so much and made it funny too that I caught the bug.
I try not to but when I get mad. .. those words tend to escape.

CapCity said...

Sometimes I do - but most of times i revert back to using the letters like when I was a kid: Tha's some B.S., that F'er is getting on my nerves. LOL!

I don't think cussing is very attractive ... But e'rynow & again there's nothin' bettah than lettin' a good MuthaPhuckah roll off da tongue;-). LOL!!

Tony OH said...

Yeah Bruh... I've been known to cuss a fool straight out! And If I start, trust me, I know how!

That's the sad

Blah Blah Blah said...

I cuss too much. I tried stopping. I was working in the corporate world and all they did was it was my environment. We put out a cuss jar...every week we had about $150...we'd all go drinking after work...and end up cussing about all the cussing we can't do at work.

I cuss because I am too lazy to expand my vocabulary...I'd rather you knew EXACTLY what was on my mind.