Rich Classics III

Originally Posted 2/26/2007

We should call this blog "The Love House" because I'm having fun talking about relationships and what not.

I ran across someone trying to sell an e-book on this topic and wondered what you all thought it was.

What one mistake is almost guaranteed to end your new relationship before it even starts?

Let's chop it up and see what comes of it.

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A New Man said...

What's up, fam? Before I answer your question, where do all these "coaches" get their "training?" I've read about more life coaches and career coaches (who often have had almost no experience in any field prior to becoming "experts") lately than I have ever before. That's my two cents...

The worst mistake is making lifetime decisions concerning a brand-new relationship just as it begins. Hope is great spiritual quality, but I have literally run from women who gave me their "destiny" talk within an hour of a great date. Worse are the moments when women have pledged to me that God told them that I was the one--as if He wouldn't fill me in on the subject, too! OBVIOUSLY, they were confused...or lying their butts off!

Where did you find that e-book?

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I am going to take the "What not to say on a first date" route:

* I want to spend my life with you.

* Will you be my babymomma/daddy?

* How much money you got in the bank?

* I live with my mother. (Negro you45)

* I just got out of prison yesterday after doing 10 years.

* I got a huge d*ck.

* I am in love with you.

* I have been following you ever since the day we first met.

* I live out my car can I stay with you?

* (phone rings) Hold that thought. It's my wife.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

how about lol
have a great weekend folk

12kyle said...

fallin in love too quick! that's usually the downfall.

have a good weekend, bruh

Keith said...

Farting on a first date or bad breath are usually signs that you won't be called back for a second date.

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm gonna go with Kyle and say falling in love too quickly as well. I'm always leary of men who are so in love so quickly...those are the ones that fall OUT of love just as quickly.

Men who constantly talk bad about their ex. That's another deal breaker!

MR style said...

great blog

Angie-Nuvision said...

Wonderful blog... I just found it. I'll be back.

Regarding the question... I would have to agree with a couple of the others. Expressing strong feelings and excessive affection too quickly makes me want to throw up the peace sign and keep moving.

And like Op. Diva said, a brotha that talks negatively about his ex, but never speaks about what he may have done to contribute to the failure of the relationship, makes me a little worried. Right now, I got a brotha that is falling in love too quick/rebound behavior, who is bad mouthing his ex-wife. Of course, I know that we would never make it. The quicker he falls in love with me, the faster he falls out of love, especially when he identifies all the faults that I have, much like he did his wife.


Sharon because it had to be said! said...

Creating "Honey Do" lists for honeydews that haven't even taken root yet let alone blossomed into full fledged fruits ;)

arychtexas said...

One Thing that will mess it up for show no questions asked!

im bi, live with X, In a relationship, BAD BREATH!!!!!

CapCity said...

just came thru to say Hey! i've nothing to say on relationships - actually tired of talkin' 'BOUT 'em! i'm enjoying being IN 'em;-). Life is Grand - get out & RELATE! LOL!

remorji said...

Trying to get were you are at. Holla!

Mizrepresent said...

Telling a bald-face lie.

Being too possesive.

Wandering eyes.

Bad breath.

Body odor.

Being overly egotistical and bragging about what you got, smh dealbreaker for sure.

Darius T. Williams said...

What one mistake? It was probably me. I had these crazy expectations with no reason to even have them, yea it was me.

Anonymous said...

The biggest mistake would be not having a clear idea of what you want (outside of superficial things) before you date someone, or sacrificing those things in order to get superficial things (i.e. he/she has money, he/she is attractive, he/she wants to screw me, etc *LOL*)....and then you decide to base a relationship on that...destined to fail.

MysTery said...

Having too many kids. Still involved mentally or physically with someone else. Seems to have no plan of action for your life. Bad breath body odor ect. Likes to blame things on others. Vengeful mentality...Little or no contact with the fam. Lack of respect for self. Conceited...chauvinistic...don't know how to be a gentlemen. And on and on...

Anonymous said...

One mistake that can ruin a relationship before it starts is telling lies. Not being true to yourself and your partner is a bad way to being anything because you are creating a foundation that is built upon lies. Honesty is always key and most importantly, you get back what you put in: honesty.