Money Back Guarantee

Is it worth it to make an investment in you?

I do a lot of self-assessing.  A lot. And I never shy away from the hard questions.  One of the things that recently came to mind was how a lot of people can't be counted on.  Sure, people like to think they can, but when put to the test, a lot of people fall short.  Think about it.  How many people in your circle would you call on if it was your one shot of getting what you needed?  Who would that person be?  And I'm not talking big stuff.  I'm talking the little things in life that have huge impacts.  Things like keeping your word.  Coming through in a crunch.  Doing what you have agreed to do. 

A lot of people don't come to mind.  At least not for me.  There are a select few that I can count on, and I'm sure its the same for you.  The people in that group are my MBG Crew (Money Back Guarantee).  I incur little to no risk when I call upon them, because they are who they say they are.  There are others who I would like to have in this category, because they come across as good people, but they are sketchy.  One way one day and another way on another. 

Aside from personal relationships, I thought of this from the perspective of a brand.  Branding is the big marketing word of the day.  Everybody has a brand, is building a brand, wants to be associated with a brand, or is looking for a way to build one that people will flow towards.  The problem is that all brands aren't quality brands.  Some are no value, low value, mid value, or gold.  The question is, which one are you?  Do you come with a money back guarantee?  Are you gold or do you just want to associate with the gold brands.

There is a lot of talk about having the type of life you want.  And no life is a cake walk.  We all have things to overcome, but at some point all of us have to determine what type of person we are going to be known for being.  Will people take risks when dealing with you?  Supporting you?  Or will they know without a shadow of doubt that you come with a Money Back Guarantee.

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