Welcome to The Rich House

Welcome to my new spot! I figured it was time for me to get out and get a place of my own since I spent so much time blogging on my girl Lolita Files' blog spot. You can still find me posting on The Lo Zone, but I didn't want to wear out my welcome. She's been a gracious host, a great friend and a great HTML teacher (ala my own blog)!

Since this is the first post on my new blog, I figured I'd open up with a little "Rich House" music. This guy's music represented a major turning point in my life. He was the reason I opened up to discovering the pleasures of Jazz.

So, without further ado, I gladly present to you, the Late, the Great, Miles Davis!

[Press Arrow to Listen]


Lo said...

Lookin' good, lookin' good. The site's really coming together. Congrats on making the bold step!!

Sheletha said...

YO Rich...Im the second one to Bust Open the Doors at The Rich House!!! I guess because this is your house I gotta anwser to the name Lee Lee..Oh well....You've done a swell job around here so far...Ill be back for more!!!

Juan G said...

Man, I been busy so I just got a chance to check you out. Thanks for the Miles video. My Sunday mornings are NY Times, Miles Davis, Coltrane and Wes Montgomery. I am bookmarking the site so I'll be stopping in from time to time.

I am gonna have to sign up for some HMTL (or whichever way those initials go) so I can do more than post my pic on my site. In the mean time, you and Lo hold it down.


Juan G in DC

Rich in the Stl said...

Wes Montgomery, that brings back memories. Hmmm. This extraordinary sister I knew back in the day turned me on to him. I was a lot younger and really hadn't heard of him, but I just played it off and went along with the conversation, I was busy trying to impress her with my astute background - LOL. It was pretty easy to wing it since we were talking about Ronny Jordan at the time and the similarities in style.

Lisa said...

Nice. Yet again, you have exceeded my expectations. Way to go.