Enjoy the Day!

With all the election news out there, it's hard finding something to post, so in times like these, music will certainly do. Also, since my candidates won (finally!) I figured a little celebration was in order.

This group I'm about to bring on is arguably one of the best R&B groups to ever hit the scene. I was 8 yrs old (1975) when I first heard this groups music. My uncle was playing one of their 8-tracks (remember those!) and not only was the music catching my attention, but so was the design on their album cover (this was also around the time I realized I could draw). Anyway, this group has managed to stand the test of time and I have never NOT been in the mood to listen to something by them. There music is what you call, timeless. So let's do it Rich House style as I give you all, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.


[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

"Happy Feelings"

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It just wouldn't be right to listen to Maze without some
"Joy and Pain"

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Maze: The official Website

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Juan G said...

Rich, I graduated high school in 75 -- you making me feel old. But Frankie is a DC homeboy. Actually I sold him a townhome for his mom.

He will be in DC over the Thanksgiving holiday for two shows -- naturally they're sold out.

Thanks for the memories

Rich in the STL said...

Juan, you and I need to hookup. I've been noticing in the last few posts that you are a real estate baron. I'm trying to come up in the game and would love some pointers, especially on the commercial side.

Sheletha said...

networking...i love it...

Lance said...

yup peaches...networking, a beautiful thing.

by the way, rich. i got the maze 2-cd disc of "anthology"...listen to "reasons" now.

ditto that from juan...thanks for the memories!!!

all i need now, is a woman and some pop rocks and it will be "on" and poppin' fo sho!!!!

Dawnya said...

They will be in Austin this month. I bought tickets for the hubby. He loves music of all kinds. I guess I will go with him now. I like those songs.

Sheletha said...