The Rebirth of Donnie

Some artists leave such an impression on you that you figure there will never be another voice comparable to theirs. Well, when a dear friend of mine sent me this brothers site, I was blown away at the fact that he sounded an awful lot like the late Donny Hathaway. If you are familiar with Donny's music, I'm sure you will feel the same. Check out a guy who will soon be known to all, not because he sounds like Donny, but because he is a great talent.
Show some love for Mr. Frank McComb.

He's covering a Stevie Wonder piece in this clip, but you can still hear the resemblance to Donny in the voice

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

Watch him bang some keys in this next clip (you will only get a small sampling of vocals)

Check him out even more at his website where he gives you a great sampling of his vocal stylings.

Frank McComb CD Information
Frank McComb Online

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Anonymous said...


I heard Frank McComb on the Tavis Smiley show a few months ago. Since then I got two of his CDs on Ebay. Some cat in England who is pretty cool with him and gets the stuff from Frank himself. Anyway I am very impressed with his sound. Donnie definetly comes to mind. So that is cool cause Donnie's voice is so unusual and magical.. it's not like he's biting it's just the way he sounds. Plus he has his own style, and can play all of the instruments himself. He is a constant song writer and already admitted that he has enough material to never write again and still spit out a CD when he feels like it. But of course writers will write! Once again my friend, you are all the way up on it!

Anonymous said...

by the way.. that was c-mac,.,.sorry i forgot to say