New Ways to Give

I'm a giver. I like giving to organizations that help others, but I also don't mind the tax break. If you are a giver too, you will be glad to know that your options for giving are expanding. Mutual fund companies are now offering charitable gift funds. These funds allow you to get the yearly benefit of a tax break while allowing your contributions to grow which could give you the ability to make a major impact on your charity of choice down the road (you can grow the money as long as you like before giving it away). What I also found interesting is that these funds are coming at a time when the gov't is saying you can only get credit for your documented donations. Cash gifts won't allow you to get the benefit of the tax break.

I also like this, because I give a lot of my charitable donations to the instituion called the church and I'm getting a little disheartened with churches that are more interested in being "mega churches" as opposed to helping the people in their congregation and community. So, for me this is well worth looking at, because it gives me a place to park my dollars until I feel compelled to give it to a charity, and the nature of the fund earmarks the money for charity (501c3 organizations) so it can't be used as a mere investment vehicle.

Yahoo News: Rethinking Charitable Giving

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Lance said...

don't let creflo dollar, eddie long and 'nem hear you preach!!!!

"Forgive him Lawd, for he no not what he's sayin'" - Dem Preachers


Lisa said...

Rich, April, we have our annual AIDS Walk in Ft Lauderdale- I will be contacting you for a donation/ sponsorship. AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the largest Non-Profit in the US and we run our business on donations. So, have your check ready come spring