Thin Line Between Arrogant and Ass

This must be celebrity twilight zone, because a lot of people are doing and saying dumb stuff. First O.J. and that dumb idea for a book and show, then Richard Michaels (Kramer) goes off on two brothers, probably ending his career, and then late last week Kanye Wests decides to say something dumb.

He said and I quote: “If it wasn’t for race mixing, there’d be no video girls. Me and most of my friends like mutts a lot. Yeah, in the hood they call ‘em mutts.”

I don't know who Ye' hangs out with, but he should stop drinking and giving comments. I like his music, but sometimes you have to use some plain old common sense and keep your foot out of your mouth.

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Girly_Girl said...

Hi, Rich!
I know Kanye's comment sounded kind of harsh, but I have to admit that I call my own children 'mutts.'

I am full blooded Indian, but Dave comes from German, Scandinavian and French stock. Our kids are a little bit of everything.

So, is this wrong? Should I find another word to describe my mixed to the bone kids?

Rich in the Stl said...

That's on you. If your kids self esteem can handle it, I guess you have no problem with it. I just took the comment as derogatory toward women.

Lance said...

welcome to the new millineum (how come there ain't no spell check on these blogs?)...

hey lance, use the fuggin' dictionary fool!!!

damn, forgot all about that:
millennium..."whew" sometimes old school things work for the good, like looking up words ya damn self!....lol

i think with the information age so out there, kids today are so desensitize by so much, via the media and the internet, hell they don't care...until they "recognize" the "true" difference.

g-g, as far as your kids..."mutts" might be a little "derrogatory" sorta like when george jefferson of the t.v. show "the jeffersons" was calling the willis' daughter, jenny of "zebra" stock. from her black mom and white dad.

i'm sure you don't want other kids (non-mixed) to call them mutts. then it becomes full blown derrogatory and you'll be ready to kick ass!

Lance said...

"derogatory"...thanks rich, mispelt anudda one!

Anonymous said...

I would not call my kids things like "mutts", does that make you a bitch that sleeps with any roaming dog? c'mon sista? you can find a better word to call your children....how about their names.

-California Dove

Dawnya said...

Aren't we all mixed with a little sumtin, sumtin?

rich said...

Most of us people of color are, thus the many hues.