The Holidays Are Upon Us

Enjoy the Holidays.

Sleep in late, play with the kids, eat, drink and be merry.


Come back and see us for a special New Years Lineup of Entertainment on 12/31/2006.

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c-mac said...

What? Man that's weak! I'm at work and I want my Rich House Blog!

New Years????!!!!! You want me to wait till New Years? What are you Tom Joyner or Michael Baisden on vacation? Do we get the BEST of The Rich House all week? That's it! In 2007 you are hiring an assistant!

Girly_Girl said...

Hi, C-Mac!

c-mac said...

hi girly girl~

do you agree that rich needs to tap into his creativity and drop something else on this blog?

Rich in the Stl said...

I got just the thing for all of you. A sneak peek at something I'm working on. You'll only see it here.

I'll post it soon.

c-mac said...

my man!