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I've always had a love for the pen, but never really ventured into the land of the scribe, at least not professionally. My first love was actually drawing, which I stumbled upon at the age of 8. I continued with that up into my early teens, but as I got older it fell to the way side. As I grew into a young adult, I ended up falling in love with the paper chase. However, as life would have it, my running shoes are beginning to wear out and I've decided to concentrate on the things that really bring me joy and satisfaction and writing is one of those things. I'm currently working on several different writing projects, but this is the one I'm enjoying the most. Mainly because it's light and fun. Check out this excerpt and tell me what you think. I hope you like it. I do. I'm withholding the name of the book for now. As I get it completed, I will share more information with the masses.

Chapter X
Back In Stride Again

Lyndsey had to admit, it felt good to be out. She even decided to let the top down on her red Toyota Solara convertible. The full moon was coming into focus so she wanted to let the ambience of the night soak into the cars cabin. Having Miles Davis’ Tutu album playing in the background didn’t hurt the cause either. She was going to have a good time, she could just feel it; the magic of the night was flowing all through her.
As she made her approach into downtown, she could see the Arch lit up from the base. The metallic structure giving the illusion that as it rose into the sky that it became engulfed by the enormity of the darkness. It was a pretty site, she thought as she took the Pine Street exit and made her way to Market Street.

Driving down Market at night gave the feeling of walking down an isle, because it seemingly ushered you to your destination. It had the perfect balance of Architecture, Nature and Art. She could hear the excitement from the Cardinals game as she passed the Marriott. The new ball park was just a block to the left on the other side of the Marriott Tower, but the lights and the spirit of the home team had seemingly made its way onto the surrounding streets. There were people walking around Kiener Plaza, the park like setting that played host to the pre-game hoopla, in their Cardinals gear still enjoying the excitement of the night despite the fact that they were obviously outside the realm of the ballpark festivities. It didn’t matter, they were still having fun. Lyndsey headed further down Market and as she made her way across Tucker Boulevard, Miles Davis’ Backyard Ritual began to play. It was the perfect song for a night like this. She bobbed her head back and forth, checked the clock on the dash and decidedly drove a little slower in order to get the full effect. The city sure looked nice. This was definitely one of the nicer stretches of downtown, she thought. As she drove past Union Station, she couldn’t help but notice that the fountains across the street were all aglow with classic Greek figures set in a Nautical setting. Just as she was taking in the beauty, the music and the moment, her phone rang. She noticed the number, it was her girlfriend Felicia. They had been friends ever since their college days. She turned down the music and tapped the button on her Bluetooth.

“Hi Felicia” Lyndsey said. You could hear the smile in her voice.

“Hey Girl! Where are you? The club is starting to fill up and I’m trying to give you first crack at some of these fine brothers up in here. You need to hurry up before I change my mind,” Felicia said half jokingly.

“Girl you’re so crazy! I’ll be there soon. I’m turning onto Jefferson right now and approaching Olive. I’m almost there.” Lyndsey said , with the residue of the chuckle still in her voice.

“O.K., I’ll order you a shot of Patron with a twist of Lime. See you in a minute.”

They both hung up. Lyndsey turned the music back up. Track six was playing by now. She wasn’t in the mood for that so she skipped to the final track, Full Nelson, a funkier tune that caused her to do a little bounce in her seat. It was time to get more into party mode.

When she walked into the club she immediately began looking for Felicia’s familiar face as she scanned the room. As she looked to the right, she saw her hand waving wildly into the air from a booth that appeared to be in some sort of VIP section. That figures, she thought, Felicia knew everybody. Being in Advertising with one of the major urban stations, Majic 104.9, allowed her access to all the city’s hot spots. Her position catapulted her into the circle of the local black glitterati.

“Hey Girl! It’s so good to see you,” Lyndsey said as she embraced her girlfriend.

“Girl, it’s good to see you too. I’m so glad you decided to come out. I’ve been telling you that you needed to get out so you could get over what’s his face”

“Yeah, I know” Lyndsey said following a sigh. “But I needed a little time. I can’t just jump back out there like you can.”

“What do you mean, like I can”, Felicia said defensively but with a smile.

“Nothing girl! Stop tripping. It’s just that you seem fine with dating a new guy within days of ending a relationship. I need weeks, sometimes months, but definitely not days. Besides, I really cared about James, but I’m not putting up with a man who puts his hands on me, period! I mean, after all the bullshit Kevin put me through after five years of marriage, I just don’t have the time for any drama. Life is too short for that!”

“I know that’s right! Here, take a sip of this Patron, and by the end of the night all your drama will be washed away. Enough of all this serious talk, it’s dragging me down. We’re here to have some fun,” chided Felicia.

Lyndsey knew her friend Felicia had good intentions, but in her mind Felicia was a borderline whore. She wasn’t going to be getting too drunk. If not for them being friends for so many years, she probably wouldn’t hang out with her much at all. Felicia was a real cute girl, but she gave it up too quickly. When she didn’t give it up right away, she was willing to give a guy head, figuring she’d maintain some of her self respect by not giving him the booty so fast. How the heck she came up with that logic was something Lyndsey just didn’t get. So rather than make her friend feel small, she usually stayed out of the clubs with her, but tonight was different. She was trying to get her swagger back and she had long wanted to check out the Jazz Loft. The club’s decorum was plain, mainly dark except for the huge flat screen on the east wall. There was a musician playing some jazz pieces on his saxophone on the stage, which was located across the room from the TV. He was currently covering Everett Harp’s song, “There’s Still Hope”, an uplifting melodic tune that she recognized from her personal collection. Lyndsey was totally engrossed in her thoughts as the music played, closing her eyes and bobbing her head from time to time. She never noticed the attention she was getting until the waitress approached with two drinks for her and Felicia. “Compliments of the gentlemen at the bar,” she said as she set her serving tray on the ladies’ table. The waitress turned in the direction of two guys standing at the bar, to signal which guys she was referring to. The guy at the edge of the bar was about 5’ 10”, athletic build, teeth spreading from ear to ear, with his gold tooth clearly visible due to the light shining from above the bar. His partner was about 6’3”, a fairly good looking guy, but the cowboy hat and cigar he was sporting did him in. Lyndsey and Felicia looked at each other, and as if on cue, both responded “their joking, right!” Lyndsey reached into her purse and retrieved a $5 bill, asked the waitress, “could you tell the gentleman thank you, but we’re fine with the drinks we have.” “Sure,” she replied. She understood exactly how they felt. It was always the guys who had the least chance of getting some play that approached first. It never failed. I guess they figured if they struck first, it would buy them some brownie points or something.

As the evening progressed, the music evolved into some of the popular R&B, and the clientele was beginning to increase in numbers. It was actually a little too crowded for Lyndsey’s taste, but she wasn’t complaining, she was enjoying the conversation with Felicia, who despite her freak like tendencies was really smart and provocative.

Copyright Richard F. Dix, 2006 - All Rights Reserved

That's if for now, the rest you will have to get later.

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c-mac said...


I say this as a friend and fellow writer - man this is the BEST WORK I HAVE EVER SEE YOU WRITE! I love it! And you know I don't even do much fiction. But I was totally engrossed in the story line and could picture it like a movie. That is how you know it's well written. Hell I even need to listen to Mile's Tutu since you described it so well. Please finish this story. It has a touch to it. You know.. like an anointing except it has the so called secular vibe. Some would say it has IT! Whatever - man finish that stuff off man. I wanted more! Great writing style, I can picture the story, the characters seemed real and i lauged at the cats at the bar. Lauged when you talked about ole girl's "head logic" and was shaking my head while thinking..."I'm sayin!"

Rich in the Stl said...

I might have to strike that one from the record, if someone disagrees with you, they might be scared to give me corrective criticism. Thanks for the nod.

Anonymous said...

Well hell, I was just getting into it. Its good so far!

Adrienne M.

Lashana said...

That was nice!!!!!!

I enjoyed it! I didn’t know you were a writer!

E. Rhone said...

So far so good, I write also. I’ll share some things with you soon.

Sheletha said...

hey yall good to see ya!!

dertyred said...

Hey Rich,
I always felt like you had a "writer" in you. This is good. I could definitely visualize everything. My only negative is spelling...I think it's spelled Patrone. Somebody help me out?

Girly_Girl said...

Very nice, Rich.
I love the story and I felt that the characters could be friends of mine. Very believable and great writing!

Rich in the Stl said...

Derty Red, you are kinda right, the word is missing an accent mark over the letter O - PatrĂ³n - good looking out nonetheless.

I appreciate all the comments. I don't want to produce something that I think is good and everyone else thinks its horrible. You know, like when you get an album expecting it to be good and you paid for 12 songs, but only three are good. I don't want to be that type of writer. Luckily, I have a lot of good writers whose work is showing me the way.

California Dove said...

"Do what you do, and do it well"
Rich, this is awesome. I really like the Tour of St. Louis' downtown. Lindsey and her friend can hang with me. So what happen between Lindsey and Charles? One night stand?
today: 7 out of 10


Rich in the Stl said...

California Dove, only priviledged eyes have seen that part of the story, so mum's the word.

Dawnya said...

I thought I posted to this one already. Rich...I love it!! Thank you for giving us a glimpse...this is good...give us more!!

Lance said...

happy new year rich!!!!

i enjoyed reading your work.

pretty good!

hell, you'd never know that st. looey was murder capital numero uno by your writing. sound like a place to "kick back and set a spell"

make it happen!!! finish the dream!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness, How are you going to just leave me hanging like that....You have to hurry and finish this...being from the STL made your writing so familiar...High Five Rich for being another STL soldier to share with the world how beautiful and fun our city can get back to the story and mark me down for an order.