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I figured I'd really mix it up a bit and through a few different things your way this year.

Dear Rich House Reader,

I recently found out that my husband was cheating on me. We've been married for four years and have a son. I love my husband dearly and would do anything for him. I'm faithful, trustworthy and honest. But now, I'm at a crossroads after learning that another man is interested in me. He's an older married man and I've been leaning on his shoulders throughout this event. And I must say I'm interested, but I'm very confused. What should I do?

What advice do you have OR what would you do in their shoes?

Standard comments are also welcome.

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Girly_Girl said...

I'm going to leave this one alone...

Sheletha said...

Divine, mommah would say, just cause you see somebody else ack a fool don't mean you need to as well.

Don't let another married man be a jump off for you just cause your emotions are really sensitive right now. You may be thinking hes interested because hes your sounding board, and saying all the things that you need to hear about that "no good man that cheated on a beautiful woman like you". Game recognizes game, see this for what its worth. You have some choices here are you going to reconcile with your husband? If so, focus on that. Start talking to your husband rather than this jump off telling you that he's going through some things with his wife and you seem so sweet.

Lance said...


i'm curious.

to know.

what is "recently" to "leaning on his shoulders throughout this event" to "i'm interested"....feel me?

sounds like y'all been having problems...waaaaaay before "recently" for you to wanna "cut ties" and hit it with "'ol boy". more than likely ain't nuffin' wrong with 'ol boy's marriage, just wanna piece(s) on the side...probably the same deal with your man now.

i'm sure your hubby knows what buttons to push with you and said some things to "cut you to the heart", developing you with low self-esteem, but you have to be STRONG and be on the DEFENSIVE. don't give in to this "new" man. if he's "hinting" of wanting to be with you....more than likely, he's huntin' for the draws...plain and simple, you maybe seeking the same, depending on the baby daddy drama in the bedroom.

the best thing to do to seek counseling for you and your man...not just pastoral counseling but marriage counseling and DOCUMENT everything, whether your spouse wants to attend the counseling sessions or not, monies spent (receipts), phone records, etc.

seek legal counsel and tell NO ONE. when love goes out of a marriage and heading for a divorce, it's all business.... be ruthless, what does he care?...if it comes down to divorce proceedings, your efforts TO SAVE THE MARRIAGE will weigh heavily in the judge's decision, not just having the kid.

California Dove said...

Problems and situations. Situations and problems.

No Comment.

Lance said...

yeah, cali d...and no communication