A little wild, but not idle

I like movies, probably more than most people. I mean, with the exception of music, I prefer to watch a movie if the tv comes on, otherwise it can usually just stay off, except for the occasional sporting event. So, being that I like movies so much, I had to check out Idlewild featuring Outkast and I really enjoyed it.

While watching it I had to ask myself "Is it me or are most movie-goers just simple?" I couldn't understand why this film didn't do better at the box office. I mean the only thing that seemed a little off was that some of the music seemed out of place for the time setting, but it was still entertaining. Besides, I thought it was a great first film for the duo (yeah, they've done stuff separately, but this was different.) So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you like Outkast, check out Idlewild. It's available at your neighborhood video rental store. (Some scenes are not suitable for children).

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Sheletha said...

I liked the movie too, I went when it first weekend it came out. I don't think it did well in the theaters because it wasn't in all the theaters. Its a shame how they do black movies. Dreamgirls opened at #3 only because it was in 800 some odd theaters, but will re-release in more the same week as the Golden Globes...go' figga.

Lance said...

never seen the trailer before....and yeah, it took a beating at the box. i don't think it last on the screen two weeks. i'll definitely support it on DVD. it's unique and stylish. stuff you can't find in black movies these days. plus an all-star cast!

yeah, sheletha....
they only pushed "dreamgirls" heavily in the urban markets, with great results. though they didn't make the heavy $$$$ draw, they had more people watching per screen. that's volume.

California Dove said...

I saw Idlewild at the theatre and was not impressed.However, I did appreciate the choreography. As for Dreamgirls, I saw it Live! and nothing can top that.