Happy Valentines Day

I really like this song from Outkast. It's not the original video but it works.
(Unfortunately since Viacom started squawking, all the original videos are getting pulled)

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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Girly_Girl said...

For Valentines Day, my 8 year old burned a CD for each kid in his class. This was track #1...

I really like this song, too.

Rich in the Stl said...

That was a real cool idea. My kids are mad because school got closed today due to frigid weather.

Girly_Girl said...

I know, Rich.

My oldest son is irate that school is closed--no Valentine's Party!

Rich in the Stl said...

My kids told me that is was no fair that I got to go to work and they had to stay home.

It's all about the candy and cards.

Lance said...

nice video. looks like it was made in london, england or in the UK. g_g, your son has been reading "the playa'z handbook" or mama has and passin' the torch

go 'head on youngblood. keep yo' pimp hand skrong!... #(;-P

Girly_Girl said...

Hey, Lance,
Yeah...this is the 2nd year in a row that we've done the CD's a HUGE hit in his classroom.

You all know what a playa he already is!